Guess what? I'm changing my pen name, effective immediately. From this moment all I shall be known as Black Moon Rising. (Yes, Amy, I finally remembered what I had intended on changing it to!) Most of my readers and alertee's have read this particular story, so I find it best to explain here. Believe me, you probably don't want to open up your email to find "New Story/Chapter from Black Moon Rising!" and think "Who is this person and why am I getting this message?"

Black Moon RisingSweetDreamer93

I'm changing it because...well...SD93 is rather boring, isn't it? BMR just sounds much more mysterious and I love the way it just rolls off the tongue. I'm letting people know now ahead of time because I will be publishing a story VERY soon, probably within the next day or so, for Harvest Moon. Yay, no more writer's block!

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