Dana's P.O.V

He broke me. He was the best thing that ever happened to me and he took it for granted. All the years of flirting, random fights, the whole love me hate me thing all wound down to this. Me, at the beach, alone, 6 in the morning, watching the sun rise. I put up my walls for a reason, and for another one I tore them down. He actually ment something to me. I ment nothing to him. He is in love with someone that has everything I dont. Looks. Class. Money. She is perfect, im not. Look up perfect in the dictionary, her face will be next to the definition.

Perfect- Adj. Being complete of its kind and without defect or blemish just like Lola Maria Martinez.

He dosent know she's a whore. She cheats on him and he dosent notice. I tell him, he dosent listen, he thinks im just jealous. Zoey dosent believe me. Nicole is like best friends with Lola. Mike is in denial because he loves Lola. Then there is Chase, he seems the only one to actually notice. Partly because it was him one time. He tried to tell Logan but Lola covered it up. My phone alarm went off. 7:15 time to go to breakfast. I got up and brushed my skinny jeans off of the sand that had stuck to them. I put my ipod in my ears as I got up to the lunch room. I never eat lunch so I found my spot at our normal table and waited for the rest of the gang. I stuffed my hands and ipod into my Underoath jacket. My bangs hung in my face right over my eyes while the rest of my hair was in a high curly pony tail.

Zoey was the first one to come and sit down. She waved and started to eat her grapes. We never really have much to talk about any more. Chase was the next one, he sat between me and Zoey. I leaned back into my chair and put my feet on the edge. I smiled at him and kept listening to Fall Out Boy playing in my ears.

I comb the crowd and pick you,

My mouth moves to fast for you to figure it out,

It starts eyes closed to fingers crossed,

To I swear I say,

To I swear I say...

Michael and Quinn were next. This is the first time I have seen Quinn since the accident about 2 weeks ago. She tried to bond a pear and an orange together and lets just say it was a complete failure. She only had a few burns from the fire that were still there. Nothing to serious. Last but not least the love birds. Logan and Lola. They sat on the other side of Mike who was next to me. I know I seem like the person that would hold a grudge, but really im not, but in Lola's case Im willing to make an acception. I tried to ignore them, but the looks that Lola was giving Chase were to much. She kept winking at him when Quinn was trying to explain her recent project to them. I dont say "us" because im to busy watching Lola and listening to Fall Out Boy's song Grand Theft Autumn/ Where Is Your Boy Tonight.

Where is your boy tonight,

I hope he is a gentelman,

Maybe he wont find out what I know,

But you were the last good thing about this part of town...

I got so lost in the song that I didnt even notice Chase trying to get my attention. I looked at him with an eyebrow raised and I also pulled an ear peice out.

"Wanna go to the beach?"

I nodded as Chase and I headed away from the group. Im suprised he didnt ask Zoey to go. Zoey probley hated me right now, not that she didnt before. We got to the beach and my foot and butt print were their from earlier, I smiled to myself and sat in the same place as before. Chase was standing next to me and was throwing rocks into the ocean.

"Did you see Lola back there?" He asked me. I nodded. "What is with you not talking?"

"Nothing good to say, and stupid people listening. Whats the point?" I said putting my knees against my chest. I put my chin on the top of them and staired out at the ocean.

"How are we going to tell Logan?" Chase asked me sitting down.

"How are you going to tell Logan, he hates me remember?" I said. Chase was about to say something but I looked at him. He knew it was true. Maybe Logan didnt hate me at first when we broke up, but once I told him about Lola he started to think I was jealous and once he got annoyed of it, he started to hate me. Sure Chase says that Logan dosent hate me but whatever. Lots of people say I hate him and thats the only reason he hates me. I act like I hate him because he broke my heart to go out with someone that I despise.

"We have to catch her in the act." No shit Surlock. I nodded. "I have a plan."

With that he ran back onto the campous. I got up and walked back slowly. I heard the bell ring but I didnt even try to go faster. I just walked with a confident strut in my stride. I knew I was some what pretty, but to guys here if your not sexy or hot, they dont even notice you exist. I really didnt try to get any one's attention other then Logan's but I would never let it show. The warning bell rang and I was just entering the sophmore building. I had to get to the second story in a minute. Yeah right. The late bell rang as I just started up the far set of stairs. I took out one of my ear peices but left the right one in. I opened my math class's door and steped in.

"Well look who decided to show up." Lola said smirking. Nicole laughed along with the other two Lola clones.

"Eat me." I said and went to the back of the class and sat next to my partner.

"Bitch." I heard her mumble about Lola. My partner was Carly, we were room mates with Nicole this year. Quinn, Zoey and Lola stayed room mates. Carly had a bone to pick with Lola too. Lola slept with her ex-Boyfriend a couple months ago. Around the time Lola and Logan got together. Everyone knows that Carly and I hate Lola more then anyone. Latley Carly and I have gotten really close. Carly nudged me and I looked at her. She had a hornet in a rubber band. I smirked. Im glad that our teacher was old and we were seated in the back of the class. She took aim.

"Fire." She whispered as it launched throught the air and nailed Lola in the back of her head. "Bulls eye."

Lola shreaked. Carly is a girl of few words, mostly bad words. She knows the right word in any situation. She really is only known for not talking around people she isnt comfortable with. She talks to me in our room but stops as soon as Nicole comes in. Its weird but you get used to it. Lola turned around and glared at us. Carly smirked and I had a death glare directed right at her.

"Mrs. Martinez. Is there a problem?" Mrs. Wilkinson asked. Carly started to glare at her and I crossed my arms. Lola was pretty stupid but she knew not to mess with me, even though she had it out for me.

"No, there isnt." Good whore. I smirked along with Carly who was now slouching down in her chair, making another hornet under the table. I looked over at Nicole and Lola whispering about something. Probley Lola's next victim. I saw them point to another one of my new friends, Zach, and giggle. I really dont understand why she would want him next. I nudged Carly and she snapped herself with the rubber band. She glared at me but looked to what I was pointing at.

"Fuck." Women of 1 word. I had a feeling that Carly liked Zach. They were perfect for eachother in my book. Zach was pretty punk rock. He always had his jet black hair in a mess all around his face. Most of it covering his eyes. He wore eyeliner sometimes and was always wearing some kind of band shirt. Normally classic rock bands, The Who, Pink Floydd, Traffic, The Beatles, or ZZ Top. Tight pants were all any of the new people I hang out with wore. Zach was alway pretty quiet in class, but if you knew him you would see another wild side of him. It was the same with Carly.

She once again took aim only this time the hornet had a paper clip on it. Fired. This time she broke the skin on Lola's neck. My eyes were wide and I quickly changed my expression to a smirk. I was trying so hard not to laugh. Exspecially since Lola had her hair up in a bun with a white tank on. Their was blood coming out of the cut and dripping onto her shirt. I could tell that Lola was trying to ignore the fact that she couldnt do anything. She may act tough but she aint got shit on Carly and I. Why do you think they call me Danger?

The bell finally rang and Carly and I were the first ones out the door. We started down the hallway when someone called us. I rolled my eyes as we turned around, knowing the voice by heart. I looked at Lola and her stupid friends. Nicole wouldnt look at Carly and I, she refused to look at us, like she felt bad about something.

"What the hell is your problem?" Lola asked Carly. I guess she figured out who the hornet was from. She better back up. Carly has a pretty short temper.

"I think a cats got her tounge." One of the clones said. Her voice was like nails on a chalk board, so fucking high pitched. Carly took a deep breath. I noticed that her hand was slowly closing into a fist. Lola's fucked.

"Lola, Let's go." Good move Nicole. Lola stayed put.

"Nicole, shut up. Let me do this." Lola said crossing her arms and glaring at Carly."Well?"

"Well what?" I asked for Carly, I knew that she didnt want to talk. She never seems to like arguing.

"Im waiting for my sorry, and I didnt ask you Cruz." Lola spat at me. If this wasnt Carly's battle I would have pushed this bitch down the stairs. Carly was getting pissed. Lola's all talk, Carly's all action. I saw the look in Carly's eye that I have seen plenty of times before. I leaned against the lockers on my right while Carly smirked at me. 5...4...3...2...1.

Lola stumbled backwards into one of her clones. Bam! Carly hit her so hard in her jaw. I gave Carly a high-five as we watched Lola freak out because she was getting a bruise. Nicole was trying her hardest not to laugh.

"Dont worry Lola I have lots of cover up back in my dorm, you can use as much as you need." One of the clones said. I was cracking up. I was almost on the floor because it started to hurt to laugh. Carly had a huge smile on her face. As I was calming down, I stood up and was just slightly laughing as Mr. Ego himself came over.

"What the fuck happened?" Cue me laughing harder. Logan glared at me and I stopped laughing but my smile was still there. "Did you just punch her?"

"Nope, I wish I did, but no." I said smirking. Lola put on a evil grin and got up from her previous position. She took a deep breath and started to cry. Logan instantly reacted and comfored her. My mouth was open and I just looked at Carly who had a sympathetic look on her face. Nicole wouldnt look at us, you think she was ashamed to be seen with Lola right now. I was speechless, Her tears were fake. I wanted to punch her now, hell i've always wanted to punch the bitch. Carly started to pull me away from the scene. I was still in shock. How could Logan be so fucking dense, I mean yeah he's stupid but I didnt think he was that stupid. I turned around and started to walk with out Carly's help.

"Did that just happen?" I asked as we walked down the stairs.

"Yep." Carly said simply. I groaned as we walked into our history room. We took our seats as the warning bell rang. I hated this class too. Other then the fact it was school, I had this class with Logan and Carly. Thats it. The rest of the people were all stupid freshmen, I guess it does help to pay attention in History your first year of high school. Carly and I were sitting in the back, Logan walked in seconds before the late bell rang.

"Ok class today I have a pairs assignment. You are all going to be assigned a country, I want a full oral report on that country in a week. Your project has to be on a poster board with the flag and picture of your country." Mr. James said. He started to name off pairs. Carly got put with a freshman. Great now I will too.

"The country France is going to Dana Cruz." How did I not see that coming, "And Logan Reese."

Fuck me. I stood up and put my hands on the desk in front of me.

"Sir, you cant be serious." I said.

"Yes I am." He said sitting on his desk in the front of the classroom. He thinks he's all big and bad.

"I cant work with that." I said refering to Logan. He glared at me.

"Its either work with Logan or take an F. Your choice." He said crossing his arms across his chest.

"I'll take the F." I simply stated.

"Nope, your working with Logan and thats final." He said as the bell rang again. Someone kill me please. Im convinced, God or someone up stairs hates me. I grabbed my binder from the back shelf and stormed out of the room. Carly followed me. As soon as we got out of the building we had to go over to gym.

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