Michael was walking down the beach soaking in the silence. He was very quiet most of the time, it was either quiet or depressed. He had his hands stuffed into his jean pockets and was kicking the sand while he walked. He spent most of his time trying to get the thought of Logan and Lola being together out of his head. He still hasnt heard about anything that went on with Dana, Logan and Lola. He was to busy playing his flute in the closet. Michael glanced up to make sure he wasnt about to run into anything when he saw her.

"Lola?" He mumbled to himself. He was pretty close so she heard him. She looked up at him, Michael noticed her tear stained cheeks and instantly had a worried expression on his face. He slowly moved to sit down next to her. "Whats going on?"

"You havent heard?" She asked him quietly. He shook his head no. She told him everything, from her kissing Chase or Chase kissing her as she tells it to what just happened between her and Dana. Michael was silent. It was a lot to take in. He just looked out at the ocean with a blank expression on his face. "Say something, anything... please."

"Im not really sure what to say..."

"Anything...im tired of being ignored." Her voice picked up. She looked at him with angry eyes. Lola wasnt really sure why she was mad, but she knew that she had some kind of emotion that she couldnt explain trying to get out, and anger seemed the only way to get it out at the time.

"Im sorry Lola, its just a lot to take in at once..."

"You shouldnt be sorry, Im sorry I snaped at you, Im just having the same problem as you." Lola said wipeing her tears away with the sleeve of her jacket. There was a long pause.

"What you did was wrong Lola, im seriously shocked that you would do something like that, even if she wasnt pregnant, wouldnt you have felt bad?"

Lola took a minute to think it over, "Not as bad as I do now."

"Well then your not who I thought you were.." Mike got up and brushed his pants off. "I thought you were better then that. To think that I actually loved you..."

Lola sat there speechless as Michael walked away from her. Lola sat there stunned.

"He loved me..." She couldnt process this at all. There was way to many things going on in her life for one person to handle. She slowly got up and hugged herself. She slowly walked back to her dorm, looking down the whole way. As she got into her dorm she looked at the clock. The glowing red numbers read 12:35am. Quinn and Zoey were already asleep. Lola slowly went into the bath room and stood in front of the mirror. She looked at her eyeliner and make-up running down her cheaks, and the water streaks.

Lola hated herself, she knew that nothing she could do would ever make this right. She put her hands on the sides of the sink and stared at herself in the mirror. She couldnt take it, she pushed everything off the counter that sat next to the sink so it fell to the floor. Lola backed up untill her back was to the wall, she slowly started to cry and she slipped to the floor. She hugged her knees to her chest and cried long and hard...

I shot out of my bed with a small scream. I looked out the window with wide eyes. Another fucking thunderstorm, it's the 4th one this week. I looked at the clock, it read 2:45am. Shit, another nice without sleep this month.

Other then these storms, the nightmares are taking the best of me. I wake up with cold sweats and really deep breathing. It's been almost 1 months and a week since I lost the baby, I have nightmares about losing the baby, and Logan leaving me, and... I really dont want to think about the rest of it. Normally Carly would be here to help me stop panicing, but she was sleeping over at Zach's room. Nicole was doing something with someone, I cant remember. She couldnt help me even if she tried to. Carly was still the only person I actually talked to about my problems.

My head shot to the window. Stupid thunder. I know alot of things dont scare me, but thunderstorms are a big one. I was shaking. I couldnt be alone anymore. I got out of bed and went over to my closet. I put on my adios and hurried out of my room. I was positive that Logan would be in his dorm, Chase was supposed to be sleeping over with Mark and I wasnt positive where Mike was. I got to the front of the dorm house, Logan's was right across the quad from where we were. I waited untill the next lightning strike happened, and ran across the campous.

When I finally got into the boys dorm, I was soaking wet. I didnt see the D.A anywhere around so I didnt really need to rush. I got to Logan's door and knocked. After about a minute of waiting and another strike of thunder, I kicked the door pretty hard. I heard something fall, I smiled and laughed slightly. Well, untill I heard the thunder get louder, then I had a scared look on my face. The door opened and it was Logan, in his boxers only.

"Day... what the hell are you doing here?" Logan asked rubbing his eye and leaning on the door.

"I couldnt sleep, because of the storm." I said, I jumped at the next crack of the thunder. Logan moved out of the way so I could step in. "Thank you."

"No problem baby. Want new clothes to wear, you soaking wet?" Logan asked going over to his drawer. I nodded and walked over to his bed. I took my shoes off and put them next to his bed. Logan gave me a shirt and shorts. I went towards the bathroom.

"You could just change here you know." Logan said as I got into the bathroom, I looked at him and smirked.

"You wish lover boy." He smiled as I closed the door, I quickly dressed and put my wet clothes in the shower. I got out and saw Logan already in the bed. I went over and crawled over him to get the spot by the wall. Logan turned on his side and put his arm around my waist. The thunder struck again, and I burried my face in his chest. His arms tightened around me.

"Its ok Dana, I got you." He rubbed my back lightly. I looked up at him with a slight smile, he leaned down and kissed me. I fell asleep in his arms, everything seemed completely perfect. I wish everything could be like this all the time, so nothing would go wrong, but in the end something always goes wrong...

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