The maiden falls
Her sister cries
She lets out the screams
Held for so long inside
He tries to console her
But she's torn at the seams
Her face is stained
With tears that gleam

He's strong, but torn too
With her sister lays his brother
Broken, askew
Long locks stained with blood
A lover's tears and an old fort's mud

His father's mind
Is filled with rage
His feet are fast
Despite his age
Of his people,
He is the last
Sworn to avenge
His son and the lass.

The murderer waits
With keen eyes
He readies himself
Bloated by pride
The father comes
A swing and a miss!
The hammer approaches
And with it, death's kiss

He falls to the ground
Confused and killed
By the father of the Mohican
Whose blood he spilled.