In Soul Society...

After seeing Renji off, Byakuya shunpod to the captains meeting at the first squad building. When it was finally over he returned to his office. "It's so quiet without Renji here," he thought. He began to feel a bit lonely but shook it off and buried himself in paperwork for the next few hours.

Finally they was a knock at his door and though he would never admit it , he was glad for the interruption. "Come in," ha said calmly and Rikichi entered. "The men are ready for morning maneuvers captain," said the boy. He paused for a bit before continuing hesitantly, " also Abarai- fukutaichou gave me this to give you sir," said Rikichi as he handed the captain a sealed letter. Byakuya accepted the letter in surprise before saying, "yes, thank you Rikichi, you may go."

Rikichi looked at him and smiled. Byakuya, seeing that the boy was not obeying his order, looked up to see what was keeping him and said, " what is it Rikichi?" The boy gave him a small smile and said, "oh , its just that you remembered my name sir." then he hurried out the door.

Byakuya sat still and thought about this for a while, "was I really aloof from the people around me? It says a lot about me if by my just calling him by name makes him happy." He acknowledged the truth that yes he had always cut off himself from everyone around him. He sighed, then he opened the envelope to find a lock of red hair along with the letter in it. Silently he began to read:

Dear Byakuya,

I'm sure by now that your probably sitting at your desk, behind mountains of paperwork brooding and feeling lonely. I'm also sure that by now im missing you terribly as well and wanting to come back to you. After all I do belong to you. So here is what I'll do, whenever I'm feeling lonely I will look at the sakura blossoms and picture you under them. I will remember what it felt like when you caressed my naked body, your taste and the feel of your hard cock thrusting into me. I will remember how it felt when you took my cock in your mouth and made me cum screaming your name. I will fall asleep with thoughts of you on my mind and awaken with your name on my lips because with you on my mind even eternity can feel like just a day.

I have asked Rikichi to care of you for me as I'm unable to do it myself. Please be nice to him taichou, he thinks the world of you as well. I gave you a lock of my hair to hold on to when you begin to miss me after all I don't want you to forget about me. Finally before I go I want to tell that I love you. Byakuya Kuchiki , my heart beats for you.

Only yours,


Byakuya reread the letter and sighed, " oh Renji, my heart beats for you as well," he said softly. Then he placed the letter and lock of hair in his robes and went to early morning maneuvers.

In the real world...

Location: karakura

Renji walked into the schoolyard and looked around. He knew that Ichigo's classroom was on the third floor, so he stood under the windows and began to call him out. "Ichigo, ooohe, Ichigo, come out here strawberry." he yelled.

He saw Ichigo look out the window at him before disappearing. Ichigo ran full speed ahead and dragged him into the bushes angrily. "Renji, what are you doing here," asked the angry orange-head. Renji began to rub the back of his head self-consciously , he didn't want to tell Ichigo about his punishment. Unfortunately for hm though, Ichigo figured it out. " oh you got demoted mr. Fukutaichou ," he teased. Just then a hollow came and Renji was never more happy to see one than at that moment. He tried to get out of his gigai only to realize he was stuck. Talk about embarrasing. He looked at Ichigo who sighed and got out of his body. He went and dealt with the hollow while Renji struggled to leave the gigai.

When Ichigo returned, Renji had finally gotten out of it and was standing next to it. Ichigo ordered him to get back in it, but having just gotten out of it, he balked at the idea before reluctantly agreeing. Then he stayed at the school and had lunch with Ichigo, Ishida, Chad and Orihime.

Later on that evening, after he had finally returned to Uraharas' and was finally in bed, his modified cellphone hollow censor picked up a strange like signature near Orihime and he decided to go get Ichigo before dealing with it.

He climbed into Ichigos' bedroom through his window,and after finally managing to wake him and being frightened out of his wits by Kon, they ran off to check it out.

They got there and was joined by Chad and Ishida just in time to see Orihime get sucked into a strange portal-like gate, similar to the one to hell. Ichigo jumped up and swung Zangetsu at it, but it had already disappeared, followed by a tinkling girlish laughter. Seeing as there was nothing they could do , they all returned to there respective homes.

The next day Renji went to the school to see Ichigo and the others in order to discuss the current situation. They then went to check out Orihimes house, with Renji complaining all the way that he was hungry. After Ishida had picked the lock and opened the door, Renji went straight to the fridge and opened it. He noticed that she only had milk and a stick of cheese in there. He quickly began to consume, much to the dismay of the others.

After that the his phone rang and he answered it. Upon hearing a strange little girls voice, the others immediately recognized it as the voice that they had heard the day before and leaned in closer to hear. After that the girl sent them on a mad dash around town from phone to phone, before finally returning her to her apartment. When they asked about her encounter with the kidnappers, she was completely clueless and they assumed that she had had her memories erased. They then found out that the Orihime they were with was an imposter when " she" tried to strangle Chad. They found out that it was someone named "Cloudo" and his two friends Ririn and Nova. They eventually got Chad and Orihime back. Turns out that it was just Urahara testing out there battle skills.

A few hours later they had to deal with a new kind of enemy called Bountos. Rukia returned to save Ichigo and Ririn, who was actually a soul pill that had been stuffed in a plushie at the time, from being burned alive by the Bounto's doll.

After that little incident, Renji pulled Rukia aside the first chance he got in order to ask about Byakuya. But Rukia already anticipating his question, told him that Byakuya missed him and that he should call him as soon as possible.

Later that night, Renji called Byakuya. When he heard his Captain answer, he said, " hi there Byakuya. Did you get me letter?"

He heard Byakuya say softly, " Renji." A soft acknowledgment that conveyed all the things the proud man would never say, then " how is everything with you?"

Renji quickly updated him on everything before saying quietly, " Byakuya I miss you so much. Not seeing you is killing me," he confessed.

He heard Byakuya sigh, then he said, " I will be there in two days. I will call you to inform you of where to meet me when I get there so be prepared."

Renji smiled happily before saying into the phone, " I can't wait. I miss your hands on me."

"Renji," said Byakuya, his voice sounding like a pleasure filled moan.

"See you in two days Byakuya, sleep well and dream of me," said Renji.

"Sleep well Renji," said Byakuya before hanging up. Renji looked out at the stars and sighed. Ironically, in soul society Byakuya was sitting at his window doing the same thing.

Two days later...

The real world...

Late in the evening, he heard his cellphone ring and answered it," Byakuya," he said in greeting.

" I'm here Renji. Meet me at...," and he calmly told Renji the name of his hotel and room number.

When Renji got there he pulled him into the room and slammed the door shut. He immediately shoved Renji up against it and began to kiss him passionately. After stripping off their clothes, Byakuya carried him over to the bed and gently laid him on it. He soon followed Renji down on the bed and laid on top of him. He began to cover the red-head with soft butterfly kisses and reaching down, began to fondle his arousal. Renji ran his shaking hand through the brunette's hair, happy that he was not wearing his kenseikan and then slid his hand down to massage his back before groping his firm backside.

Byakuya continued kissing Renji frantically, as if trying to reassure himself that he was in his arms. Renji mirrored his actions, often stopping to moan his pleasure whenever Byakuya kissed one of his sensitive spots. Byakuya quickly lubbed his fingers in his favorite vanilla scented oil and began to prepare Renji. By the time he was done, Renji was moaning loudly, thrusting himself unto the fingers inside him and breathing heavily.

He gently removed his fingers ignoring Renjis' protests and slide his aching erection into the slick , warm portal. He began to thrust deeply , grinding his hips and hitting his prostrate with every thrust. He felt Renji tightening his inner walls around him, caressing him from the inside and Byakuya paused for a moment , enjoying the feel of the tight, velvety soft walls around him. He lifted Renjis' legs and placed them on his shoulders. He gripped his hips tightly and began to thrust hard into the waiting boy under him. It became extremely hard to restrain himself from ramming as hard as he could into the tight body under him until finally, he moaned in frustration and said, " I'm sorry Renji , I cant hold back any longer." then he proceeded to slake his driving need, giving Renji a good hard fucking. Renji began screaming out his pleasure and Byakuya reached down and began stroking the boys dripping manhood in time with his thrusts. Renji screamed out, " Byakuya!" and came all over his chest. Byakuya followed him over the edge with a grunt and a hard thrust.

They made love a few more times that night until they finally fell asleep from exhaustion. Early the next morning they made love one last time before Byakuya went back to soul society and Renji, back to Uraharas'.

The next day while they were having a meeting at Uraharas', they were discussing Ichigos fight with the Bountos when they decided to ask him why he didn't answer his phone that night. As it turned out, he had turned off his phone that night, not wanting anything to interrupt his night with Byakuya, since Rukia was in town as well. He quickly said that his battery had died, causing the others to look at him in shock at his apparent stupidity.

After a few more fights with the bountos over the next few days, they actually managed to get into soul society and Renji and the others were temporarily ordered to return as well , in order to help defeat them.

He returned ahead of Rukia to the Serietei from the unofficial gate without any problems but Rukia wasn't so lucky. On her way back she was attacked by a female bounto and would have been killed if Byakuya hadn't stepped in and saved her.

After taking her to the fourth squad and making sure she would be alright, Byakuya went out into the forests outside the serietei, on the edge of the Rukon district and engaged the bounto leader "Kariya Gin" in combat. Unfortunately, there fight was interrupted by Ichigo and the exile Ran Tao. Kariya Gin escaped and Byakuya returned home. After checking on Rukia to see how she was feeling, he retired for the night. He walked into his bedroom and sighed. Then he saw something red at the corner of his eye and turned around.

Renji was lying on his bed wearing his briefs and a smile. He slid off the bed, walked up to Byakuya sand pulled him into his arms. Byakuya stiffened in his arms for a bit resisting his comforting, before finally relaxing and leaning back into his hug.

"I almost lost Rukia again," he said sadly. Renji began to rub his back with his palms in a circular motion before saying, " but this time you saved her. She's alive because of you." he held Byakuya for a few more minutes before he began undressing him.. "I haven't had a chance to take a shower yet," protested Byakuya, turned all the little caresses that Renji was giving him as he undressed him. Renji silenced his complains with a forceful kiss. Then he said, "I don't care, I need you now." he pulled away from Byakuya and removed his briefs. Then he walked to the bed, climbed on and laid down in the middle of it. He opened his thighs and began to boldly caress his erection. He stared at Byakuya and smirked when he noticed that he was completely entranced by his actions. He pulled up his legs , giving Byakuya a full view of him fondling himself. "Don't you want me Byakuya?" he asked seductively.

Byakuya stared a bit more, before walking over to him and settling between his legs. He had apparently given up on the whole showering idea. Renji leaned over and got the vanilla scented oil and poured some into Byakuyas' hand. Byakuya rubbed it all over his aching phallus as Renji watched. Renji lifted his hips and said bluntly, " prepare me Byakuya." When Byakuya slid two fingers inside him, his entire body jerked and he moaned. He began thrusting his hips unto the fingers inside him and writhed in pleasure. He slid down on the digits , tightening around them and rotating his hips, increasing his pleasure. Byakuya watched as Renji slid up and down on his fingers in a blatant display and lost control. He pulled out his fingers, quickly guided his erection to his entrance and penetrated him deeply. He began to thrust forcefully in and out, moaning with every thrust. His was slamming into him so hard that there was a resounding slapping sound every time his pelvic bone connected with Renji's nether regions.

"Ah fuck Byakuya," renji moaned out , as he began to rock back and forth in a pounding rhythm, hitting his prostate over and over with every deep penetration. " yes god yes, Byakuya, you feel so good. Fuck me hard. Oh yes!" he screamed out. Byakuya reached up and began playing with his nipples as he fucked him. Renji reached down and began to jerk his erection as he continued to scream out word of encouragement to his lover. He began to loosen and contract his inner muscles around the hard cock thrusting inside him and grunting in pleasure. He screamed out," Byakuya I love," as he came. Byakuya looked down at him in surprise and lost what little hold he had on his control and flooded the boy with his hot essence. He slumped down on the boy under him and tried to catch his breath.

He finally pulled out and gently guided the boy to his private outer bath. There, they made love a few more times surrounded by sakura blossoms and each other. They eventually dragged there exhausted but well-satisfied bodies back to the bedroom and laid down. Just before falling asleep Byakuya leaned over and whispered in his ear, " Renji I love you too." Renji turned over and smiled at him before pulling him close and that was how they fell asleep.

They next morning Renji woke up with Byakuya lying next time him still fast asleep. He gently untangled himself and sat up in bed. He could still smell the vanilla scent of the oil they had used the night before lingering in the air, as well as the scent of the sakura blossoms wafting in the air through the half opened window and missing with the vanilla. He smiled as he saw a single sakura blossom float into the room and reached out to catch it. "Vanilla and sakura blossoms," he thought with a smile, "that's the scent of my attraction." He looked down at his sleeping lover and his smile grew. He didn't know what the coming war had in store for them, but he knew that no matter what happened, he would always cherish these moments and remember them fondly, complete with the smell of sakura blossoms and vanilla.

The End

authors note: I had to end this story because the timeline was driving me crazy due to the fact that Renji was spending a lot of time in the real world away from Byakuya. I have already began to write the sequel and plan to add it on here next week. Its called "Unexpected encounter" and picks up after the war. There are new captains, partners etc. I really hope you will like. So thank you for reading my first fanfic and check out my other stories. There are two Others already posted as well.