This is just a taster. I'm going to start writing this after I finished my current story, Don't Forget.

"Mom?" I called out into the deadly silent house that was my home in Phoenix.

It was odd. My house was never quiet, and I had never once heard it so still in all my years living there. My mother usually was having a phase, sometimes it would be cooking, other times it would be Yoga but she would always be making a little noise. Whether it was the beat of a wooden spoon on a plastic bowl or a grunt as she tried a harder pose, there would always be sound. Always.

That was why I was scared.

And really, I shouldn't have been. If my house was free from the eccentric personality that was my mother I should be grateful for a little peace. I could probably get on with the heap of homework I had been given today without being interrupted. Even so…Where was Phil?

Phil was my step-dad. Renée had split up with my father, Charlie when I was small. They both said they rushed into it but she always told me she never regretted it because she got me. The 'perfect' daughter. I was hardly perfect. I tripped multiple times a day and I was constantly stumbling over my own feet. Don't get me started on gym…

All the same, I couldn't hear anyone, or anything for that matter.

I threw my keys down onto the kitchen table, picking up the phone. Dialling my mom's cell phone, I looked around my kitchen. Old cookery books were pushed to the side of the counter and I raised an eyebrow at a knitting needle lying precariously on a ball of wool. Apparently, my mother's new craze was knitting. Who knew?

It went to voice mail and I hung up. Trying to forget about how alone I was, I grabbed a snack from one of the cupboards, picked up my bag – weighed down with a biology presentation I had to finish – and made my way to the living room. I pushed the door open.

I froze as I felt my foot touch something hard and solid.

Lying in a brutal heap by my feet was my step-dad. His eyes had glazed over and I could smell the blood seeping off him. There were no indications to show how he died apart from the marks on his neck.Teeth marks…

My heart was thudding faster than I thought possible as I looked up to see Renée pressed in a corner, looking up with fearful eyes to a man who was positively unreal. The sun reflected into the room from the gap in the curtain and made his skin shine like diamonds. He was not human.

Renée turned her head to look at me, the fear in her grew considerably. She was scared I'd get hurt. "Bella, get out of here! Quick!"

I backed away from the massacre I was witnessing and I crashed into something cold and very hard. A female voice purred from behind me. "Now, now, James. We can't have that, can we?" I spun around and came face to face with a woman with fiery hair and blood red eyes.

"No, Victoria, my love. I don't think we can." He sauntered towards my mother, glancing up to look at Victoria. I saw her nod once and before I could look back to see why Renée had screamed, it was muffled. James had bitten into her jugular vein and was drinking her blood. My mother was being killed, no, eaten in front of my very eyes and I could do nothing about it.

I felt a hard poke in the back. "Sit down and enjoy the show." Victoria's voice ordered me. I had no choice but to comply and watch my mother dying. Tears streamed down my face as I watched him take her life.

In some very short amount of time he pulled away and she fell to the floor lifeless. He had taken her life in all but a few minutes. I tried to control my crying but the lump in my throat was getting too big to ignore. I couldn't rein in the feeling and the sobs broke loose. I would never see her ever again because these, these cannibals had just murdered her.

In between my sobbing I heard a conversation going on between the killers. I didn't listen, there was no point but I couldn't help hearing.

"What should we do with her?" Victoria said, eying me like meat.

"Well, another wouldn't hurt, would it?" James replied. Was I next?

"Hmm. Well, I say we go back to the old rules, just for this one. Kill two, change one."

"What? You're joking, right?" Victoria was silent. "I guess not…But I couldn't stand it if she came after us."

"Her?" She was incredulous. "Look at her. She has nothing special about her. She'll just end up getting taken by the Volturi in the end.Please, you know how much I like messing up people's lives.

"Well, I guess it couldn't hurt, as long as it doesn't happen again." I heard a kiss take place but the fact I was all alone was still dawning on me. There was no one here.

I felt someone close to me, very close in fact. I opened my eyes and saw Victoria inches away from my face. The sobbing broke out again and my frame shook. Whatever she wanted, she could have. I didn't care anymore.

"Bella is it?" I didn't respond. "Bella, this will hurt but it will be for the best. I can assure you." She cooed her irrelevant words at me.

"Just do it already." I mumbled, looking at the floor, knowing I would die soon.

She cupped my hand in hers and brought it to her mouth. Her shining white teeth shone in the gloomy room, like her unnatural beauty, opened, ready to bite. The only light came from the gap in the drapes that was reflected off the walls and onto their skin. I looked up into her scarlet eyes, with general curiosity taking over my thoughts.

Then she bit down and all of that was forgotten.

Fire, like nothing I'd ever felt before was engulfing me. She bit my other wrist and then moved to both sides of my neck, biting down, bringing more fire with her. The blaze in my veins was overwhelming and it felt like nothing could ever quench it. Each trip it took around my blood stream, the pain got stronger.

I was slightly aware of being picked up and carried somewhere, but I was too busy crying out for the inferno inside me to stop. I was placed down somewhere dark and for a moment I could feel the cool grass beneath me. A nanosecond later the flames were back and stronger than ever.

I had no idea what I was becoming but I was sure, this existence would be pure hell.

A/N: And there you have a brand new shiny story. This is just the prologue, as you can tell. It will get better when I eventually finished Don't Forget (Bella hit her head when she jumped, Edward comes back, she doesn't remember him. Things get a lot worse and Edward almost turns suicidal)Bella will end up in Forks with our favourite family, the Cullen's! It will take a twist because they won't know, and Edward won't know that Bella is a vampire, but she is still his singer! DUN DUN DUH!