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Give it a night,
We'll work it out,

We can be nice,
Ah, ah, ah!

"Bella," the voice repeated. "Such a lovely name." The woman sat down on the bed. "What I would have done to have a name like that when I was human. You can imagine the names I was called, of course," she flicked her hair over her shoulder. She sighed, and for a moment, my heart went out to her. "You, however…A lovely name and a lovely scent to go with it! It surprised James and I that you'd still smell so good. It confused us, along with your eyes…" she looked deep in them, and when I gave no answer, continued. "I would imagine it has something to do with a gift, no?" she wanted information, not a girly chat.

My eyes cast themselves to the floor for a short while. The faster she got what she wanted, the faster she would leave. "I can appear human," I swallowed.

"Really?" her eyes widened and she leant forward, close to me. My jaw clenched.

"I can eat food to look like one, but I don't need it."

"That is something," she exhaled. "It explains your scent. I knew it couldn't just be your blood doing that. But… why do you smell so familiar? It's been months since I changed you," I flinched at her ease with the word. There was pure concentration on her face, nothing else. No murderous looks or scowls deep enough to touch her nose but that didn't dispel the fact I was controlling my anger. "Oh!"

I waited.

"It must be, yes. James had a man recently who smelt a lot like you." Suddenly she scoffed. "But the man was cooking something, there was a fire and we had to leave. Pure human behavio–"

I shot up. "Get out."

She blinked.

"Get out," I repeated, my fists in balls at my sides.


"Out!" Harsh, painful tears were forming in my eyes and hers turned a shade darker. I slammed the door behind her, sliding down it to wrap my arms around my knees. The CD was still playing, and while I tried the block out the emotional lyrics, there was a thundering sound coming up the stairs. I had never felt so much anger, and it was right for me to feel it, but I didn't know how to control it at all. It needed a release but I couldn't see one. Someone tried to open the door, but I blocked it bringing another sob out of me. My arms were tensed so much they were shaking.

"Bella!" Edward's clear voice called through the wood. "Let me in."

"Slowly I rose and opened the door. The amount of worry and love in those ochre eyes made the space between us feel like a sin. It was compulsory to be in his arms so I clutched him closer to me. "I'm sure now," I whispered as his hands rubbed circles on my back. He scooped me up into a bridal lift, held me with one arm as he went to turn off the music and lay us down on the bed.

"What are you going to do?" he asked as he stroked my face.


"Yes, they were your parents," he wiped a stray tear away. "And you should decide what to do."

"I… I… They…" I stuttered, and inhaled a deep breath. "I want them dead but at the same time I don't want any more death. These two," I spat. "Have done nothing but ruin my life right from when they charged into my home and attached their lips to my mom and Phil's necks. Then there is my dad but…"

"But what?" His face was full of anguish and I could see his only wish was to make all this torment vanish.

"But I still feel grateful."

"Grateful?!" he spoke at normal volume.

"Yes," I whispered back, placing my hand on his cheek. "Without them changing me, I'd never have found this family; you. And seeing as I can scarcely imagine my life without you, I'm glad they changed me. The pain was worth it because I got this in return."

"Right. Let me get this straight," he breathed. "You want them dead for what they did to your family but you also want no more death because there has been too much already. You're also happy that you died because you met me…"

"Yes." He struggled to comprehend what I was saying. "I have these bouts of anger at them, but it subsides when I realise what they did for me," I sighed. "It confuses me, too, but it feels right somehow."

He kissed my forehead just as there was a light knock at the door. I stiffened in his arms but Edward called them anyway. "Come in."

It was Alice. She stood nervously at the door. "I saw your conversation… and I have a plan that may just work."

I paced nervously around the room and I flinched at every sound. Alice plan had to be aborted so there was no chance this would work; Edward could dazzle me so far that I'd forget where we were and my own name but he couldn't dazzle me when he was away from me – of course not. I'd remember everything that could potentially go wrong and it would send me into a panic. Hysteria piled on top of the whole situation wasn't going to help much.

Edward was downstairs with Alice who had found that James knew her in her human life, after Edward overheard it. The muffled sounds that came from below were louder now, and a lot clearer as they were just a few rooms over. I was happy to let her continue, she had always been so confused about where she came from. Truth be told, I was petrified of when Edward asked them to come into the dining room. Courage wasn't something that I carried around like Rosalie or Emmett.

"Brandon? Are you sure?"

"Positive," James voice said.

"Thank you," Alice's sang. I heard her stand from her chair and run up the stairs but not before giving me a thumbs-up from the door and shutting it. Edward's voice sounded now.

"I have a favour to ask the two of you." Oh, here it was. "Bella isn't particularly happy at the moment, understandably." He paused. "I was hoping you'd speak to her, try to sort things out at best."

My silent heart pounded.

"I suppose we could talk to her at the very least."


"Thank you," Edward replied. "I'll take you to her."

This was my cue to sit and look nervous – not a hard thing to do given my current emotions. I slumped down into a wooden chair and knotted my fingers together; clenching and unclenching as my jaw did the same. It felt surreal… I couldn't see it happening. These were bloodthirsty beings – so different to the Cullens – however, if they had the option, I wondered if they would choose our way of life.

There was a gentle knock at the door and Edward poked his head around it. I nodded at his unspoken question. It seemed strange that they had agreed to speak with me so fast, that they were being civil. Maybe they were expecting it.

Their cat-like movements didn't shock me as they entered the room. Silently, they took a seat opposite. Edward walked over to me in three long strides. He cupped my cheeks in his hands, pecked me on the lips and inhaled my hair.

"I'll be just outside if you need me," he said, so quietly Victoria and James didn't have a hope in hell of hearing. "Just say my name." I nodded as he left my side and shut the door as quietly as he opened it. I didn't say anything at first; just looked into Victoria's eyes, occasionally switching to James'. After about a minute of their nervousness, James spoke up.

"What was it you wanted to speak about?"

I paused for a moment. "I just wanted to know what possessed you to change me, instead of killing me."

"Ahh, I –" Victoria cut James off.

"I suppose I should answer, seeing as it was me that bit you," she said, solemnly. I said nothing but she continued. "Before we had ever met you, before you were born, probably, we were part of an organisation that was creating an army. We were instructed to change the best of three that we killed to add to the soldiers. Most that tried to retaliate were killed by other newborns, but eventually, the group was taken down by the Volturi. As for your mother and step-father, well, you've felt the bloodlust. We had to move in daylight to get across the state, and we had over guessed our restraint but I…" she trailed off. "I can't say what possessed me to change you, Bella. It just happened."

I inhaled deeply, trying to keep calm and not burst into tears.

"Okay. I have another question." They nodded. "I wondered if you knew that your failed hunt was my father. I had to save him from the fire, and he died from the venom."

"I… Oh," Victoria squeaked. My dead heart was tugging at something unknown.


To my surprise, James broke it. "We've been horrid to you, haven't we? We've taken away everything from you and landed you in a world you had no idea existed. We'll do what you want. If you never want to see us again, we'll go. If you want to fight us, you can, but we'll fight back."

"I… just want to be normal, again. Human. I want my parents living. I want the impossible and…"

I hadn't noticed the way their eyes were slowly turning black; a warning sign to what I was doing. Tears were welling up in my eyes, blocking my views from the world.

Victoria lunged at me, lashing out with the furious rage that I normally associated with her. The wooden dining chair flipped over backwards and I fell with it as she crashed into a cabinet; the sound of glass smashing ricocheted around the room. I rolled off the floor into an instinctive crouch. James was backing away into the opposite corner, away from me while Victoria was recuperating.

I spun on my heel and looked her level in the eyes. The door was smashed open, hitting the wall on the other side, at the same time she dropped to the floor.

It had been six seconds since we were civil.

I turned my back on the frail vampire and went to see Edward. He looked murderous, not sure who to go for first. I placed my hand on his shaking arm and tried to relax him. He took me in then, checking for injuries and any signs of damage. Eventually, he pressed his forehead against mine and his eyelids shut; he was calm, for the most part.

James eyed us wearily as he watched Victoria attempt to push herself up off the floor. No luck. He wanted to help but didn't dare get any closer.

"She'll be fine once she feeds, but if I see you two again, I will kill you for hurting Bella." Edward snarled. "Never come here again."

"No chance," James muttered as he scooped Victoria up. Edward growled warning him, but stepped to the side to let them pass. I did the same.

Nothing happened until we heard the door slam.

Once it did, I was clutching at Edward, trying to get him closer and closer; to merge us into one. "I was so scared," I whispered in his ear. His hands made shapes on my back.

"You had no reason to be," he murmured back. "You'll never see them again, either. James was sufficiently scared and I doubt Victoria will ever think your name ever again." I squished him to me, again; harder this time. "I love you," he kissed me. "So much."

"Mmm," I nodded, tiny, stupid tears rolling down my cheeks.

He pulled back to see me. "Why are you crying?" he asked, distressed.

"I have no idea," I hiccupped. "Love you."

He chuckled, wiping them away. "Come on," he spoke. "I want to take you somewhere."

"Where?" I asked, sobering up now.

"It's a surprise."

"But Edward, what about –"

"You can tell everyone what happened and apologise to Esme later. You won't want to miss this, love." He picked me up and swung me around onto his back.

We darted out of the house at a racing speed; things were blurs in my peripheral vision. I loved the feeling and laced Edward's neck with little kisses as we darted through the forest. He tensed under me, and I laughed. Now and then, the rain from last night sprayed up and lightly hit us on the face. I rejoiced in the feeling.

"We're nearly there," he commented. "Can you see that light over there?"

"Yes," I breathed. Edward slowed to a jog and then a stop. He carefully dropped me down to the green, ferny floor.

Suddenly, all source of light in my world was gone; I yelped.

"Shhhh," he hushed me. "You can't see until it's ready." He walked us forward, and I stumbled once; I could nearly hear his smile. "Right, okay."

The hands were removed swiftly and I found myself in a field full of wild flowers; the bright colours looked amazing under the vivid green. I trailed my hands over the beautiful, stunning petals. I turned, wanting to share this moment with Edward and gasped. His head was low, but he looked up from dark lashes.

The slow moving sun was tugging down bringing with it the perfect time; the magic hour. He sparkled as the light caught in his skin. And the best part was…

I did the same.

We were striding closer and closer towards each other until we were wrapped up in each other's arms. I couldn't think of another place on Earth I would rather be. We were completely content with the silence, but there was a question bubbling at my lips that couldn't be ignored.

"Do you think we would have met, even if my mother wasn't killed?"

"Well," he pondered it for a while. "I think we might have. Perhaps you would have moved here to get to know Charlie."

"Yes," I agreed. "And whatever made you hate me in the first place would be stronger because of my blood."

"But I would get over it, because I would see that there was more to you than meets the eye."

"Except you wouldn't be able to read my mind."

"Fine," he chuckled. "But I would have to be more stubborn than I was."

"Deal," I smirked.

"We could write a book."

"What?" I blinked.

"It would exactly the same, but you would be a human."

"And how would we get away with that?"

"It would come under Young Adult Fantasy. If it's fantasy, you can get away with anything."

"I'll think about it," I smiled.

"We have forever, my love," and with that, he sealed my lips with a kiss.


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