Another blow to the face.. She started to bleed and cry. This wasn't normal for her. She needed to get away.

Her father just kept going, using every fighting tactic he had from his years with Mossad.

She had left. Left his own agency. He wasn't going to have it. He was demanding her respect.

Do you feel like a man, when you push her around?

Again he threw her to the ground..

"No one walks away from me Ziva. You won't be going back and I'm gonna teach you to run like a coward ever again," he whispered into her ear. She dove at him and tried to tackle him. He knew her bound hands were useless to her. But still she struggled to hurt him, trying to get away, tears streaming from her eyes.

Do you feel better now, as she falls to the ground..?

"I suppose.. It's in order I tell you a little secret… You must miss your mother a bit don't you Ziva?"

Ziva let out a deep growl of hatred and loathed him with all her being at his mere mention of her mother. It was true she did miss her. She also knew of a possibility that HE was involved in her death.

"He had my mother killed…" Those were Ari's words. Whether she believed him or not she wasn't sure but she knew she was probably about to find out.

"You're going to die here anyway it's probably fair you should know…" He leaned in close to her ear and drew out the dreaded words, "I.. killed… her…"

As your lies crumble down…

With that he aimed another kick to her ribs and landed the blow successfully. Robbing her of oxygen.

She just couldn't take anymore than she already had. This man was a monster, just like Ari, whom he had formed. He wasn't human, he wasn't her father. He was unfit to be given such an honorable title.

He pulled out his pistol and took aim right between her defeated and broken eyes. He could see how much he'd pushed her to the brink and a sinister smirk tugged at the corners of his mouth.

"Goodbye Ziva…" She kept looking at him all of her being losing her will to live seeing as how she wouldn't be shortly. She just stared back up at him practically begging him to pull the trigger. Nothing could be worse than the pain she was feeling right now. For the first time in her life, Ziva David, was giving up.

I'm so sorry Gibbs, Tony, McGee… I'll miss you… Thank you..

As the evil in front of her prepared to squeeze the trigger the door to the darkened warehouse burst open to reveal an NCIS team very close to her heart.

"ON THE GROUND DIRECTOR DAVID!" shouted Gibbs. An agent being taken from him wasn't something he was prepared to go through again so soon.

"ZIVA," Tony screamed at the sight of her on her knees showing more emotion and looking more defeated than ever. She was special to him and he didn't want to lose her now. I have to tell her…

The Deputy Director was prepared to finish what he started. He slowly squeezed the trigger on the weapon, eyes defiant against the agents both pointing their guns back at him..