I bet you all hate me by now... I'm so sorry... Well, this is it, the grand finale (probably not so grand but I'm gonna try.) P.S. I know Valentine's day was a while ago but I've been busy and like just got this idea... Enjoy.

Tony opened his eyes and lay awake in bed. Sun filtered through the blinds on his window and he heard movement in the kitchen. Ziva's up... He sighed at the thought of having her so close yet so far. I.. I just can't lose her. I can't feel like this and not tell her. If I'm rejected... He pushed that thought out of his head. He needed to do this. If he never knew, it would probably be worse. He then realized what day it was. An idea popped into his mischievous head. He was pretty sure he had some candy lying around here somewhere...

He rose and got dressed and moved from his room to the kitchen where Ziva was making him breakfast.

"Morning" she called to him as he entered without even turning around to know he was there. God that's awesome, he admired.

"Well this was a pleasant surprise. Wouldn't have anything to do with a certain day that today is, would it?" he smiled and positioned himself so she wouldn't see what was behind him.

She turned and placed a plate of chocolate chip pancakes in front of him. "Happy Valentine's Day Tony" was written on them in whip cream.

Tony beamed at her and handed her the box that had been hiding behind his back. "And for the lovely lady."

Ziva beamed right back.

The room grew silent and Tony took the opportunity to ask her something he'd wanted to for a long time.

"Hey Ziva, since you're leaving today and all, and it is Valentine's Day, do you think maybe you'd let me take you to dinner tonight?"

Ziva's heart started beating so fast it almost ended up in her throat. She took a deep breath to calm herself... Say... It...

"I'd love to Tony."

"Ok well, I'll drop you off at your appartment in a little bit so you can get resettled and get ready!" He could barely keep the excitement from appearing in his voice so he took a huge mouthful of pancakes to prevent further conversation.


Tony straightened his tie and cleared his throat.

Flashes back

"Where are you gonna take me?"

"You'll see... You might want to dress up a bit though, just to be safe..." He grinned at her and she gave him a look.


He absolutely couldn't contain himself anymore. He needed to see her so he reached out and gave her apartment door a knock.

She appeared almost immeadiately (she had been so eager she had started getting ready an hour before she needed to and was waiting the whole time.)

Tony clamped his jaw shut to keep it from dropping. Ziva was clad in a deep, dark, red dress, how appropriate for Valentine's Day. Wasn't too short, wasn't too long. The dress was backless and had two straps that came to a halter tie around her neck. Her Star of David still gleamed brightly even in the dim light of the hallway.

He composed himself enough to smile, put his hand on her back and lead her out the building to the car.

The ride was silent apart from Ziva nagging Tony to tell her where they were going. He ended it quickly with: "How many times do I have to say I'm not telling? Why are you so eager to spoil the surprise?" He pouted. "Besides, if you needed to know that badly you probably would've tortured me already..."

Ziva thumped him on the back of the head.

"I deserved that."


After they had passed by several high end restaurants, Ziva was beginning to get curious again. As if to answer her unasked question Tony eventually made a turn down into a park that Ziva had never known existed.

"There's a restaurant here?"

"Something like that."

He parked the car and got out, opening the door on Ziva's side.

They walked for a little while until they came to a beautiful clearing. The setting sun illuminated a stream that ran alongside and there were roses lining the edges where the treeline met the grass. A table was sitting dead center. Two lit red candles were sitting in the middle and a bottle of wine sat in a cooler next to them.

Ziva gasped at the sight and Tony thought she saw her eyes glisten with a tear but she didn't cry. He smiled at her.

"Don't even try to get me to tell you how I did it because I will not reveal my secret even for my life."

She laughed and the two sat down to eat the chicken parmigiana that Tony had made.

The dinner passed by relatively quietly until Ziva broke the silence.

"Um Tony, why would you go through all of this for me? You've already allowed me to stay with you until I felt better but to do all of this? I, I don't know what to say. You didn't have to.."

"Well if you don't know what to say, then I think I'll say something. Uh Ziva, I wanted you to stay with me because I, I wanted to tell you something kinda important. And this whole dinner thing I wanted to do just for you because... I... I love you Ziva..."

Tony lowered his eyes prepared for the worse and didn't notice her staring at him, wide eyed with tears streaming down her face.

"Tony... I love you too..."

With that he stood up, grabbed her hand, pulled her close and his lips met hers. It was at that moment with her in his arms that all of his fears, all of his doubts melted away.

I love you...

Ok it was slightly corny but I'm kinda weird like that. I finally finished it. It's done but I will return. Expect more, expect better, and expect NCIS!