Seera Tel Incident

This story is fan fiction. It is based on information from the Homeworld: Cataclysm Guide Book, so this incident did happen in the game. This is a more detailed version of the guide books story. The names of people in this story were created by me.

This is also my first story on this site, so I would appreciate any comments or constructive criticisms.

Manaan Fleet Command

"Admiral, we've picked up a message from our frigate squadrons in the Seera Tel system."

Admiral Cose Manaan turned to face the speaker and responded. "Put it on."

The message began to play. "This is Manaan Assault Frigate 1-8-3 to anyone within range. We have picked up several small unidentifiable crafts heading towards us. Request assistance. Repeā€¦.." static filled the void where the message would have repeated.

"We lost the signal, sir." The comm. officer stated, as if no one else figured that out. "'Small crafts'? Sounds like the Turanic Raiders." commented Captain Olsin from his station.

"But there hasn't been any Turanic activity in the Seera Tel system for ten years." Interjected Lt. Naji, the communications officer.

"We can't speculate on what happened." said the Admiral. "We need more data." He turned to Naji. "Has there been any transmission from the system?"

Naji consulted with the other comm. personal. Once he was done he shook his head. "No sir."

"Then we must follow protocol." The Admiral walked over to the Fleet Deployment Display. He leaned over the panel, supporting himself with his hands. "Who's the closest to Seera Tel?"

The lieutenant working at the station checked. "That would be the Naar-Tobin, a Carrier." She answered.

The Admiral turned back to the comm. center. "Lt. Naji, contact the Naar-Tobin. Inform them of the situation and have them jump to the Seera Tel system." ordered Admiral Manaan.

"Aye sir."