Near the Airlock

"Keep going!" the crewman yelled to his shipmate. Around them, other personnel were joining them in fleeing the bio-hazard. He looked behind and saw that the thing was right behind them. It had formed pillars of bio-mass is several places along the deck. There were also some tendrils that were forming among the masses. Scattered among the masses, were some human forms, but they were not just motionless, they were dissolving away.

I can't dwell on them, the crewman thought. I have to keep moving. He looked straight ahead and put on another burst of speed. The other survivors were just as afraid for their life as he was. "If we can get to the escape pods, we can get away," he yelled out to the others to try to relieve some of their fear. But that did little to help the situation.

The crew kept running, but the spread overtook them. When it did, he felt immense pain. "AAARRRGGHHHHH!" He looked over at his comrade and saw that he too was caught. He tried to keep going, but he couldn't move. Not only was a tendril holding him there, but he just couldn't get his leg to move. It was like the signal from his brain was not reaching his leg. He was starting to lose feeling in his body and things were getting blurry.

Ahead, he could barely make out that the others were no better off then he was. They had been caught by the thing. It was spreading throughout them. They were all screaming in pain as it covered their bodies. He wasn't sure if he was seeing things clearly, but it seemed that other crewmen were being changed into something else.

The pain was intensifying. The crewman looked at his infected body to see that his body was being changed. Not changed, more like being melted away. This was the source of the pain. It was getting harder to think and see because of the pain and the infection. What is it doing to me? he thought before he went out.

Back on the Bridge

"We're losing contact with the infected sections!" the comm. officer shouted. Just then the control panels on the bridge started malfunction. "What's going on?" the captain demanded. "Something has tapped into the ship's computer," the engineer began. "We are losing control of the systems."

Power continued to fluctuate. As it did, the lights and the stations faded in and out. But that did not much of a difference. Many of the stations had lost control of their systems. We aren't going to be able to take back the ship at this rate, the captain thought. He activated the ship broadcast system. "All hands abandon ship!"

The bridge crew began to flee their stations and head for the escape pods. The engineering officer was still at her station, doing a final check. "Bio-hazard growth rate has increased exponentially. It's…." Before she could finish, she let out a terrified scream. Everyone on the bridge looked over at her and saw the cause. The growth was covering her. Not just her, but her station too. She tried to get up, to run away, but that didn't help. Before she could walk one step, she fell down.

Some people headed to help her, while the rest resumed for the pods. The navigator, who was among the former, grabbed a metal cylinder to try to pry off the bio-mass, but it would not budge. Almost as soon as he started trying this, the mass spread quickly over it and reached the man before he could drop it.

"Just get to the pods!" the captain yelled. He didn't want to leave people behind, but they had no idea of how to help them. They almost reached the pods when they saw it. The infection had already gotten there. The pods were now covered in the red bio-mass. And it was spreading fast. But there was nowhere to go.

The tactical officer pulled out his side arm and aimed for one of the larger masses. He fired off several shots at it, but it did little good. The damage that was inflicted by each shot would regenerate back just as quickly as it was wounded. The remaining bridge crew began to back away from all the infections, but it continued to spread. One crewman was so terrified that he took his gun to his head. But before he could pull the trigger, the thing grabbed him with a tendril and spread on him. More tendrils were appearing and going after the crew. In less than a minute, all of the crew were infected.