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Chapter 9

My Grown up Christmas List

As Cosmo was sitting up from Tails' bed, she suddenly heard a noise. She turned her head toward the window to find it covered with a large clump of snow that was slowly coming off it. She opened the window to find Sonic on the ground.

"Merry Christmas, Cosmo!" Sonic greeted.

Cosmo smiled at him. "Merry Christmas, Sonic!" She greeted back.

"Hey, what are you doing at Tails' house?"

"He let me spend the night."

"Oh, well where is he?"


"Well wake him already! It won't be long until we open Christmas presents." Sonic then zoomed off to where everyone was waiting.

Cosmo ran up to where Tails was lying and started to shake him. "Tails, wake up! It's Christmas!" She said to him.

As soon as he heard the last word, it immediately woke him up. "It's Christmas?" He asked. He then looked at the clock and noticed that it was six o' clock. He gasped at what time it was. "We're late!" He immediately got out of bed. "Come on, Cosmo! We're supposed to be opening our Christmas presents by now!" He said as he left his room.

Cosmo gasped at that information. She immediately rushed to the guest bedroom where everything was wrapped. She grabbed her coat that was lying on the bed and put it on. She then picked up the presents and rushed downstairs where she met Tails, who was holding only one present, which was rather large.

"Aren't there other presents?" Cosmo asked Tails.

"They're waiting at the tree. This one I just finished last night." He said to her.

"Oh, okay!"

They then rushed out the door and headed to where the others were waiting. It wasn't too long until they made it to where the rest of the gang was waiting. When they arrived they immediately dropped all of the presents in front of the tree and started breathing heavily as they were out of breath.

"About time you two arrived! We've been waiting!" Sonic said.

"I'm sorry to keep everyone waiting." Cosmo managed to apologize in between breaths.

"Hey, who's the cute chick that just arrived?" She heard a voice say.

Cosmo looked up to see a male green hedgehog that was wearing a brown ragged jacket and a female pink hedgehog that was wearing a tight purple skirt. Cosmo suddenly realized that one of them had called her a "cute chick" and blushed at the compliment.

"Manic, Sonia, this is Cosmo. Cosmo, meet Manic and Sonia, my brother and sister." Sonic said.

"You have a brother and sister?" Cosmo asked.

"Yep! In fact, we're triplets." Hearing this had shocked Cosmo even more.

"Really?" She asked.

"You bet!" Sonia said. "Also, our mother is Queen Alenna, ruler of the entire planet."

This had shocked Cosmo the most. "But… that would mean that the Sonic I know is a… a prince?"

"Yeah, but that kind of life isn't for me. Too much work and no fun!" Sonic said the last part with a bit of disgust in his voice.

This hardly surprised Cosmo. She knew Sonic to not do something like that.

"I can see that Tails here hasn't changed much." Sonia said.

"It's good to see ya again, Sonia and Manic." Tails said.

"You know them?" Cosmo asked.

"Yeah, Sonic introduced them to me a few years before I met you. They've been fighting against Eggman since before I was born. All three of them are the leaders of the Freedom Fighters, which is a group dedicated to stopping Eggman and keeping us all free from his rule."

"Wow! That's amazing!"

"Speaking of that Egg-head, I'm surprised he hasn't attacked yet!" Sonic said. "I bet he's up to something big, really big. We just have to wait until his next move."

"Well when the time comes, just know that you can count on us to help you out in any way we can." Manic said.

"Thanks guys, I really appreciate that."

"I have a feeling that when the time comes, it's going to take everything we've got." Tails said.

"Hey, you guys!" Knuckles yelled, which got everyone's attention. "Are you going to talk all day or are we going to open presents?"

They immediately rushed over to the tree to open their Christmas presents. They had gotten quite a number of presents. There were thanks and such for the presents, some of which earned one or another rather painful hugs. One such incident was when Amy opened a present from Sonic and got a golden necklace out of it. The thankful hug Sonic received from Amy was so powerful that he thought a few of his bones were broken, luckily that was not the case. They were soon down to what they believed to be the final present. It was the one Tails had brought with him when he and Cosmo were running to the tree. Tails breathed in deeply and approached Cosmo with the long rectangular present in his hands.

"Cosmo, this is for you." He said as he handed it to her.

She immediately set the wrapped gift down and tore off the wrapping paper. She then opened the white colored box. Inside the box was what looked like a skateboard, but it had no wheels. It was colored blue with a green outline. It was known as an Extreme Gear. She was speechless when she saw it.

"After our little adventure on planet Breezy, I remember how you told me that you would like to have one of these. So, I decided to build one for you as your Christmas present."

Cosmo looked at him as she stood up with the shocked look still on her face. She then smiled at him and hugged him tightly.

"Thank you so much, Tails! I really did want one of my own! Thank you!" Cosmo said.

He then hugged her back with a very happy smile. "You're welcome, Cosmo." He said.

Vanilla took this chance to take a picture of the happy couple with the camera she had brought with her. At this point, Bokkun approached Cream.

"Uh, Cream…" Bokkun began.

"Yeah, Bokkun?" Cream asked the little robot, who was holding his hands behind his back.

He could barely control himself. Her voice seemed to have a strange effect on him. Amy had a feeling he couldn't do it alone. She approached the couple and stood behind Bokkun. She then put her hand on his shoulder.

"You can do it, Bokkun." She said, trying to encourage him.

"Um… this is for you!" Bokkun said quickly as he gave Cream a present from behind his back.

Cream took the small present from him. "Thank you, Bokkun!" She said.

She opened the present and opened the small red box. She was presented with a golden heart shaped locket.

"O… open the locket." He said.

She obeyed his command and opened the locket. She gasped at what she saw. Inside was a picture of a very dear friend of hers. The only part of the picture of her friend that was inside the locket was his head, which was in the shape of a teardrop. She then saw an inscription next to it. It read, "In loving memory of Cheese the Chao. To always be remembered for his selfless sacrifice for the one he loved."

The memory of how he sacrificed his own life to save hers still haunted her. It was during the last battle they had against Dr. Eggman. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy were all busy fighting off the numerous amounts of robots that had come forth. Cream was cheering them on in the back. Suddenly, an exploding upon impact missile had been fired and was headed straight for her. Cheese then took a daring leap and got in the way of the missile. At that moment, Bokkun grabbed Cream and jumped away to safety. The missile hit Cheese and exploded upon impact. When the explosion cleared, all that was left of the poor Chao that sacrificed himself was his red bow tie, which had somehow remarkably survived without a bit of the fabric of it damaged. After that, Cream had wailed out in pain for her loss as Bokkun carried her away from the terrifying scene.

Back at the present time, Cream was looking at her gift in complete shock. She didn't understand the gift though. Why did Bokkun give her something like this?

"I… I got it for you so that you could remember all of the happy times you had with Cheese." Bokkun began. "I… I know that he meant a lot to you. You… you even accepted him as… as more than just a… a pet. I… I also got it and so that you could… you could… remember why he saved you." Bokkun then looked at Cream and noticed she was crying. "Are you okay, Cream?"

"Yes." She then approached Bokkun and set her face at him and so that they were only inches apart. "Thank you, Bokkun." She then closed the gap and kissed him right on the lips.

The kiss was only a short one, but it felt incredibly amazing to Bokkun. He became suddenly frozen just by the touch of the kiss. He didn't even notice when the kiss had ended. The feel of the kiss was still upon his lips. Charmy noticed this and was just grossed out by it. He turned away, but noticed that there was a small pain in his chest. He just shrugged off the sudden chest pain. Though he wondered, why was he so hurt when he saw Cream and Bokkun kiss?

By now, it seemed that they had opened all of the presents. However, Amy was looking around the tree to see if there were any more of them. She really enjoyed getting presents on Christmas morning. She then spotted a medium sized box that was wrapped in ruby colored wrapping paper and had a golden colored ribbon.

"Hey! There's one more!" She said. She then noticed a name on the tag. "It says, 'to: Bokkun'."

When the little robot heard that, he snapped out of his trance. Bokkun then approached the pink hedgehog. "For me?" He asked.

"Yeah, and look at who it's from." She said as she handed the gift to him.

"It says that it's from Santa Claus." Then he became depressed at guessing what it could be. "Oh, it's probably just another lump of coal!"

"Why is that, Bokkun?" Cream asked.

"One Christmas, Eggman had me and the rest of the team try to ruin it for everyone. After we failed thanks to Sonic, we were all put on Santa's Permanent Naughty List. You never get off of something like that!"

"Hey, there's a card attached." Amy pointed out.

Bokkun removed the card and started to read it.

Dear Bokkun,

I have noticed how much good you have done this year. The day you saved Cream and betrayed Eggman showed how much you were willing to change. You helped Cream through her depression, and eased her pain. There is no greater sign of love than that. For this purpose, I hereby remove you from my Permanent Naughty List. There is always room on my Nice list for those who think of others first. You thought of Cream and her feelings first. Good job, Bokkun!

Congratulations and keep up the great work all your life.

Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus

As Bokkun read the letter, his eyes welled up with tears of happiness. He could hardly believe it. He was one of the few in history to ever be removed from the Permanent Naughty List. Now he just had to make sure to never be on that again, and he would never receive another lump of coal for as long as he lived.

Cream hugged him from behind when he was finished reading it. "That's so great! Congratulations, Bokkun!" She said happily.

"Well, open it, Bokkun!" Amy said.

He obeyed and opened his present. He was shocked at what he found. It was the one present he had wanted since he was put on Santa's Naughty List. It was a trumpet.

"I don't believe it! I've wanted this since I was put onto his naughty list!" Bokkun said.

Amy then noticed something else in the box. "Hey, what's with these marshmallows that came in the box?" She asked as she looked at the small, round, green colored objects.

After she asked that, Bokkun started to try and play a familiar Christmas tune. However, it was so off-key and out of tune, that it was very unrecognizable and downright horrible. Sonic, who was covering his ears from the horrible sounding music, turned to Amy.

"To be honest Amy, I think they're earplugs." He said as he took a pair of the round objects Amy was holding and put them in his ears.

Amy did the same as well as Manic and Sonia. Knuckles ripped two pages out of a book that he got from Rouge that he didn't want and stuffed them in his ears. Seeing what Knuckles did made Rouge giggle at him and made her forget about the horrible music. Cream immediately put on a sad face and tied her long ears together underneath her chin, blocking out most of the horrible sound. The Chaotix Team just covered their ears and screamed in agony. Vanilla just laughed and took a picture of the scene.

Tails and Cosmo both ran away from the sound. They stopped only a small distance away, but were still underneath the giant Christmas tree.

"I think thanks to the wind we won't be able to hear it at this distance." Tails said.

"Thank you for letting me spend Christmas with you, Tails. It really was a lot of fun." Cosmo said.

Tails scratched the back of his head with a smile on his face. "It was nothing!"

"I want to apologize, Tails."

"What for, Cosmo?"

"I wasn't able to get you a Christmas gift this year. I saw the perfect thing, but someone snatched the last one off the shelf before I could. I'm so sorry, Tails." She said on the verge of tears.

"It's okay, Cosmo!" He said with a slight giggle in his voice. "I forgive you. Besides, I already got what I wanted the most."

"What was that, Tails?"

"It was you." Cosmo was speechless when he said that. "I wanted you back more than anything else. I did get some nice gifts this year, but none of them would compare to you. You are very special and important to me, Cosmo. I wanted you back because I love and care about you, Cosmo. I don't think I could've gotten a greater gift than to have you back to spend Christmas with me."

"Thank you, Tails!" Cosmo then spotted something right above them. "Tails, Look!"

Tails obeyed and noticed that they were standing right underneath the mistletoe. He then held Cosmo by the shoulders, and as his beloved did the same, he smiled at her. "Merry Christmas, Cosmo."

"Merry Christmas, Tails!"

As they closed the gap, they wrapped their arms around the neck of one another. Their lips then met together and Tails wanted to take the kiss further. He licked her across the lips, which triggered them to open. He then put his tongue into her open mouth. He tasted the walls of her mouth, which were sweeter then her lips.

Having his lingua in her mouth made Cosmo moan in pleasure. She was really enjoying this way of kissing someone. Yet she wondered what Tails was feeling. She started to push back with her own tongue and Tails noticed that she wanted to experience what he was. He relaxed his organ of taste and allowed her entrance into his mouth. She then put her tongue into his mouth. She then tasted the walls of his mouth and found them to have quite the lovely and inviting taste. She wanted to taste his mouth forever.

Of course, it is said that no good thing can last and they finally parted, needing air, as it seemed to take a lot of the oxygen they needed from them. They then looked around and noticed that everyone was looking at them with the majority of them having sly smiles on their faces, while the rest had surprised or looks of disgust, the latter being that of only Charmy. Tails and Cosmo realized that everyone noticed them in their open mouth, fully passionate kiss and blushed, feeling slightly embarrassed.

"Hey, it's okay you two. You're in love. Do it all you want the way you want." Sonic said. "Just please keep the more special moments in a private area, okay?"

They both nodded to him, but neither of them knew what he meant by "the more special moments".

"So what's next, Tails?" Cosmo asked.

"Now we take our gifts and head to Cream's to enjoy some Christmas breakfast. After that, we get to enjoy our gifts while we wait for Cream's mother to make the Christmas feast that we'll have late in the afternoon."

"Okay then, let's go!"

They then started to gather up their gifts. Cosmo had soon gathered up her gifts and, seeing that her friends were busy gathering theirs, she decided to have a little conversation with a certain someone, or as some would prefer, something. She walked up to the giant Christmas tree and rested her hand upon it. The tree seemed to somehow notice this and was the first to speak.

"Ah, Cosmo. Hello there!" Said the tree by means of what seemed to be telepathy.

"Hello!" Cosmo said back.

"Cosmo, I want to thank you. You have given me the wish I've wanted since I was a seedling. I thank you very much for this opportunity. Though I can't help but feel that something is on your mind."

"Well, yes. I had this dream and…"

"Ah, yes! I had strangely gotten a vision of the same dream you were having. What you dreamed was what was known as 'The Nativity Story'. Well, at least a prodigy of it as I have come to understand. It is what is said to be the true origin of Christmas."

"I often heard the me in my dream calling the child, 'Our Lord'. Why is that?"

"The Lord, the Savior, the King of Kings… he held a number of titles that made him known. He was born for one reason… to save the world."

"Really? What for?"

"At the time, the world had become a dark place. It had forgotten how to love and had become a place of hatred. This would've led it on a path of early destruction. All live would've ceased to exist if it continued. So to save it, he came and taught the inhabitants how to love again. He had saved the world from darkness. For this, he is remembered of on this special day, where we all celebrate his birth."

"I see. So that explains why this day is so special. I understand it all now. Thank you!"

The tree then felt that Cosmo was about to remove her hand, and decided to say one last thing to her before the contact broke between them. "Oh, one last thing. I noticed your little kiss you had with Tails. To be fully honest, I think you two make a great couple."

Cosmo smiled at the tree. She was only a little bit embarrassed by such a remark. She was starting to get used to the relationship she was having with Tails. Cosmo then heard her beloved calling her.

"Hey Cosmo, you coming?" Tails asked.

"Oh! Yeah, I'm coming!" She said back to him.

She then gathered up her stuff and ran to catch up with Tails. However, she turned around a few feet later and looked at the special Christmas tree. She understood everything now. She knew what all of the commercialism represented and how it was connected with the origin of Christmas. She smiled at the tree.

"Thank you! You made my Christmas wish come true. I wanted to know the true meaning of Christmas, and now, thanks to you, I know! Thank you so very much King of Trees!" She said.

She then left the tree and joined her friends to spend Christmas with those she cared about.

After a breakfast of eggs, bacon, orange juice and sticky buns, the last one of which Cosmo enjoyed so much that she had five helpings of them, they all enjoyed the new gaming system that Amy had gotten. The gaming system was one that had the control of it being of more natural movement. Cosmo found herself to be naturally good at tennis, as that was the game within the system she had kicked everyone's butt in.

Tails was especially embarrassed when he lost to Cosmo. "I can't believe I lost to my own girlfriend, and I'm usually good at tennis!" He said.

"That's because you use your tails to assist you in it. With this game, you don't have such an advantage." Sonic pointed out.

Tails laughed nervously in embarrassment, knowing Sonic was right. He couldn't cheat in this game like he could in real life.

They continued playing with the new system until it was time for the huge Christmas feast. They gathered around the table and Cosmo was surprised at how much was prepared. Tails wasn't kidding when he said the word "huge". There was a twenty-pound turkey, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, dressing, plum pudding, cranberry sauce and lime gelatin dessert. Plates and silverware were placed around a table that was big enough to seat twenty people. Everything was so neatly arranged that it seemed like a shame to mess it all up. Of course, with wasting food being an even bigger shame, there was little that could be done.

"Wow, Vanilla! You did this all by yourself?" Cosmo asked.

"Well, Vector did help me out a little bit." She answered, which made the crocodile chuckle.

Sonic just smirked. He knew the exact reason Vector did that. 'That Vector will do anything to impress Cream's mother.' He thought to himself.

They were about to seat themselves when there was a sudden knock on the door.

Hearing the sudden knock definitely shocked both Cream and Vanilla. "Mother, did you invite anyone else to our Christmas feast?" Cream asked.

"No dear, I didn't." Vanilla answered her daughter.

Sonia then answered the door and came face to face with quite an unfamiliar hedgehog. He had black fur, with his chest being that of white and red streaks on the back of his spines. Sonia couldn't help but be a little mesmerized when she looked at him. There was something about this black hedgehog that she couldn't put her finger on.

"Is this the home of Cream the Rabbit?" The black hedgehog asked.

"Uh… yes! Please come in." Sonia said.

As soon as the black hedgehog entered the dining room, all eyes were on him. They were very shocked to see him. The moment Cosmo saw the black hedgehog she hid behind Tails.

All was silent until the black hedgehog decided to break it. "So, why wasn't I invited?" He asked.

"Well Shadow, you see… um…" Tails started explaining as he cautiously looked behind himself where Cosmo was hiding.

The black hedgehog now known as Shadow noticed the way Tails was acting and understood that the reason was behind him. He then slowly approached Tails and stopped right in front of him.

"Well?" He asked.

At that point, Cosmo bravely looked over Tails' shoulder. Shadow was surprised to see Cosmo alive, though his face didn't show such a reaction. By seeing her alive now, Shadow easily put everything together.

"I understand now." He said.

With that, he turned around and started to leave. Sonic called after him. "Hey wait a minute, Shadow…"

"Forget it!" Shadow interrupted. "I know why I wasn't invited."

With that, Shadow left. Sonia then turned to Sonic. "Who was that?" She asked.

"That was the Shadow that you know as my rival and the one that tried to kill Cosmo."

Vanilla had a solemn look on her face when she saw the black hedgehog leave. Even a grown up like her has a list of what they want for Christmas, but hers had things that meant so much more. She knew that her guests all held quite the friendship between one another. It was more like they were one big family. She wished for it to never be torn apart. She knew of the war that they were in against Dr. Eggman, she wished it would end soon and never start up again. She knew of the pain her daughter's heart was in from losing Cheese. Even with the help of Bokkun, her heart was still hurting. She wished in time that it would heal. She wished that Shadow would have a friend. He really deserved one for all the times he helped them out. Most of all though, she saw the love that was between that of Tails and Cosmo, Cream and Bokkun and Sonic and Amy. She wished the love between them would never end for she somehow knew they were right for one another. All of this together was her grown up Christmas list and livelong wish that she hoped would one day come true.

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