Dear Readers,

Hey ya'll, it's me! Bayo, of course. Who else would it be? :)

So you must be wondering why I'm writing an author's note-thingy to you. I won't waste your time and go straight to the point.

As much as it pains me and disappoints me to say it… I won't be continuing Furareta starting now. :( I know that's something none of you want to here, but I thought it better to actually warn you rather than just… abandon the story and have you guys hang on to false hope. I love you guys too much to do something like that. My reasons are complicated, but serious enough, I assure you… And because of those reasons, I can't keep writing Furareta. I'm sorry everyone for doing this to you. :(

I want to thank every single one of you for supporting me to the end. So many of you have encouraged me and stuck by my side the entire time, and for that, I am extremely grateful. What happens now is just pure conjecture, but I hope that months from now you all will still be able to look at Furareta as a story that you once loved. Thank you so much for everything. :) You all are the best readers and reviewers that any author, official or not, could have.

Once again, I'm sorry for doing this. I doubt I'll be doing anything related to Furareta (or ) in the future. I know I left it at one of the most climatic spots in the story, and I know I'm horrible and mean and a jerk... So I'll tell you what happens. Let's just say that after Riana tells Toushirou to take care of Megumi, Megumi&co. and Shinigami go back to Karakura and fight a long, hard battle. Megumi is able to save most of the Bounto who were willing to revert back to human form, and heals Yasuo and Romeo in the end, ultimately killing them. Takuya-oji is safe and is mind-wiped of the events. Following particular dramatic events, Megumi, Hikaru and Riana go back to Seireitei for a meeting. Yamamoto desires for the Minamoto siblings to become Shinigami, to which they agree. They and Megumi share a sad goodbye (Hikaru and Riana will forget ever meeting her, since they will now use her cure to enter Soul Society legally), although promising that eventually they will become friends once again. Before being cured, however, Hikaru steals one last kiss from Megumi before disappearing from the presence of a fuming Toushirou.

Yamamoto has developed a small liking for Megumi, and decides that she can become an official substitute Shinigami—a stationed nurse in the human world. However, her relationship with Toushirou is still in a haze. Now in her room, Toushirou asks Megumi to wait for him for one year, and of course she promises that she will.

One year later, Megumi is now sixteen. She had been training with Yoruichi still, and is learning shunko under her watch. Toushirou returns after one year of absence, and fills her in on the Seireitei scoop. Hikaru and Riana were granted immediate entry into the Academy the day after their death and are now officers in Gotei 13—Riana under Soi Fon and Hikaru under Toushirou. Apparently, Riana and Hanatarou are getting along quite well; and, must to his chagrin, Hikaru and Momo are becoming very friendly.

As for the status of Megumi and his own relationship, Yamamoto has allowed them a very DL relationship. Toushirou had been working directly under Yamamoto as a sort of servant-busboy for the past year (also juggling that with his own captain responsibilities), to prove his dedication to Megumi (of course he doesn't tell her this). They can only see each other under official business, but they no longer have to hide their relationship.

Happy ever after.

That's where Furareta ends. I feel so bad for having to tell it to you this way, but it's the only way. :( The one-shot I was planning to write contained Toushirou taking Megumi to meet his grandmother after she dies (drunk driver) and proposing to her there on the roof of his old home.

I love you all… and I wish the best for you. Thank you for everything. :) Please understand that doing this is the only way for me.

Love forever and ever,
Bayo – Bayo