Dear Mother and Daddy,

This is to let you know that we are safe and Simon is taking good care of me.

Simon is a dope. If I wanted you to save me, I'd have written to you not to him. If you'd come They'd have killed you. They weren't expecting Simon, They weren't watching for him. He had to be the one to come - you understand?

It wasn't that I didn't want you. I knew you'd come if I called, but you would have died and I'd never, ever see you again - you see? As long as we're all alive there's a chance I will see you again - so you must stay alive please.

Be careful. Be very, very, very careful! Pretend to believe Them. Play dumb. They won't touch you unless They have to - don't make Them. Don't try to find us - They'll be watching. Don't do ANYTHING please!

Be careful, be careful. I want to see my Mother and Daddy again. Oh I do, I do...

Simon feels guilty. He shouldn't. Neither should you. He didn't want me to go. You didn't want me to go. I wanted to go. This is all my fault - all my fault. If anything happens to you or to him it will be MY FAULT! So, please, please, please don't let anything happen.

Don't worry about us. We are safe. We've found a good place to live. Well Simon doesn't think it's so good - the dope - but it is. There's a girl here, her name is Kaylee. She wants to be my friend. You always wanted me to have friends remember? She gave me clothes to wear. They're mostly pink. Kaylee really really likes pink. I don't much but I don't say so. I'm remembering to be polite.

Must not make personal comments. It's all right to lie if the truth will hurt somebody's feelings. Never say you don't like something or worse somebody. You see - I remember it all. I am being very diplomatic. But let me tell you Simon isn't the only dope here!

I will write again when I can. They're looking for me, looking for me...I can feel them looking. But they won't find me. THEY WON'T!

I am a genius. I am smarter then They are. I will outthink Them. Simon will help me. And then we will come home.

Wait for us.

Love, River.