My first drabble ever! And for Christmas! AND it's Respectshipping! xD

No. of words: 105
Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon, never will.

Shuu sat on the large black sofa; tapping his pen against his cheek. Usually, he wouldn't take this long to come up with anything, but not this time.

"I got it!" he exclaimed, guiding his pen around the small strip of paper. Looking at the clock, he quickly slipped the paper under the tree.


"Merry Christmas Shuu!" Satoshi gleamed. He looked around to see no Shuu anywhere. Confused, he sat down next to the large Christmas tree. "What's that?" He wondered and picked up the strip. Smiling, he whispered "Oh Shuu…" as he read the strip.

"All I want for Christmas is Satoshi. - Shuu"

Phew. I haven't written any RS stuff in a while so it felt good writing something again. xD

Merry Christmas! 8D