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We surround ourselves with the specters of our past...

Their shadows define us...

They exemplify our dreams and equally as often they create our obstacles...

They house our heroes as entirely as they hide our demons...

One young halfa will soon learn what a true hero is, but there are many hardships he must overcome first.


He felt much pain, pain in his side, in his head, his throat, but most of all in his heart. Danny Fenton Had just defeated his evil future self, Dan Phantom, with his newly acquired ability the Ghostly Wail. As he sucked him into the Fenton Thermos, Dan said. "Its to late for you to save them..."

He tried to go ghost but had used way too much power with the Wail. As he tried to save his family who were strapped to a tank of Nasty sauce that was about to explode, He tripped and fell. Now here he was laying on the ground unable to get up and helpless to save his loved ones and Mr. Lancer.

Staring up into their faces he saw fear in their eyes and felt ashamed that after all he had promised, he failed them. But their wasn't just fear, there was also understanding that he had done everything he could and Danny would still blame himself for a long time because he couldn't see this. Mom... Dad... Jazz... Tucker... Sam... im sorry.

Time seemed to slow down and the sauce exploded causing him to see bright light and feel a stinging heat before darkness took him. After the explosion had settled down people came out of their homes and were shocked by what they saw. The street looked like a war zone with a few cars totaled and the dying flames in the Nasty Burger. In the middle of the street laid a boy with black hair covered in cuts and bruises.


Danny finally regained consciousness to the sound of whispering but he couldn't understand what they were saying. He tried to open his eyes but they were to heavy and he couldn't move his arms and legs because they felt like stones. After a while the whispering stopped and he heard a mans voice. "We need to let the poor boy rest, everybody out." Their was a shuffling of feet and a door closed. Quiet reigned once more and Danny soon dozed off into a dreamless sleep.

He woke up again and this time he could open his eyes. He found himself in a white sterile room laying in a bed with white sheets. He tried to sit up but a sharp pain stopped him from doing so and he looked down to see he was wearing white pajamas and underneath he had bandages around his side. Then thoughts of what had happened before, hit him like a steam roller. Mom, Dad, Jazz, Sam, and Tucker, their all gone. He started to do something he hadn't done in a long time, he cried and for a while he just laid there and did that.

The door to the room soon opened and in walked a nurse followed by a doctor. Upon seeing the crying boy the nurse walked over and gave him a motherly hug while whispering. "Its okay Daniel just let it all out." Danny winced at the formality of his name but didn't say anything about it and returned the hug. After a while the nurse let him go and left the room to return with a tray of food. The Doctor told him to sit up and he was going to examine him.

For fifteen minutes the doctor poked and prodded him asking him what hurt and checked his vision. "Well Daniel."

"Could you call me Danny?" Interrupted Danny who was rubbing his side after all the poking.

"Im sorry, Danny all your cuts seemed to have healed and your only other injury is your ribs but those will be fine after a day of resting." The Doctor paused for a second thinking before going on. "I find It remarkable how fast you have healed. Yesterday, you were brought in covered in cuts and bruises, and your heart beat was really slow. We thought we would lose you but over night you look completely healed."

Danny would normally get nervous at things like this but now he really didn't care if this man found out his secret. "I don't know why I healed so fast, so can I eat the food the nurse brought me." The Doctor nodded and walked out of the room seeing that Danny wanted to be alone.

The hospital food he was given tasted like cardboard but to a kid who hadn't eaten in two days, it was the best food ever. After finishing his food he saw the remote connected to the bed and decided to turn on the TV.

The first channel it showed had the news. "Last nights explosion at the Nasty Burger in Downtown Amity park claimed six lives. The bodies were Identified as Jasmin Fenton, Maddie Fenton, Jack Fenton, Tucker Foley, Samantha Manson, and Mr. Lancer." As the news reporter said each name a picture of them was shown. "A now orphaned Danny Fenton was also found injured about ten feet from the explosion." The picture they showed him was the one of him being put in an ambulance. "Our hearts go to this child who lost his family and friends in this tragic accident. Now Nasty Burger's special sauce is coming into question.." Danny turned it off tired of listening and decided to go back to sleep. Unknown to him right outside the hospital their was a meeting to going on to decide his future.


Danny will not be known as phantom later in my story and I need help picking a name. Heres a few choices

A. Specter

B. Shade

C. Tell me one you think of

I hope you enjoyed the story.