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Katara watched the new couple from her seat next to Aang. Zuko and Toph looked so at ease with one another as they drifted off to sleep at the rear of Appa's saddle. The morning light reflected off their faces and she almost didn't see Zuko's scarred eye as it lay in the shadow of his face, covered by his hair.

Toph shifted further into Zuko's shoulder and sighed as Katara watched them. She envied the closeness the two shared after only knowing each other a little over a week. She still didn't trust Zuko after all he had done, but she was starting to forgive him, or at least speak reasonably with him.

Zuko still wore his black ninja suit from when they had infiltrated the balloon in their spirit personas, though she could see several holes where he had been burned while fighting his sister. Toph was in her usual green and white garb, with her healthy layer of dirt, though she seemed more disheveled than usual, with black hairs sticking out of her bun here and there. They looked so happy and content as they lay there, resting on each other.

Katara was interrupted from her observation by a touch on her elbow. She glanced to her right and saw Aang looking intently at her. His grey eyes held compassion and understanding as he smiled slightly at her.

"Let them sleep," he whispered. "They've had a long night."

She nodded and smiled back. She was about to turn back to watching the two when Aangs' hand slipped into hers. She stared at their joined hands. His was larger than hers now and had several calluses where almost a year ago was none.

The difference in shades was also less distinct than when they had first met. The time they had spent traveling the world had darkened Aang's light skin and changed them both.

"You ok?" he asked her.

Katara felt a blush come across her cheeks and ducked her head, trying to hide it. He squeezed her hand slightly and separated his hand from hers when she didn't answer. She felt sad and shame rose up within her as he turned to whisper to Sokka.

She felt a wave of weariness come upon her as the boys whispered to each other and lay her head on her arms as she turned to watch the clouds pass them.