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Adjustments and Confusion

Harry sat back in his favourite armchair, sipping a Butterbeer. The recent conversation via parchment with the group of girls was... troubling, to say the least. Why would six girls, some of whom barely know me, suddenly decide they want to become my love slaves? Even Hermione, one of the strongest women I know, is becoming more and more submissive. Jesus, she'll be calling me 'Master' next, demanding that I punish her. It's just... weird, and unnatural. I don't get it.

This was the crux of the matter for him. He didn't understand it at all. I left the Wizarding world, quite happily, and they were more than glad to see me go. I expect they even threw parties in my 'honour'. Now, less than a year later, they want me back just so they can be my harem. I mean... I was just joking about that, for Christ's sake! I didn't expect them to take me seriously!

Why the hell do they want to be my harem? I always thought Hermione was into Ron... at least, that's what all the scuttlebutt around the tower said. I know Ron wanted to be in Hermione. I know Ginny liked me, but I always thought she'd be unwilling to share. From those lovely little notes she put on the parchment, she'd be happy to go down on all five other girls. I barely know Padma, Susan or Parvati, even though I've been in the same house as Parvati for five years.

Then there's Tonks. She seemed... open to the idea, so did Hestia. These people don't even know me, yet they were willing to jump into bed with me. Why? He sighed to himself. I need to talk to Hermione... the old Hermione, the one who always stood by me. I just hope she's still inside there, somewhere.

He grabbed the parchment, tapping it with the special quill, so he could speak to it instead of write. "Hermione? I need to speak to you. Will you grab a quill and write your answers down? I don't want the others to hear about this."

After a few moments, the response came.

What's up, Harry?

"Are you busy at the moment?" There was a pause.

I've got Luna's head in my lap, and the other four are engaging in some rather hot 69s. I tell you... Ginny really does put her all into it. She's making Parvati squeal delightfully. It's really arousing.

Harry sighed. Bugger... "Is Hermione the Know-It-All available? Need to speak to her."

I'm still a know-it-all, Harry... even with Luna doing unspeakably nice things to me. She has a marvellous tongue. I wish you were here to watch.

"Focus, Hermione, please."

I'm am focussing. It's rather hard not to.

"No, focus on me. Not on Luna's tongue."

Easier said that done, Harry. She's really good at this. I mean REALLY good. She can twist her tongue, and then flick it like you wouldn't believe.

Harry huffed to himself. "Hermione, please. This is important."

Fine. Hang on.

There was a pause of almost a minute.

I sent her to go and help Padma get Susan off. You should see her face, Harry. It's... delicious. Just imagine what she'll be like when you're working on her.

"Question for you, Hermione; if I ordered you, not asked you, but demanded of you that I was going to bugger you without lubrication 'til you bleed while you licked Padma's arse... what would you say?"

Let's do it. I'm available right now. Give Padma a couple of minutes to finish making Sue cum, and she'll be right with us.

"Even though you know it's going to hurt, a lot? Even though I haven't asked you, but demanded it of you? And licking another girl's arse, someone you barely know... and you want to?"

It's YOU, Harry. I know that if you caused me pain, it wouldn't be that bad. And Padma's very attractive. I'm sure she'd enjoy me licking her, and I'll undoubtedly enjoy it as well.

"You're justifying disgraceful chauvinistic behaviour on my part."

Like I said, Harry; it's YOU. How could I refuse?

Harry nodded to himself. And the truth comes out. How could she refuse me? This is wrong. I need to find out more about this. "What about Ron, Hermione? I thought you were interested in him."

WHAT?! Harry, that's disgusting! Ew... how could I be interested in Ron? I'm interested in YOU... and the other five girls here. Oh, I told Padma what you said, and she put her bottom right into the air. I think she wants to do it, too. When can you get here?

"It could take a while, Hermione. I've, er... I've got some people I need to speak to."


"Tonks, for one. Hestia Jones for another."

Why them, Harry? Why not us? We're here, and we're waiting for you. And if you could see what I can see, you can tell that we are sooo willing, too.

"I need to clarify something. Then there's an excellent chance I'll be coming to see Dumbledore."


"Hermione, calm down."

I've just told the other girls, and they're all very excited. How soon can you be here??

Another set of handwriting replaced Hermione's.

Harry, it's Ginny. You're coming here? Really? When? We're all VERY anxious to... see you. Can you bring some whipped cream with you? We've run out, and we were just discussing licking it off you. Anything else you want licking off, bring that, too. I personally recommend Honeydukes finest dark chocolate sauce. A little sticky, but we're all smooth down below, so we'll be fine.

Annoyed, Harry snarled a final phrase. "I'll let you know when I'm down. In the meantime, keep your noses clean. I'll be in touch."

Standing, Harry drained his Butterbeer, before grabbing the programmable Portkey the Goblins had so thoughtfully provided. Right, Tonks first. He disappeared in a trail of colour.

Locating Tonks was extremely easy. Since she was a half-and-half, like Harry, she was listed in the telephone book. Barely thirty minutes after leaving his tent, he was stood outside her door. He pressed on the buzzer, waiting for a response.

The door opened, revealing the Metamorph looking bleary-eyed, clad in a far-too-short dressing gown. "Hello... Harry!" She grabbed his arm, yanking him inside her flat, before slamming the door.

"Hi, Tonks. Catch you at a bad time?" Harry was being pleasant while mentally putting his shoulder back in its socket; it seemed she was pleased to see him.

She shook her head, yawning. "I'm working nights at the moment, so I was about to get up anyway. What can I do for you, Harry?"

He sat down, noting the disgusting state of the living room; porn and takeaway cartons. It's like a student flat. God, is that underwear? Yeesh... "Er... I was wondering something, Tonks, and I don't quite know how to ask it."

She yawned again. "Harry, I'm far too tired to piss about with manners and tact. Just ask."

"Do you wanna shag me, Tonks?"

Without bothering to answer, Tonks undid her dressing down. "Sure. I can't think of anything I'd rather do right now." She stood up, moving towards him, her hips wiggling attractively from side to side.

Taking a gamble, Harry held up his hand. "Tonks, sit."

She sat. Instantly. Not bothering to move back to the couch, she sat down on the floor.

Oh, bugger... she's just like all the rest. "Tonks, answer me a question."

"Of course."

"Why do you want to shag me?"

She looked up at him, her eyes widening. "Don't you want me to, Harry?"

"Please answer my question, Nymphadora." If she tries to kill me for using her hated first name, she's not too twisted.

"You know... I've never liked my name. But when you say it... it sounds so good." She smiled coyly at him. "And why shouldn't I want to, Harry? I mean, you're utterly gorgeous. The prospect of having you use me... Doing anything you want to me... Mmm... all your desires come to life..." Her hand started straying down her stomach as her eyes closed.

Oh, bugger me with a broomstick, this is wrong! "That's... that's good to know, Nymphadora." He leaned back on the chair, almost slumping in desperation. "Do you, er... do you know where I can find Hestia Jones?"

She nodded, looking a bit sad. "Yeah. Hestia! Get your arse out of bed! Harry's here!"

Harry's eyebrow shot up. "She, er... you live together?"

Tonks looked at him oddly. "If by 'live together', you mean 'share a flat', then yeah, we do. Junior Aurors don't make a lot of money, and this place is really close to work, so it made sense." She looked up at one of the doors leading away from the living room. "Merlin's massive member, Hestia, get up!"

The door was flung open, revealing Hestia Jones in a pair of panties. And nothing else. "Bloody hell, Tonks, what?" Tonks just pointed to Harry, causing Hestia's face to light up in delight. "Ah, Harry! Great to see you! What can I do to you? Hell, I'll even double it and ask what I can do for you!"

Sighing, Harry slumped even further into his chair. "You could put a top on, Hestia."

"Well, I could, yeah, course I could." She looked down at her perky, attractive breasts. "Why would I want to, though? Don't mind you seeing my titties. Can do more than look, I hope."

Harry nodded slowly. "Good to know. I was actually wanting to ask you a question, but you've already answered it." He stood up. "And I think I should be going."

"What?" The two young women said together. Tonks stepped forward. "You don't need to go, Harry. I'm sure the three of us could come up with an... enjoyable way to spend the day."

"Yeah." Hestia chimed up. "Look!" She casually pushed her panties down to her knees. "Like you said, I got rid of the Brazilian. Don't you think this looks tidy? We can do anything you want!"

Harry's eyes instinctively dropped down. "Gah! Pull 'em up, Hestia!" He quickly turned to Tonks. "Do you have anti-Portkey wards?"

"No." She sighed wistfully. "Too bloody expensive. Just anti-apparition."

"Oh. Good." Harry jabbed his watch, disappearing from the flat as he was spun through the magical vortex to his tent. Once inside, he slumped into his chair. Bugger... so, six very willing, and two more who don't seem to be as obsessed, but happy to comply. If I was even remotely normal, I'd be up to my nuts in wet willing witch right now. Sometimes, I'm such a disgrace to my sex.

He reached for his cellphone, jabbing the speed-dial and calling his Goblin contact. How goblins had cellular technology, he didn't have a clue, but he wasn't about to complain. It truly was a lifeline at the moment, and he desperately needed one of those.

"This is Potter. Lexic-Dark-9-2-2-Alpha."

"This is Snapnose, Lord Potter. Alpha-9-1-7-5-Blue. How can Gringotts be of use to you today?"

"I have... a problem."

"Could you elaborate, Lord Potter?"

"Six girls have become dribbling submissives to me, wanting nothing more than to service me. Two others appear to be affected, but not as badly. I have my suspicions as to who is responsible, but I need some help."

"Goblins do not provide 'help', Lord Potter."

"Fine. I need your services. I'm prepared to be... generous in compensation."

"As always, Lord Potter, you speak our language. What services will you require?"

"Your best healers, both physical and mental. A safe place to hide out, and a secure location I can put up my tent. That's what I know at the moment. As soon as I've collected them and they've been checked out, I'll know where to go from there."

"We are able to assist in this endeavour. Setting five on your Portkey will bring you and anyone in contact with you to Gringotts emergency medical centre. I will instruct our top healers to be awaiting your arrival."

"As always, Snapnose, your best is exemplary, and far beyond anything else available. I'm going up to Hogwarts now. I expect I should have my meeting there concluded within an hour."

"We will be waiting, Lord Potter."

Harry snapped the phone closed, before tucking it into his belt. The campsite would be secure while he was gone, but would he be secure? With a sigh, he moved over to one of the cupboard, reaching in a pulling out a goblin-modified pistol. Thank god the Goblins can authorise weapons permits, or I'd be up crap creek without a paddle. He tucked it into a shoulder holster, pulling on a snug leather jacket. "Hi-ho silver..." He muttered as he portkeyed away.

He arrived outside the main gates at Hogwarts, staggering forward but able to maintain his footing. All the Portkey travel he'd been doing over the last few months had actually been useful to him. Under other circumstances, he'd laugh, but this wasn't the time. He passed through the gates, marching up the drive with a confidence none had ever seen in him before. He glanced over at Hagrid's hut, seeing the half-giant delivering his usual Hippogriff lecture to a bunch of terrified third-years.

He glanced at his watch. I do have the time... Veering off the path, he made his way over, chuckling inwardly when several people recognised him and stepped back, allowing him through.

"Harry!" Hagrid proclaimed loudly. "Good to see you! Are you coming back?"

Harry smiled at his half-giant friend, who grabbed him in a bear hug that left him breathless. I really wish he'd get rid of that beard. Or at least comb it. "No, Hagrid. Just visiting. Thought I'd come over and see the Hippogriffs."

Hagrid pulled back, slamming one meaty hand on Harry's shoulder, driving him to his knees. "It's a shame you're not back, Harry, but I think you recognise Witherwings there, don't you?"

Said Hippogriff was straining at his chain in excitement, trying to get to Harry. The young man chuckled as he ambled over, hearing the gasps of shock from the scared witless third years. He bowed low to 'Witherwings', who was already on his scaly knees in anticipation. Harry approached, rubbing the Hippogriff's nose casually.

"Hey, there, Beaky." Harry said soothingly. "How've you been?" The Hippogriff neighed in his curious fashion. "Fancy a quick fly?" The frantic nodding made Harry laugh as he untied his favourite half-avian animal, and leapt onto his back. "Once more over the lake, dear friend?"

The Hippogriff let out a roar before charging forward. The sixteen feet wings erupted from Buckbeak's sides before the animal hurled himself into the air, racing forwards.

Ah... I've missed this. Harry thought as he extended his arms, keeping his grip on the half-horse with just his knees.

"What say we show off a little, eh, Beaky?"

Buckbeak chattered in agreement as he dove towards the lake, pulling up at the last moment to glide over the dark water, one of the animal's front claws snatching an unlucky fish from the murky depths. They pulled up, heading over the school, scaring the crap out of Argus Filch, who was on the battlements cleaning up a large pile of bird shit. He shook his fist at the rapidly retreating Hippogriff and rider.

All too soon, the ride ended, Buckbeak neatly folding his wings back to his side as he landed at a gallop, cantering back to Hagrid and the third years. They were all clapping at Harry's bravery.

Harry dismounted as Buckbeak demolished the fish, happy at the flight and seeing his friend again. Harry stroked Buckbeak's snout, crooning softly to him. "Take care of yourself, old friend." He whispered, before turning to Hagrid. "I need to speak to Dumbledore, Hagrid. Be safe, my friend."

Another bear hug, and a mouthful of Hagrid's beard later, Harry was back on the path, heading up for the inevitable confrontation.

As he passed through the Entrance Hall, he heard the clamour of hundreds of students eating. Ah, lunch. Bugger... should have waited for a bit. Although... why's Hagrid teaching a class at lunchtime?He thought back to the encounter, remembering that each of the third years wore blue and bronze. Ah, Ravenclaws... not that much of a surprise, then. Weird kids, Ravenclaws... always were. Rather be dealing with mad horses than eating. Dear god... I sound like Ron... that's not good.

He stepped into the doorway of the Great Hall, and waited to be noticed. A year ago, he'd have been shitting razor blades at the prospect of everyone looking at him. Now, he'd grown a little, matured a lot, and didn't give crap what people thought.

"Oh my god!" A high-pitched young male voice squealed. "It's Harry Potter!"

Every eye turned to him, several young ladies squealing noisily as they shot to their feet and raced towards him. Oh, bugger. He held out his hands, stopping them in their tracks.

Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Susan, Padma and Parvati. All looking delicious and adorable. All of them wanting to get into his pants and stay there, probably for the rest of their lives. And all of them wrong. "Ladies, why don't you wait for me in the Room of Requirement. I need to speak to the Headmaster before I come and see you privately."

They shot off, leaving their lunches abandoned on the table, as they raced to the Room of Requirement. I swear I'm gonna rip Dumbledore a new arsehole for this. It's got to be his fault. No-one else is this devious.

"Headmaster." He called up to the sick old man at the head table, who was watching Harry with an air of enjoyment.

"Mr. Potter. How good of you to return to us. Would you like to join us for lunch?"

"No." Harry replied in an ice-cold tone. "I need to speak to you in private, Headmaster. It's quite important."

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. "I'm busy for the next several days, Mr. Potter, but you're welcome to join us. I'm sure you'll be able to catch up with your classwork while you wait."

"Your office, now." Harry's tone was glacial. Dumbledore didn't move. "Now, Headmaster."

With a sigh, Dumbledore got to his feet, heading for a side door in the hall. Harry walked down the aisle, ignoring everyone else as they tried to welcome him back. Ron stood up, putting himself directly in Harry's path.

"You want something, Ron?" He asked, stopping in front of his ex-friend.

"Why have you come back, Potter?" Ron snapped angrily.

"Get out of my way, Weasley, or I'll be forced to move you."

Ron laughed. "You don't use magic anymore, 'Boy-Who-Lived'!" He sneered the title. "How are you gonna-" He was cut off as his nose spurted blood, Harry's fist smoothly moving back to his side, while his leg shot out, hooking the back of Ron's knee, dumping the redhead to the floor.

"Like that." Harry started walking again.

Once through the door, Harry found a staircase, which he climbed two steps at a time. He was quickly in the Headmaster's office, where the old man was sitting behind his desk, sucking on a soothing lemon drop. "Ah, come in, Harry."

"I'm already in." Harry replied, standing in front of the old man's desk. "Now, I have questions for you, Dumbledore, and I want answers. No bullshit, no hiding things from me 'for my own good'. The truth, complete and unvarnished."

Dumbledore wasn't fazed in the slightest. "I will answer what I can, Harry. Of course, there are some things I cannot reveal."

Harry sat down, keeping one hand tucked into his jacket, the cool metal of the pistol grip comforting in his hand. "I shall get straight to the point, then; why, exactly, are there now six girls lusting after me, Headmaster?" he asked. "I know, for an absolute fact, that these girls haven't just suddenly decided to become submissive bisexuals to please me, disregarding the possible exile and death that could result. So... what's the truth?"

Dumbledore's face went through a number of different poses, before it sagged into the visage of a tired old man. "In a way, Harry, they have decided to become... part of your harem, simply to please you." Dumbledore saw Harry about to object. He raised his hand. "However... the reason that they have decided to please you is that... I cast a charm on you, back in Hong Kong."

"What?" Harry was outraged, utterly outraged at the thought of Dumbledore casting unknown spells on him. I portkeyed out before anyone tagged me...

"Just before the Order members fired their stunning charms at you, I cast a... a modified compulsion charm at you. I saw it hit you, just before you portkeyed away. It would have taken effect immediately, and begun to influence the young ladies."

Harry looked confused for a moment. "A Compulsion charm would make me do something, not have girls throwing themselves at me."

"That's why I said a modified Compulsion charm, Harry." Dumbledore said dryly. "This charm works in two ways. It immediately accessed your subconscious, finding what, or in this case, who you want, then begins to... adjust them, so that they are more suitable to the host of the charm."

"So... you turned six girls into dribbling bisexuals who want to practically rape me... because of a compulsion charm? Why?" Harry's face displayed intense shock and disappointment. "For the love of god, why?"

"We need you to return to the Wizarding world, Harry. Your friends just left you behind. I couldn't let you walk away. You are needed, Mr. Potter, needed to be the weapon that defeats Voldemort. If it means that I need to enslave six teenage girls to you, then so be it. It was for the Greater Good."

"'The Greater Good'?" Harry roared, lurching to his feet. "How the fuck can enslaving people and turning them into fuck-toys for a sixteen year old kind be for the Greater Good?"

"You are the only one who can defeat Tom Riddle, Harry. Without you being in the Wizarding world, learning and fighting, we will all be killed or captured. You are the only hope for us all."

"And you haven't explained exactly why turning Ginny, Hermione, Luna, Padma, Parvati and Susan into submissive bisexuals is for the Greater Good."

Dumbledore looked a little abashed. "Well... I... I needed a way to compel you to return, Harry. Your comments with regards to your own harem seemed like a good approach. A Harem would give you something to fight for, as well as a way of relieving stress and tension."

Harry slumped in his chair, staring at Dumbledore in disbelief. "I... I didn't make those comments until after I'd left Hong Kong... How could you have plotted this out?"

There was a pause as Dumbledore gathered his thoughts. "To be perfectly honest, Harry-"

"Ah." Harry interrupted rudely. "That'll be a refreshing change. Are you sure you're capable of it?"

"It is something that almost every heterosexual male fantasises about at some point, even me, a few years ago." Dumbledore completed smoothly, as though Harry had not interrupted. "It did not seem out of the realm of possibility that you would harbour those same desires."

"It's still wrong!" Harry roared, slamming his hand down onto the desk. "What about Hestia Jones? Or Tonks? They're both affected, although it doesn't seem to be as... intense for them."

Dumbledore gave a small smile, as though proud of his work. "The level of compulsion they feel is directly related to your feelings for them. Miss Granger is obviously the most affected, since you feel most strongly about her. The other ladies will have differing amounts, but are still compelled to obey you and love you."

"And Tonks? Or Hestia? I barely know them. I've spoken to them once, maybe twice."

"You are attracted to them, if only mildly. As such, they are attracted to you, if only mildly. It was a rather clever spell, if I do say so myself."

Harry was clearly not amused. "Undo it, now. Take it off them."

Dumbledore leaned back in his chair, and sighed heavily. "I cannot, Mr. Potter. The compulsion was powerful and permanent. Those young women are yours now, to do with as you please. I never considered that it would be necessary to undo the spell."

"Then find a way!" Harry snarled. "Don't just sit here and spout shit at me, do something!"

"I cannot, Mr. Potter... and there is more. The compulsion on these young women is growing stronger every day. Each of them wants you. It will soon escalate to the point where nothing else will matter to them. They will become more... aggressive in their pursuit of you. Nothing will stop them."

Harry growled for a moment. "If I have to, I'll lock them up in a bloody convent. One each, if needs be. I won't let you screw them over like you did me!" He stood up straight. "Have you told them? Explained to them why they've been psychologically altered? That you're using them?"

"I have not." Dumbledore replied heavily. "I was hoping that you would accept their advances without it needing to be explained, either to them or to yourself."

Harry laughed, an ugly, mirthless sound. "You were hoping that I'd leap gleefully into bed with them, using them as slaves, happy to be back in the Wizarding world where you could mould me into your man, yes?" Dumbledore nodded. "You are utterly fucking unbelievable, do you know that?"

"I am prepared to do whatever is necessary, Mr. Potter, to protect the Wizarding world. In the big picture, the lives of seven people are a small price to pay for the three million wizards and witches in the world."

Harry grimaced. The bloody 'greater good' again. "You're wrong, Dumbledore. The big picture is a collage of 'little people' making up a whole. Now I need to go and explain what's happened to those girls you've neatly subverted."

"If that is your wish, Harry, I will not stop you." Dumbledore allowed magnanimously. "However, in order for you to speak to students in my school, you will need to be a fellow student. By speaking to them, you are accepting your re-admittance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." He smiled warmly. "I shall arrange for the House Elves to move your bed back into Gryffindor tower, and Professor McGonagall will be able to put together your class schedule-"

"Don't try and fuck me about!" Harry snarled, clutching the pistol tighter under his jacket. "You're in more shit than a sewage farm worker at the moment, Dumbledore. Since you've neatly buggered up everything in my life, I'm not feeling particularly charitable to you. You don't want to push me."

Before Dumbledore could come up with a retort, Harry had departed the office, racing towards the Room of Requirement as fast as his legs could carry him.

"Harry!" Six identical squeals welcomed him into the Room of Requirement, as six naked warm bodies tried to pile onto him. The scent in the air told him that they were really pleased to see him.

"Stop!" Harry commanded sharply, underestimating just how badly Dumbledore's compulsion was working on the girls. They froze instantly, looking at him peacefully. "Oh, bugger..."

"Harry?" Hermione asked, tentatively taking a step towards him. "Are you okay?"

Harry sighed. "I'm fine, Hermione. We'd better sit down." He looked the girls over. "And you should probably put some more clothes on."

The girls sat on two couches the Room of Requirement conjured up, while Harry sat on an armchair in between them. They'd conveniently ignored his suggestion of redressing.

"Hermione, I've just had a very interesting chat with Dumbledore. I asked him why six girls who'd never shown overt affection towards me or anyone else suddenly became drooling bisexuals."

"Does it matter, Harry?" Hermione asked softly. "You're here now with us. That's all that matters."

"Will you please focus?" Harry snapped. "Hermione, you're being used! You're being controlled! Dumbledore cast a compulsion charm on me which affected you. He's using you all to force me to come back and fight Voldemort!"

"You mean... you don't want us?" Hermione asked, tears coming to her eyes. "We... we're not good enough for you?"

"Slytherin's stinking scrotum, Hermione, that's not what I said! You're being used as a fuck-toy to make me fight Voldemort! Don't you care?"

All six girls were now sniffling pathetically at the prospect of being rejected. Harry looked at them, annoyed at the manipulation Dumbledore had caused. "Oh, bollocks..." He cleared his throat. "Get dressed, go to your dorms and pack up your gear. Be back here in thirty minutes. We're leaving."

They all looked at him with adoration. "Thank you, Harry." They said in unison, making Harry shiver. Jesus, that's creepy. One by one they filed past him, pressing a kiss on his cheek, or his lips if they could reach.

Okay... I guess it's time to make sure my bloody tent will fit them all. I am so not sharing a bed with them... not until this gets sorted out, anyway.

All six girls were back within fifteen minutes, a sure sign that they were eager to be... claimed by Harry. I never wanted this! I don't want submissive bitches! I want a challenging partner, not six sycophants. I'm not Dumbledore... Oh, bollocks to it. Forgot about the old bastard.


"Hmm?" She looked at him dreamily.

"Focus, Herms." Will she react to that hated name?

"Sorry, Harry."

Nope. She really is fucked in the head. "Can you check everyone in this room for tracking charms, compulsion charms, or anything else?"

Hermione didn't move. She just kept staring at Harry.

"Hermione! Now."

Her wand was in hand before he'd finished speaking as she cast diagnostic charms on everyone. Harry, although he hadn't picked up his wand for almost a year, could easily read the floating report. Sweet Jesus, that's a lot of charms. On each girl were multiple tracking charms, also on their wands, a compulsion to report to Dumbledore at prearranged times, and several fertility charms. That's insidious! Although from a tactical viewpoint, rather clever. I get my Harem, get them all pregnant, and Dumbledore can just control them. Layers upon layers. Bloody hell.

"Hermione, dispel everything. Where we're going, we don't want to be tracked." Harry commanded sharply, making Hermione rush forward, wand flickering like lightning. I hope that when she wipes out those compulsions, they'll be a little more normal in the head. He chuckled to himself. I doubt it, though. If I didn't have bad luck... I wouldn't have no luck at all.

"It's clear, Harry." Hermione reported adoringly. "What's your command?"

I hate this. I really bloody do. "Shrink your trunks, put them in your pockets. Then make sure you grab onto me. I only have one Portkey, and it's too small for everyone to grab hold of."

Every eye dropped down to Harry's crotch, making him squirm in embarrassment. "Eyes up!" He ordered sharply. They obeyed instantly. Naturally.

"Have we upset you, Harry?" Susan asked, stepping closer and dropping her eyes. "Please, tell us."

"Don't..." Harry moaned. "I don't know how to deal with this. Just... just shrink your trunks, please."

As the girls carried out his request, the door to the Room of Requirement burst open, revealing Ron Weasley and Albus Dumbledore.

"Shields!" Harry commanded sharply, blinking when six powerful Protego shields appeared round him. If you wasn't for the fact that this is wrong and completely against my personal morals, it would actually be kinda cool.

"What are you doing here, Potter?" Ron snapped. "Ginny, get away from him! He's dangerous!" He looked over the rest of the girls. "Hermione? What are you doing with him?"

"They're coming with me, Weasley." Harry replied calmly. "They don't want to stay here without me, do you ladies?"

"No." All six replied in unison.

"What have you done to them, Potter?" Ron shouted, drawing his wand. "This must be Dark magic!"

Harry laughed, outraged. "I? You think I had something to do with this? Blame the old meddling bastard behind you. He's the one that performed the rather impressive brain-fuck on the lovely ladies."

Dumbledore stepped forward, pulling his wand from his sleeve. "I'm afraid I can't let you leave, Harry. Now that you've returned, we'll be able to begin your training to defeat Voldemort. Your girls will be with you."

Harry chuckled again. "Oh, they'll be with me, all right. But we won't be here. Grab on!"

One by one, the girls stepped backwards, placing a hand on his shoulder, his arm, and in Luna's case, his bottom, keeping their wands raised to keep the shields up.

"Think about this, Harry." Dumbledore pleaded. "You are needed. The whole world depends on you. Can't you see that leaving is wrong? You're condemning everyone, just for your own selfish desires!"

"Activate!" Harry commanded sharply, jabbing his thumb onto his watch, triggering the goblin-made Portkey, whisking all seven abused people away from Hogwarts. The last sound Harry heard as they dematerialised was Ron's outraged howl.