Haha. 2nd XMAS drabble. I'm on a ROLL! 83

No. of words: 153
Disclaimer: Hoshika doesn't own Pokemon. 'nuff said.
Warning: Some yaoi and OOC-ness. D:

Just incase you didn't know...Shinji Paul, Hyouta Roark, Denzi Volkner for all you dub watchers. (I watch the dub too, but I usually stick with original names.)

Shinji remembered that one Christmas eve…

Everyone was having the time of their lives, dancing to the jolly jingles and singing their hearts out. Shinji sat along the sidelines, checking his pokeballs with his pokedex. At times, people would ask him to dance with them, but he reluctantly refused all requests.

"I had so much fun Denzi! I love you."

Shinji looked ahead to see Hyouta…with him.

Shinji growled, walking past the couple aggressively. "Stupid gym leader…" He murmured. When he was out of sight, he hid behind a wall. Shinji clenched his chest and groaned at the pain. He couldn't get Hyouta out of his head; those eyes, that smile, that soothing voice…who wouldn't fall for him?

"I…" He cringed as he whispered to himself, "…love you…"

"I love you too."

Shinji gasped, "H-Hyouta---", before being cut off by Hyouta's lips, passionately clashing with his.


No wonder Shinji was so jealous.

Lol. I think the end was...a little weird, but anyways.