chapter 1 missing

One day a strange woman came knocking on my door I did't know if I should open the door because I was home alone so I didn't. Later on that night when I was in my bed and then the strange woman knocked on the door again . this time my mom was home so she answered the door.

Next thing I know I hear screaming. I don't say anything and I don't move. I'm scared. Next I hear gunshots that is when I get really scared. Now I really don't move. Then I hear the door slam. I think she's gone so I go down stairs. I see my mom on the floor. Then out of nowhere the strange woman pops out from the corner and grabs me. She says be quiet or I'll shoot you like your poor mother over there.

She grabs me and asks me if anyone else is in the house I say no. Next thing I know we are in some strange place. I am all tied up. It is all dark so I can't see where we are. Then the strange woman comes up to me at gun point and says be quiet or you'll die.

to be continued...