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With a weary sigh, Kurama climbed the stairs to his apartment. As glad as he was to be home, he wasn't looking forward to another night alone. He'd lost count of the number of months Hiei had been away this time. 'Five, I think.' Reaching for his keys, there was an unexpected tingling along the back of his neck. 'Hiei.' Almost afraid to get his hopes up, Kurama unlocked his apartment and went inside.

Seeing the light in the kitchen was on, Kurama shook his head. 'He must have been hungry.' Toeing off his shoes, Kurama set his keys and briefcase on the entry table and stepped into a pair of slippers. As he turned to go to the bedroom, Hiei came out to greet him. "You're late Fox. When you didn't come home I had to feed myself."

Disappointed at his reception, Kurama raised an elegant red brow. "You've been gone five months and have the nerve to criticize me for being an hour late? Welcome home to you too Hiei."

Annoyed, Kurama walked past Hiei and went into the kitchen. Quietly, Kurama assessed the mess Hiei had left there. Dried ramen noodles were scattered on the counter next to the empty packages. There was a dirty pot on the stove and a bowl at the table that held the shriveled remains of his meal.

Though he knew he'd screwed up, Hiei remained silent as Kurama cleaned up the kitchen. When Kurama finished and reached to turn off the light, Hiei looked at him curiously. "Aren't you going to eat Fox?"

Red hair swayed as Kurama shook his head. "I'm not hungry."

As the kitchen light went out, Hiei rolled his eyes. 'Great! He's sulking.' Seeing the slump of Kurama's shoulders, Hiei sighed and silently admitted that he was probably to blame. Following Kurama to the bedroom, Hiei knew one sure fire way to get Kurama into a better mood. Grabbing Kurama's arm, Hiei spun him around and pulled him into his arms. "Damn it Hiei…"

Grabbing Kurama by a forelock, Hiei pulled him down and captured his lips preventing further protest. Kurama struggled for a moment before his resolve began to slip. Before long Kurama had wrapped his arms around Hiei and parted his lips, accepting his lover's silent apology. Holding Kurama tight, Hiei plundered his mouth before allowing his lips to kiss their way to the redhead's sensitive neck. With a smirk, Hiei tormented his fox's favorite spot with kisses and nips until Kurama was panting and moaning. "Hiei."

That was the signal Hiei had been waiting for before pushing Kurama's suit coat from his shoulders, sliding off his tie and reaching for the buttons of his dress shirt. By the time Hiei reached for Kurama's belt he'd maneuvered his lover to the edge of the bed. As soon as his slacks had been pushed past his hips, Kurama found himself on the bed. Eagerly, Hiei's mouth went straight for his erection causing Kurama to grip the covers and cry out. "HIEI, YES! Gods Koibito, I've missed you so much!"

Though Hiei had been a novice in the art of pleasure when they had become lovers five years ago, he'd been a quick learner and Kurama had never been disappointed. Now the fire demon's talented mouth and fingers had Kurama panting and begging for more. Much to Kurama's frustration and delight, Hiei denied him his release as he moved away to shed his clothes.

Leaning up on his elbows, Kurama smiled in appreciation of the sexy display of flesh being bared for his enjoyment. When they had met almost fifteen years ago, Hiei had been young by demon standards. For a number of years Kurama had despaired that his partner, and secret crush, would ever grow into an adult form but would forever retain the appearance of young child. Much to his pleasure, Hiei had had a growth spurt a few years later and was now as tall as he was in his human form.

Long legs topped by a slender, yet muscular, torso made Hiei a very sexy demon by Kurama's standards. Hell by anyone's standards judging from the looks Hiei received. Jealous that anyone else might have looked and perhaps touched his beautiful Fire-Baby, Kurama growled and reached for his lover. "Please Hiei, I need you."

Giving Kurama's cock a teasing lick, Hiei nibbled his way up his body until he could claim his lover's pouty lips in a fierce kiss. Kurama was forced to pull his lips away to cry out when Hiei claimed his body in one swift thrust. Hiei paused only a moment for Kurama to catch his breath before he began moving inside his lover. Kurama however was ready, and raising his legs, wrapped them around Hiei's waist. "Harder Koi! Gods Hiei it's been so long!"

Complying with his lover's wishes, Hiei took him fast and hard, unerringly hitting Kurama's secret pleasure zone with each thrust. Needy whimpers and throaty moans filled the air as they made love. Wanting to watch Kurama's pleasure, Hiei rolled them until the redhead was above him, straddling his hips. Whether it was for Hiei's pleasure or his own, the fire demon didn't know, but he enjoyed it none the less as the redhead rose up on his knees and rode Hiei wantonly as he touched himself.

As long fingers swirled and tweaked his own nipples, Kurama's lips parted in a tormented sigh. When those same fingers caressed along his body then wrapped around his own erection, Kurama gave a guttural cry. "Oh Hiei, you feel so good inside me! Koibito, I can't take much more! PLEASE, FINISH ME!"

Excited by his beautiful fox begging for release, Hiei tossed him to the bed and drove into him unmercifully. When Hiei finally reached for his erection Kurama bucked wildly. Beyond words, Kurama clung to Hiei as their pleasure spiraled out of control. For a brief moment the world stopped as they reached their climax together, then collapsed in each other's arms.

Hiei held Kurama until their breathing returned to normal. He then settled Kurama on the bed before rising to go into the bathroom. When he returned, Hiei used a warm wet towel to clean them both up. Tossing it onto the laundry hamper, Hiei crawled back in bed with Kurama. With a sigh, Kurama cuddled against him. "Sex won't fix everything Hiei."

Hiei rubbed Kurama's back and sighed. "No, but it beats fighting any day."

Wearily, Kurama chuckled. "I'll have to agree with you there Koi. I love you Hiei. I'm glad you're here with me."

Already almost asleep, Hiei whispered back through a yawn. "Me too Fox."

As Hiei drifted off to sleep, Kurama couldn't help but wonder which of his comments the fire demon was agreeing to. Whether Hiei really still loved him or was he just glad to be there so he could sleep with him. Some how Kurama couldn't help but think it was only the latter.

Stretching his weary muscles, Kurama refused to open his eyes and greet the morning as he tried to cling to the bliss of the previous night. Only a few hours after Hiei had made love to him, Kurama woke and proceeded to make love to his beloved fire demon. As was their habit, Kurama had allowed Hiei to take charge of sating their initial lust after their long separation. Later however, Hiei lay back and enjoyed as he turned all control over to Kurama, allowing the redhead's warm mouth and gentle hands to soothe and pleasure him as his fox made slow, passionate love to him.

Now, as the sun streamed through the window, Kurama knew it was time to face what he feared would be a morning filled with heart ache. Sitting up, he looked around, happy at least to see that Hiei's clothes were still there. Hearing the shower, Kurama rose and went to the closet for a robe. By the time he had it tied, Hiei was coming out of the bathroom. "Good morning Koi."

When his warm smile was greeted with only a grunted "Morning Fox", Kurama sighed and decided to attempt a kiss. This too was received without much enthusiasm on Hiei's part. Discouraged, Kurama watched as Hiei dressed. When Hiei reached for his boots, Kurama knew he was leaving. "Hiei, not again. You said you were going to take leave this time so we could spend some time together."

Putting on his cloak, Hiei sighed. "I can't right now Fox. There's an important meeting I need to attend this afternoon. If I'm lucky it will only last a week."

Annoyed, Kurama turned on him. "When do I become important enough for you to make time for Hiei?"

Red eyes looked at him disbelievingly. "What the hell do you call last night Fox?"

Kurama growled. "SEX! That's what I call last night! If that's all you want from me then why don't you find a whore to service you in Makai? It would sure be a hell of a lot more convenient for both of us!"

Brought up short by Kurama's suggestion, Hiei paused a moment before answering. "Are you saying you don't want me anymore Fox?"

With a weary sigh, Kurama sat on the bed. "I'm saying the same thing I've said for the last two years Hiei. You know I wanted more than sex from this relationship. I thought we both did. Apparently I was wrong."

Hiei sighed impatiently. "Damn it Fox, you knew from the beginning how important my work is and how demanding my training is. I do want more than sex but I can't just drop everything to spend time with you."

Sighing sadly, Kurama looked away from him. "Mukuro, Yukina, your work, your training, your meetings, your army, everything is more important to you than me. If you really wanted me as your mate, the way you once said, then I should be important too. I'm your lover Hiei and I don't even rank in the top five."

Trying to control his temper, Hiei turned and paced. "I'm here aren't I? Doesn't that mean something? If it's so damn important to you then why don't you come to Alaric instead of waiting here for me?"

Kurama laughed bitterly. "I've been to Alaric five times in the last year Hiei. Three times I waited days for you to show up, then you slept with me and were gone again. The other two times I didn't even get to see you at all."

Ruby eyes widened realizing the truth of Kurama's words. "Fox…"

Hiei jumped as he was cut off when Kurama suddenly growled. "My name is KURAMA! Do you realize that you haven't said my name even once in the last year? Not even when we made love. Hell, at this point I'd even settle for Shuuichi, but I'm sick of you calling me Fox."

Stunned, Hiei just stared at him a moment. "If it bothered you so much you should have said something. You haven't heard me complain when you call me Koi, Koibito, Fire-Fly or even Fire-Baby."

Hiei's voice was dripping with contempt when he said 'Fire-Baby'. Looking at Kurama, Hiei saw his anger fade and sadness fill his green eyes. "Those are endearments Hiei. I say them with love. When you growl 'Fox' at me, it sounds more condescending then endearing. In fact you I can't remember you ever saying anything endearing to me and you haven't said you loved me in so long I can't even remember the last time you did."

Shocked, Hiei considered Kurama's words before reaching out. "Kurama, I…"

When Kurama almost flinched away from his outstretched hand, Hiei paused. "It's too late for that Hiei. I was hoping we could talk and work things out, but it's painfully obvious that that isn't going to happen. I think it's best if you leave."

At Kurama's dismissal, Hiei felt as if the floor had just dropped out from under him. They had argued many times in the past but they had always managed to kiss and make up. Hiei was suddenly afraid that this wasn't going to end with a kiss. When he finally spoke his voice was soft and unsure. "I've got this meeting to deal with but I'll be back in a week or so."

Trying to remain calm, Kurama drew a deep breath before he raised his eyes to meet Hiei's worried gaze. "Don't bother. I won't be here waiting for you anymore. I'll pack your things and leave them with Yukina."

Hiei felt as if he was going to be sick and his heart was pounding so hard he thought it would jump right out of his chest. "Kurama, when I get back…"

Rising from the bed, Kurama picked up Hiei's katana and held it out to him. "It's over Hiei. The only thing left to say is goodbye."

Trying not to let Kurama see how bad his hand was shaking, Hiei roughly grabbed his katana and flitted out the window without a word. With his heart breaking, Kurama sat on the bed and tried not to cry.

A week later, the meetings Hiei had been obliged to attend were finally over and he was telling Mukuro he was taking leave. "I don't know how long I'll be gone. I have a few things I need to work out."

Mukuro grunted. "Like hell you're taking leave. I need you to…"

Hiei growled. "This isn't negotiable Mukuro! I've been working my ass off and neglecting my fo… Kurama! I may have already lost him. So whether you like it or not, I'm leaving. I have to try to make it up to him."

When Hiei turned to walk out, Mukuro shouted after him. Hiei however ignored her and left Alaric without looking back.

It was early afternoon when Hiei reached the Ningenkai. Knowing Kurama would probably be at work, Hiei stopped at the temple to visit Yukina. Seeing him Yukina rushed into his arms for a hug. "Brother, are you alright? I've been so worried ever since Kurama came by with your things. He wouldn't tell me what happened, just that the two of you had broken up."

Hiei knew he shouldn't have been surprised, Kurama had said he would pack his things and leave them with Yukina. He hadn't expected the fox to do it so quickly though. "Don't worry Yukina. I took leave so I could come work things out with Kurama."

Giving him a gentle smile, Yukina sighed. "Oh, I'm so glad. Though he tried to hide it I could see how upset Kurama was. I know you two can work this out. You belong together."

After reassuring her again, Hiei left the temple. An hour later Hiei was perched in the tree outside the apartment. Pushing on the bedroom window, Hiei was surprised to find it locked. In all the years they had known each other, Hiei had never once found Kurama's window locked against him.

Annoyed, Hiei briefly glanced through the window with the intention of breaking in if he had to. What he saw there however brought him up short. The bedroom was completely empty. Through the open bedroom door, Hiei could see that the entire apartment had been vacated. Deftly dropping down from the tree, Hiei flitted in the direction of Kurama's office.

Kurama was just packing his briefcase to leave work when he felt Hiei's ki. Not sure he was ready to face his lover… ex-lover yet, Kurama sat back at his desk, trying to decide what to do. Just then one of his coworkers poked his head into his office. "Hey Shuuichi, I thought you were leaving? If you're not in a hurry to get home, maybe we could go have a drink?"

The man, Yoshi, worked just down the hall. He had transferred from their Kyoto office several months ago. Almost immediately he had expressed an interest in his redheaded coworker. Yoshi had asked Kurama out on more than one occasion. Up until now Kurama had politely declined, even telling Yoshi that he already had a boyfriend. Feeling only the slightest twinge of guilt for how he was about to use the man, Kurama smiled at him. "Actually, that sounds great Yoshi, but why don't we make it dinner?"

Pleased with the turn of events, Yoshi smiled. "It's a date."

Hiei was pleased to see all the people leaving Kurama's office building. That meant that his fox would be leaving soon too. As Hiei waited in a nearby tree, the number of people began to dwindle. Feeling Kurama's ki still within the building, Hiei hoped he wasn't held up in another late meeting. After a few minutes, he felt Kurama's ki moving closer.

Anxiously watching the door, Hiei was about to jump down when he saw Kurama exit the building with a tall dark haired man. He froze when he saw Kurama's beautiful smile, the one that was usually reserved only for him, directed at the man. Hiei could only watch in shock as Kurama rested his hand affectionately on the man's back, then lean close as if to whisper something in his ear. The dark haired man gave Kurama a wicked grin before slipping his arm around the redhead's waist.

Hiei waited, but Kurama didn't pull away from the touch but instead allowed his own arm to curve around the man's back. In shock, Hiei followed them down the street until they reached a small restaurant. Ever the gentleman, Kurama reached out to hold the door for his companion.

Before following the man inside, Kurama paused and turned to look at where Hiei was standing in the shadows of the next building. Hiei's blood ran cold at the indifferent stare Kurama gave him before turning away to enter the restaurant. That one look told Hiei everything he needed to know. Kurama had meant it when he said he wouldn't be waiting for him to return. He'd meant it when he'd said it was over, and there really was only one thing left to say. "Goodbye Kurama."