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Epilog - 5 years later

Finishing his work in the lab, Kurama headed back to his office. Passing by is stepfather's office, Kurama stopped for a moment. "Father, did Mother talk to you about this weekend?"

Looking up from his desk, Kazuya smiled. "Yes, she said you and Hiei had invited us all over for a barbeque on Saturday. We're looking forward to spending some time with our whole family."

Kurama smiled. "I thought it would be a nice way to welcome Kayla to the family. Mother says she and Shuuichi get back from their honeymoon on Friday. I sure hope that means my secretary will be back at work on Monday. She may be my brother's wife, but he has to share her with me Monday through Friday."

Rising from his desk, Kazuya peered around the corner to where a rather frazzled looking, middle aged woman sat at Kayla's desk outside Kurama's office. "As competent as I'm sure Ms. Hahn is, I think perhaps your busy work load might just be a little much for her."

Both men cringed as the woman in question dropped the phone as she reached for a pen. Grabbing for the phone, she proceeded to knock over the reports Kurama had left her to have sent out to the printers. Giving his stepfather a solemn look, Kurama nodded. "Yes Father, I believe you're right. In fact, after this eye opener, I may have to consider giving Kayla a raise."

When Ms. Hahn banged her head as she bent over to retrieve the reports, Kazuya chuckled. "You'd better make it a big raise."

Deciding his temporary secretary needed assistance, Kurama hurried to her aid. When she looked up and saw who was helping her, Ms. Hahn began apologizing. "Oh Mr. Minamino, I'm so sorry. I'm not usually such a klutz, but this rather rude man on the phone was yelling at me that you weren't answering your cell phone and I just got all flustered."

Quickly setting his report in order, Kurama placed it back on the desk. "Not to worry Ms. Hahn, no harm done. Now tell me, who was rude to you on the phone?"

Sitting at her desk, Ms. Hahn searched through the papers there. "I took his name down. Eyor or Heeya or something."


Finding her note, the woman smiled. "Yes Hiei, that was his name. He seemed quite upset when I told him you were in the lab, but that I could take a message. He muttered something about stupid foxes and their plants."

Kurama gave a nervous laugh. "Yes, that would be my Hiei. Ms. Hahn, I apologize for my husband's rudeness. He doesn't usually call the office but I'm afraid I turned my cell phone off while I was in the lab."

The woman's eyes rounded at Kurama's words. "Your… husband… Mr. Minamino? Oh… I see… I didn't know."

Giving the woman a beautiful smile, Kurama's evil side was enjoying her discomfort. "If you'll excuse me, I'll go call him back."

Calling the karate studio, Kurama was surprised when Hiei answered on the first ring. "Kurama!"

At the urgency in Hiei's voice, Kurama frowned. "I'm here Hiei, what's wrong?"

There was the briefest pause before Hiei spoke. "Can you come down here Fox? I need your help with one of my students."

Surprised by the request, Kurama frowned. "Of course Hiei, I'll be right there."

Going to the outer office, Kurama quickly told Ms. Hahn to cancel his afternoon. He then told his stepfather that Hiei needed him before he left. Half an hour later Kurama arrived at the karate studio to find Hiei teaching class. Slipping into Hiei's office, Kurama changed into training clothes before going out to join his mate.

Familiar with their sensei's partner joining them, the class got excited at Kurama's appearance. Smiling at the class, Kurama waited for Hiei's instructions. Calling the class back to order, Hiei addressed them. "Alright Little Warriors, calm down. Since we have a new student, Mr. Kurama has come to work with him today. Shane, this is my partner, Kurama."

At Hiei's announcement a boy with shoulder length light brown hair rolled his bright blue eyes in annoyance. Glancing at Hiei, Kurama saw a look in his mate's eyes that said there was more here than meets the eye. Turning to the boy, Kurama smiled. "Why don't we go to the testing room and get started Shane."

Going to the room he'd indicated, Kurama held the door for Shane. Kurama smiled at the indifferent stare the boy gave him but what he felt as the boy passed made the redhead gasp. Glancing back at Hiei, Kurama saw the fire demon smirk. Turning to Shane, Kurama saw him looking around annoyed. "Don't waste your time Pretty Boy. Believe me, there's nothing a weakling like you can teach someone like me."

Slowly circling Shane, Kurama smirked. "The first thing I'd like to teach you Shane is to never underestimate your opponent."

As he spoke, Kurama allowed his spirit energy to rise. It only took Shane a second to recognize what he felt and spin around to face him. "You're a demon!"

Allowing his amusement to show, Kurama grinned. "Yes, and so are you. Why don't we have a seat while you tell me how you ended up in a ningen juvenile facility."

Kneeling on the mat, Kurama waited as Shane begrudgingly joined him. "Stupid humans! How the hell is a demon supposed to survive in this horrid place without food? There was no edible vegetation around here so I had to hunt. It was just a stupid cat, I don't see what all the fuss was about."

Thinking of how horrified Kuwabara would be, Kurama nodded. "I see. Well Shane, unfortunately to humans cats are not food, but pets and to some they are even members of the family. How did you get to the Ningenkai and where are your parents?"

Shane looked away uncomfortable. "My dad was hunted down and killed over a year ago because it's believed that eating the heart or drinking the blood of a demon like him will give you power. Afraid the same would happen to me, my mom tried to hide me. A few weeks ago we were discovered. She was wounded protecting me but before she died, she opened a portal and sent me here. I haven't been able to get back."

Hearing the sadness in the boy's voice, Kurama's heart went out to him. Looking at Shane, Kurama figured the young demon was about eight years old. To a human however, he might appear to be a few years older. That's probably why he was in a juvenile facility instead of a foster home. "So your father was of unicorn descent. They were so widely hunted centuries ago that I thought they were extinct. It would be very dangerous for you to return to Makai alone, at least until you are grown. It will also be hard for you to remain here unless you have a sponsor. If you will allow us to, my mate and I might be able to help you."

Shane regarded Kurama carefully. Kurama could see that the boy wanted to trust him. "Shane, my friends and I often help peaceful demons immigrate to the Ningenkai. We also have friends in high places in Makai. I promise, you can trust us."

When Shane spoke again, his voice cracked with emotion. "My parents couldn't protect themselves let alone me. What makes you think you and your friends can?"

Through the window of the testing room, Kurama could see Hiei watching them as he talking to Yusuke. The class was on a short break. Waving them over, he waited until his mate and friend were in the room before answering Shane's question. "Since you've been living in Makai Shane, perhaps you've heard of us. My mate Hiei is Lord Mukuro's former heir. This is my friend Yusuke, he is Lord Yusuke, ruler of Tourin. As for me, I am Yoko Kurama, Makai's greatest thief. Of the three of us, I am the weakest and I am a high S-class demon. I assure you, we are more than capable of protecting one small boy."

As each of them was introduced, Hiei and Yusuke each flared their energy. By now all of Shane's former bravado had faded away. What knelt before Kurama now was nothing more than a scared little boy. Sensing his need for comfort, Kurama held a hand out to him. With a strangled cry, Shane rushed into his arms. Leaving Kurama to take care of the boy, Hiei and Yusuke went to distract the class.

Gently, Kurama rubbed Shane's back as he tried to soothe him. "It's alright Shane. You're not alone any more. I need you to be strong for a little while longer though. Hiei, Yusuke and I have to make a few arrangements. For now you'll have to go back with the other boys. I promise, as soon as I can, I'll get you out of there."

Giving Kurama one last squeeze, Shane drew a deep breath and pulled away. Seeing the boy square his shoulders, Kurama smiled. "I don't know how long this will take, but if you're good they allow all the boys to come here to train with Hiei twice a week. Today is Tuesday so Hiei and I will be expecting you on Thursday. Will you be alright until then?"

Shane nodded. "Of course."

There was a little time left before class was over so Kurama and Shane pretended to work on punching and blocking until it was time for the boys to leave. After he was gone, Kurama told Hiei and Yusuke Shane's story. When he finished, Yusuke sighed. "Damn, that poor kid can't catch a break. Let me just go tell Keiko what's going on and we'll go see Koenma. The first order of business is to get him out of juvie, then we'll see what we can do for him."

After Yusuke left, Kurama looked at Hiei. Knowing what his mate needed, Hiei just held out his arms. The moment Hiei's strong arms wrapped around him, Kurama relaxed. "Oh Hiei, I hate that I had to make him go back but we have to go through the proper channels to get him out."

Pulling back a little, Kurama reached for the phone. Hiei just watched as Kurama called his stepfather. First he told him that he needed to take the rest of the week off. Then he asked Kazuya to make him an appointment with the family attorney. When he hung up, the two demons quietly talked as they changed out of their training clothes. The minute Yusuke returned they all headed to Reikai.

It was Saturday morning and Kurama was in the kitchen making a fruit salad. When the door bell rang, he smiled and called out the back door. "Hiei, they're here."

Going to the door, Kurama smiled at his family. "Welcome, everyone. Come on in."

After receiving a hug from his mother, Kurama excitedly swept Kayla into his arms. "Kayla, I'm so glad you're back. I can't tell you how much I missed you at work the last two weeks."

A little surprised, Kayla tentatively returned his hug. "Oh Mr. Min…" At Kurama's frown, Kayla amended. "I mean Shuuichi. Did things not work out with Ms. Hahn? She came highly recommended from the secretarial pool."

Kurama shook his head. "She was adequate, but you are by far the best secretary ever."

Glancing at her new brother-in-law Kayla blushed. "I'm so glad to hear that. Maybe this would be a good time to ask for a raise."

Kurama smiled. "Done! In fact, I've already submitted the paperwork, so it should appear on your next check."

Turning to his brother, Kurama put an arm around his shoulders. "How about you Little Brother? The honeymoon is over so you'd better be ready to finally start work on Monday."

Returning Kurama's hug, Shuuichi smiled. "Speaking of which, I need to thank you and Hiei for the great honeymoon. Hawaii was awesome."

Behind them Hiei grunted. "I personally don't understand the appeal of laying around in the sun half naked."

Shuuichi grinned. "That's because you've never seen my beautiful wife in a bikini Hiei."

As Hiei rolled his eyes, something behind him caught everyone's attention. Raising an eyebrow, Shiori glanced at Kurama. "What do we have here Shuuichi? Are you going to introduce your young friend?"

Nervously, Shane hung back, peeking around Hiei for a better look at the strangers. Seeing his unease, Kurama held out a hand to him. "Shane, I'd like you to meet my family. This is my mother, Shiori. My father, Kazuya. My brother, Shuuichi and his new wife Kayla. Everyone, we'd like you to meet Shane, Hiei's nephew."

Shiori's eyes went wide. "I didn't know Yukina had a son. I thought she had all girls."

With a hand on Shane's shoulder, Kurama nodded. "Yes Mother, that's correct. Actually, Shane is the son of Hiei's half brother. We only learned about him recently. You see, Shane's parents were killed in an accident a few weeks ago. Since Hiei is his closest living relative, Shane will be living with us now."

Amazed, Shane listened as the lie slipped so easily from the redhead's tongue. Kazuya sighed. "When you took off work this week and needed an attorney, your mother and I were worried. You're a lucky boy Shane, you couldn't ask for better guardians than Hiei and my son."

Going to him, Shiori held a hand out to Shane. Hesitantly, he reached out and placed his hand in hers. "Kazuya's right Shane. My boys will take good care of you. I hope you'll think of us as you family now too. I would be honored if you would call me Grandma Shiori."

Shocked, Shane looked up at Kurama. Seeing a smile in the green eyes he had quickly learned to trust, Shane smiled at Shiori. "Thank you Grandma Shiori."

Hiei and Kurama each had a hand on one of Shane's shoulders as he got to know his new family. The previous day he'd been welcomed with open arms by his new aunt's, uncles and cousins at the temple.

Hours later, after the barbeque was over and everyone had gone home, Shane sat in bed in his new room as Kurama sat on the edge and tucked him in. "You've had a busy few days Shane. I was thinking, tomorrow we'll take some time, just you, me and Hiei, and get to know each other better. Then next week we'll go shopping and get you some clothes, toys and a few things for your room. How does that sound?"

Seeing Hiei come in, Shane smiled. "Will you really train me to be as strong as both of you?"

Standing behind Kurama, Hiei grunted. "Hn, of course. My Fox will probably make you go to school too, but we'll still have lots of time to train."

Kurama smiled. "I think for now Hiei, it would be best if we home schooled him. He will need to learn very different things to survive in Makai than they would teach him in a ningen school."

Seeing fear flash in Shane's eyes, Kurama smiled at him reassuringly. "Don't worry Shane. Hiei and I will be with you when you go to Makai. We make regular visits there too, so even though it may be years before we move home, it shouldn't be too scary."

Shane was visibly relieved. Looking at them he seemed to hesitate before he spoke again. "Why are you guys doing all this for me? You didn't even know me a week ago."

Kurama's gaze was loving as he glanced up at Hiei before answering. "Hiei and I have been mated for five years. It's only natural being mated so long, for us to wish we were able to have a child. As two males, the only way that will ever happen is if we adopt. Being demons, we resigned ourselves that we would wait until we returned to Makai so our child could be a demon. Then suddenly there you were. As a demon child seeking sanctuary in the Ningenkai, it makes you the perfect child for us to adopt now."

Hiei rested his hands on Kurama's shoulders. "Making you my nephew was the easiest way to get you out of that ningen facility. You can remain our nephew or, when you're ready, we could adopt you and become your parents."

Shane's eyes widened. "I really miss my parents, but I like you guys too. So maybe we could talk about this again later?"

Smiling, Kurama nodded. "We won't pressure you Shane. If and when you're ever ready, you just let us know. Either way, we're just glad you're here. Now let's get you tucked in, it's getting late."

When Shane didn't lay right down, Kurama raised an eyebrow. Shyly, Shane looked at him. "Because we moved around a lot I never had a real home like this. My mom always saw to it that I had a decent place to sleep though. She'd tuck me in and give me a… hug."

Kurama grinned. "I'm a grown man and I still like getting hugs from my mother. I'm not your mother Shane, but I'd love to hug you goodnight."

When Shane threw himself into his arms, Kurama was reminded of just how young the demon was. Rubbing his back, Kurama whispered in his ear. "You know Shane, since Hiei and I have never been parents before, I'd really appreciate it if you let us know if there's anything we forget or do wrong."

Though he never openly showed affection for anyone accept Kurama and Yukina, Hiei reached out to stroke the boy's hair. "With your help Shane, we'll do our best to be good parents."

Glancing up from Kurama's shoulder, Shane smiled at Hiei. "Okay."


As Kurama finished packing the last kitchen box, the phone rang. Just as he reached for it he heard the front door open. "Jagonshi-Minamino residence."

A rather teary voiced young woman on the other end asked for Shane. Just then Shane, with his arm around Kyoto Urameshi came into the kitchen. Smiling at his son and godson, Kurama gestured to the phone. "Yasmine, let me see if Shane is home yet."

When Shane heard his ex-girlfriend's name he quickly shook his head, giving Kurama a pleading look. Shaking his head, Kurama covered for him. "No, I'm sorry Yasmine, Shane's not here. Yes, I'll tell him you called."

As Kurama hung up, Shane sighed. "Thanks Papa. I don't think I could have handled any more of her dramatics."

Kyoto rolled his eyes. "Sha, you broke up with her months ago. When's she going to get it that it's me you really love?"

Kurama's eyes widened. "You told her about the two of you?"

With a guilty look, Shane nodded. "She just wouldn't stop trying to get me to take her back, so Kyo and I kind of let her catch us making out one day. Now she thinks it's her mission to save me from the evil punk that's trying to corrupt me."

With a chuckle, Kurama glanced at Kyoto. "Guess she doesn't know that you're under age and that it's my sweet innocent Shane that's the cradle robber. I guess even after all these years the Urameshi name is hard to live down."

Shane gave Kurama a shocked look. "The Urameshi name! How hard do you think it was living down the Minamino name? I never knew that when you and dad adopted me and my name became Shane Jagonshi-Minamino that it would haunt me when you finally let me go to high school. Do you know how disturbing it was to have my math teacher look at me with big hearts in her eyes and ask me, 'Are you Shuuichi Minamino's son? Could you get me a date with him?'."

At Shane's dramatic reenactment in a girly voice, Kyoto nearly fell over laughing. Kurama smiled and shook his head. "What did you tell her?"

Kurama got nervous at the mischievous sparkle in his son's eyes. "I told her I didn't think my father would like it if I set his husband up on a date with one of my teachers."

By now Kyoto was laughing so hard he was using the counter to hold him up. Kurama shook his head and then chuckled. "I wondered why Alia Yuno wouldn't look me in the eye at your school conference. She used to have the biggest crush on me in high school."

Kyoto finally got control of himself. "When they see Sha pick me up from school, the teachers can't believe the famous Minamino's are friends with a Urameshi. I'm always hearing about Sha's father and what a perfect student you were Uncle Kurama."

Moving the box off the counter to join the others in the corner, Kurama smiled. "Just wait until we get to Makai Shane. Not only are you Yoko Kurama's son but also Hiei Jagonshi's. As for you Kyoto, even if Yusuke wasn't the new leader of Makai, he's still one of the most powerful, as well as one of the most famous demons ever."

Kyoto rolled his eyes. "Yeah I know, that's why I'm going to hide out at your place most of the time Uncle Kurama."

Kurama grinned. "It wouldn't have anything to do with Shane being there would it?"

Giving his boyfriend a lecherous look, Kyoto grinned. "Well, maybe a little."

Feigning shock, Shane chased Kyoto upstairs. "Only a little? We'll just have to see about that!"

Laughing, Kurama called up to them. "Hey, no fooling around you guys! Shane, finish packing your things. Hiei will be home soon."

As he finished speaking, Hiei came down the stairs. "Do you really think anything will get done with both of them up there?"

As if he didn't expect an answer, Hiei leaned in for a kiss. Kurama immediately wrapped his arms around Hiei and kissed him back. When they finally pulled apart, Kurama laughed. "It's a good thing I'm almost done because we're not getting much done down here either."

When the phone rang, Hiei went to the fridge for a drink as Kurama answered it. "Jagonshi-Minamino residence… Oh hi Shuuichi… Yes, the realtor said we could sign the papers on Mom and Dad's house at the same time as we do the ones on this house… We'll meet you there at two tomorrow… Say hello to Kayla and the kids… Bye."

When Kurama hung up the phone, Hiei could see the strain his lover was feeling. Moving closer, Hiei rubbed his back. "It's almost over Kurama."

Trying to smile, Kurama nodded. "I know Hiei. I thought it was almost over when their funeral was over. I didn't realize how much was involved dissolving their assets and deciding what to do with their things."

Allowing Kurama to lean against him, Hiei sighed. "Maybe we should have waited longer after your parent's deaths before making the move to Makai."

Kurama shook his head. "No Hiei, I'm glad I don't have to do it all twice. It's not much harder to pack and sell two houses than it is to do one. Besides, I've already made you and Shane wait long enough before moving back to Makai."

When Kurama moved away, Hiei grunted. "Hn. I didn't realize it would be such a big production though. With Yusuke winning the Makai tournament last month, I expected that he would move his family to Makai. I wasn't expecting Kuwabara and Yukina to go too though. How is that ningen going to survive in Makai?"

Taking Hiei's hand, Kurama lead him to the library so he could finish packing in there. "You have to remember, he's not a ningen anymore Hiei. As a reward to his former Reikai Tante, Koenma turned Kuwabara and Keiko into demons when their demon mates marked them. I know Yomi and Mukuro weren't happy when we decided to live in Yusuke's territory but I'm glad they didn't make too big of a fuss."

Hiei growled. "I know I said you could be an advisor for him, but that old goat had better not think I'll ever allow you to be alone with him."

Smiling, Kurama set his books down to kiss his mate. "I made it very clear to him that I would join his council, not be his personal advisor. So you don't need to worry Koi. Should I be jealous of Mukuro?"

Rolling his eyes, Hiei shook his head. "Hardly, Fox. Besides, like you, I'm on her council, not her personal advisor."

Hearing noise on the stairs, Kurama poked his head out of the library to see Kyoko. When he saw Kurama, the boy pouted. "Shane said if I go get my stuff packed while he packs his then maybe we could go out one last time before we have to leave. I don't see why I can't help him and then he can come help me."

Kurama smiled. "How much packing got done while you were up there?"

Kyoto grinned. "Well none, but… Oh all right. See you later Uncle Kurama. By Uncle Hiei."

Hearing Hiei grunt a goodbye, Kurama turned to see his mate had finished with the books. "Are we done yet Fox?"

Kurama smiled. "Well, there is one last thing I'd like to do before we move to our new home in Makai tomorrow. I was hoping you'd make love to me one last time here in the beautiful ningen home you bought me."

With his heart racing with excitement at his mate's request, Hiei took Kurama's hand and pulled him up the stairs. Closing and locking their bedroom door, Hiei dragged him to the bathroom. "How about a nice hot bath first, then we'll make slow sweet love all night if you want my beautiful Fox."

Moaning at Hiei's sexy words, Kurama turned on the water in the large tub before stripping off his clothes. "Yes, slow and sweet would be perfect Hiei. You'll need to reserve your strength so you and your Youko can mark every room in our new home when we get there."

Remembering how they had made love in every room in this house almost twenty years ago, Hiei growled thinking about finally getting to make love to Kurama in his Youko form. Suddenly, with his clothes half off, Hiei froze. "Kurama, now that you're going to finally retake your Youko form, does that mean I won't ever make love to you in this form again?"

Hearing the distress in Hiei's question, Kurama considered his answer a moment. "That was my original plan Hiei, to be a ningen in the Ningenkai and a demon in the Makai. I don't think I can do that now. Though I will live most of the rest of my life as a demon, I am still part human and will take this form occasionally. Especially for you, my beloved Fire-Baby. I won't ever deny you which ever of your lovers you desire."

Relieved, Hiei took Kurama into his arms a moment, before pulling him into the tub. "Right now I plan on ravishing my beautiful redhead. You'd better watch out when we get to Makai though. You've kept me waiting twenty years for my Youko and I plan on making up for lost time."

Waist deep in bubbles, Kurama straddled Hiei's hips with a grin. "You're not the only one that's been waiting Hiei. Your Youko has been cooped up inside me for my whole life waiting to be set free in Makai again. Funny thing is, all he can think about now, is getting a certain sexy fire demon into bed with him."

With Kurama's sexy words ringing in his ears, Hiei shivered with desire as the redhead lowered himself down on his erection. Grabbing Kurama's hips, Hiei began thrusting inside him. "As anxious as I am to have my Youko, right now all I can think about is a sexy redhead. I love you Kurama."

Running his hands up Hiei's chest until they circled his neck, Kurama purred. "I love you too Hiei."

Two nights later, on a huge bed, in a bedroom in Makai, a naked silver Youko knelt on all fours, with a fire demon kneeling behind him between his thighs. "Inari Hiei, YES! Harder Fire-Baby! You feel so good!"

Releasing one of the hands gripping the Youko's hips, Hiei scratched and stroked the soft tail that caressed his chest. "AHH HIEI! Do that again Koibito!"

When Hiei's fingers scratched at the fluffy tail again, long silver hair went flying around Kurama as he tossed his head back. "Use your other hand on my cock Hiei! I can't take any more!"

Taking the bobbing member in his other hand, Hiei stroked Kurama front and back as he thrust hard and fast into his mate. The added stimulus was all it took to have Kurama screaming out his orgasm. A few firm thrusts later, Hiei too cried out his release. When Kurama fell to the bed, he rolled onto his back and pulled Hiei down on top of him. "Gods Hiei, you are so good at that. I wasn't sure how well I'd accept being uke in this form, but when you make me feel like that, it's no wonder I gave you dominance."

Kurama yipped when Hiei bit at his chest and left a mark. "I may have dominance in our mating Fox, but in our sex life we have always taken turns being uke and semi. Now tell me you got rid of Shane for the whole night so we can start marking our new home."

Kurama laughed. "Remembering what they walked in on when we moved into our last house, Yusuke and Keiko were only too happy to keep Shane. They knew where ever he was, Kyoto would be and they're not quite ready for him to have that much sex education yet."

Hiei grunted. "Hn, do they really think those boys aren't having sex yet? Shane's twenty three and Kyoto's almost eighteen. What are they blind or stupid?"

Laughing, Kurama pulled Hiei from the bed. "They are just a little naïve, that's all. Shane's a rather vocal uke, so unless I'm mistaken, Yusuke and Keiko will have a rude awakening tonight. Enough about them though. I'm ready to have me a fire demon."

Hiei was lifted against Kurama. Before he knew it, Hiei's legs were wrapped around the Youko's waist and he was being roughly taken against the wall in the spare room. With the skilled Youko pleasuring him, Hiei could only whimper and moan. "K'rama!"

Gazing at the beautiful sight of Hiei's face in his pleasure, Kurama leaned down to whisper in his ear. "Welcome home Hiei!"