Title: Christmas Wish
Author: smitha-r
Rating: PG
Fandom(s): Bones
Pairing(s): Brennan/Booth
Summary: Christmas doesn't turn out exactly how he wishes it would, but Booth can deal with that.
Notes: Spoilers for Santa in the Slush.


She's staring through the window of the trailer and the lights are flashing on the tree next to him. Parker is a ball of barely contained excitement in front of him, waving happily. Booth can see Russ' girls with their faces pressed against the glass, waving back with equal enthusiasm. Bones is still on the line with him, but she's not talking. Her eyes have gone wide with wonder and amazement.

And suddenly she's gone.

Booth's smile falters for a second, even as Parker begins to jump about, waving and shouting 'Merry Christmas' to their captive audience across the fence. He hopes it wasn't too much, that his gesture hasn't made her all emotional and afraid to face him. Because as much as he loves pulling those emotions out of Bones, he doesn't like to see her cry.

After what seems like a lifetime, he spots Bones. She's been let across the fence by the prison guards and is walking towards him with a strong sense of purpose. Not for the first time today, her sense of purpose and determination reminds him of the way she adamantly declared they had to kiss. Which leads Booth to remember the main attraction, her lips crashing against his, the way her hands pulled him closer and held him there, his knees going weak the longer his mouth was pressed against hers, especially once he felt her tongue (and her gum) teasing him. He remembers all of that in a second, as she walks towards him.

He doesn't even get a fair warning this time, save for the sparkle in her eyes as she launches herself at him. This isn't a kiss to prove a point; it isn't a kiss with ulterior motives. The emotion on Bones' lips is raw and tangible, telling him thank you and I need you all at once. He kisses back this time, pouring out everything he's held close to his heart, every insecurity and fear and doubt that this would never happen, he would never get his chance to show Bones just how much he cared about her. But now he can and he doesn't hold back.

Booth can't help but grin as they finally pull away from each other. "You just couldn't wait to kiss me again, could you?"

"No, I couldn't." It's a rhetorical question, but Bones tackles it with her trademarked literal interpretation, smiling back at him calmly but with satisfaction.

The sound of Parker voice brings them both back to reality. "Does this mean Dr. Bones is your girlfriend?" He's staring at them with pure confusion on his face.

Booth laughs and makes a grab for Parker, pulling his son towards him so that the three of them are wrapped in a mutual hug of sorts. This is his idea of perfection; his Parker and his Bones, standing beside him, full of love and happiness.

... Booth's hyperactive imagination switches off once he hears Bones on the other end of the line. "I love my gift, Booth."

This is his reality, but there is so much thankfulness and affection in her voice as he stares back at her and wishes her a merry Christmas, that it almost doesn't matter. He'll take what he can get, even if it leads to a misleading kiss under the mistletoe.