Emily twisted around frantically, and gave an un-lady like squeal, as her boyfriend's fingers worked their way around her abdomen. Matt's grin betrayed that he was enjoying himself, all too well in her opinion. Every time she squealed like that, his pulse jumped with excitement, and she giggled, her grin showing her dimples. Not to be outdone, Emily's hand traveled lower, toward their legs, and then Matt began to twitch and twist, as she found that sensitive spot underneath his knee-caps.

They were oblivious to their surroundings; the red sheets determined that it was his bed they'd made it to, whichever night this was, but that was the only consistency in their surroundings. The walls shrank in toward them, or moved further away, depending on whoever's subconscious thoughts were stronger. The d├ęcor alternated from his apartment, to hers, to half a dozen fantasies either imagined, and were completely unaware of now. All the energy of their conscious minds was focused on each other, so it was up to their subconscious to decide what they wanted.

Matt rolled them over, so he was leaning over her, and so slowly he leaned down for a kiss. But as their lips met, their eyes closed, and both were assaulted with pieces of images, horrifying images. Emily pulled back first, eyes swinging around wildly from place to place, breathing labored. Matt looked wide-eyed at her, and then to their surroundings, which had settled for the moment on the safety of his bedroom. They looked at each other, frightened by what they'd seen, both realizing what it was at the same time. Lights, twisted metal, blood.

Shaken now, their blissful bubble burst with that shot of reality seeping in, they abruptly ended their fun. Matt flopped back onto his red sheets, and wrapped an arm around Emily, who shimmied closer, and embraced his torso with one arm. Neither had paid attention to how they got where they were, neither cared until they realized how, then they sought the comfort of the other to soften the brutal truth.

At same time, below them, another negotiator was pulled away from the book she was deeply into. She rolled her eyes at the Bureau number, and placed a kiss on her live-in boyfriend's temple, before answering. The quiet night she promised him was undoubtedly about to be interrupted. She listened, stunned at first, then angry it took them almost two hours to notify her. Apparently, there was some confusion concerning next of kin, namely that the couple was each other's.

The paramedics determined Matt likely to die at the accident scene, and he flat-lined just as they pulled into the hospital loading bay. At the same time, the paramedics and LAFD were just pulling free Emily's broken body from the passenger-side, her heart having already stopped moments ago.

Cheryl slumped against Jared, too conscious of her own heart thudding loudly in her chest. She'd seen the couple only hours earlier, as they left work for their anniversary dinner. Shortly after celebrating two years together, an out of control Hummer slammed into them head on. Cheryl breathed in and out, pushing tears deep inside of her, before sitting up again, and picking up her phone to start a string of phone calls. Lia would be last; the analyst would sob, and remove all chance of Cheryl maintaining her own composure.

Above her, in a world mortals can't comprehend until they're dead, Matt and Emily took heart in their deaths. There was life after death, and with it the chance to spend eternity just as they were--wrapped up in each other.

So, don't hate me, it's actually a happy story! I know I've been on kind of a heavy topics kick, but it's what's coming to me, what can I say? Thanks for reading and please review!