December 24th, 2001

The clear, bright sky mocked the city of Tokyo as last-minute shoppers scurried to and fro, there would be no white Christmas this year. It was the twenty-fourth of December, and the big day was nearly upon them.

Phoenix Wright's breath came in short, white puffs as his feet crunched over the gravel leading up to the house of Miles Edgeworth, his best friend. Both Phoenix and his other best friend, Larry, had been invited over to the Edgeworth's to help Miles and his father decorate their tree.

Rubbing his hands together impatiently, Phoenix danced upon the step to keep warm; the cold was nothing more than a mockery, as there had yet to be any snow this winter.

Looking up to where his mother stood over him, waiting until her son was safely inside the Edgeworth residence to leave, the black-haired boy grinned excitedly. He had been looking forward to this day all week! Both he and Larry had only ever been to Miles' house a few times, and every time they did go was like a new adventure. Miles' dad told amazing stories, about strange clients he had had, and exciting people he had met in his years as a defence attorney. So today was like a double bonus, not only was it Christmas Eve, but they were going to get to hang out at Miles'! It certainly did not hurt that his father was an amazing cook, either.

"Be patient, Phoenix," his mother laughed out, her blue eyes twinkling in the brilliant sunlight. "I'm sure Mr. Edgeworth will answer the door in a minute."

She would, however, be proven wrong only moments later, as the door swung open to reveal Miles himself.


"Phoenix! Come on in!" the grey-haired boy exclaimed, stepping aside to allow his friend entrance. Never being one to forget his manners, Miles immediately turned to Mrs. Wright, offering her a small bow. "Good day to you, Mrs. Wright, would you like to come in?"

Laughing, the pretty woman waved off the invitation, pointing back to her car as she did so. "Thank you Miles, but I really must be getting home. I have work to do too, you know. Tell your father I said hello for me, will you? I'll be back to get Phoenix around five."

Once Miles had said his farewells and shut the door, he turned back to see his friend frowning at him.

"Phoenix? Is something wrong?"

"What did you invite her in for? I mean, I know she didn't come in, but what if she had? I don't want my mom sneaking around while we're trying to play!"

Miles stared at him incredulously before breaking down into a series of amused chuckles.

"What? What's so funny?"

"N-nothing, never mind, Phoenix. Let's just go in, okay?"

Glowering at his friend for a second longer, Phoenix removed his shoes and placed them carefully beside his friend's before removing his jacket and hanging it up. He had learned on his first trip to the Edgeworth's to always be neat. Miles said his father hated a messy house. Yet on the one occasion the Phoenix had snuck a peek into Gregory Edgeworth's office, he began to suspect that maybe Miles was the one who hated messes. He was fairly certain that it was safe to say no neat freak could survive in that office.

"So, is Larry here yet?" he asked, previous irritation completely forgotten.

"No, but he's always late anyway."

Phoenix laughed cheerfully at Miles' blunt—but true—observation.

"So what do you wanna do?" he asked as they made their way up the stairs to Miles' room.

"Want to, and we're going to decorate my tree."

"Well yeah, but we can't start until Larry gets here, and that could be awhile…"

Shrugging, Miles opened the door to his room, standing aside to allow Phoenix entry.

Plunking himself down on his friend's double bed, the black-haired boy gazed around the large, spacious room with curious, blue eyes. The room was minimally furnished, as per Miles' style, with only a few treasured photographs—mostly of him and his parents—decorating his walls. Law books lined his shelves, lined neatly up in alphabetical order. Filling the openings between the books, and a few areas in front of the books, were assorted action figures. Enough to at least prove his humanity, anyway, or so Phoenix thought. It was nice to have some confirmation that the law-obsessed boy had a more boyish, human side.

"Hey, is that a new figure?" he asked, rising from the bed to move over and inspect the mobile doll.

Grinning, Miles moved over to the black-haired boy's side.

"Yup! My dad got it for me. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but he gave it to me early."

Picking the figurine up, Phoenix ran his fingers over its smooth parts, inspecting it closely.

Grinning, Phoenix positioned the sword in the object's arm to point at his friend. "Engarde, Mr. Edgeworth!"

Shaking his head, the grey-haired boy sighed and turned away to cast an eye over his neatly arranged, law books.

"Phoenix…honestly, you're being so childish."

Frowning, Phoenix stuck his tongue out at the other boy.

"Well, I don't know if you noticed, Miles, but we are children," he pointed out cheekily.

"Touché," Miles stated, relieving Phoenix of the figure and returning it to its shelf.


"Never mind, Phoenix."

Before any further playful bickering could be sparked, a sharp rap off of Miles' bedroom window drew the attention of both boys. Walking over to look out the window, Phoenix began to laugh while Miles threw open his window to yell out it.

"Larry! Why can't you ever just knock on the door like a normal person?"

Shrugging, the blond boy tossed another pebble from hand to hand.

"Dunno, this is funner."

"More fun! And we'll be down in a moment." Turning back to Phoenix, Miles sighed, "well, let's go let him in."

Phoenix did not have to be told twice, as he was almost halfway out of the room by the time the grey-haired boy had finished speaking.

With a strained sigh at his two friends' overly excitable behaviour, Miles shut his window and followed Phoenix back downstairs at a much more leisurely pace. It was the fool's own fault if he was stuck out in the cold a little longer than necessary. Rolling his eyes, Miles chuckled to himself. Larry probably enjoyed it.

By the time he arrived downstairs, Phoenix had already opened to door to let Larry in. Raising a questioning eyebrow, Miles stepped forward, accepting Larry's jacket to hang it alongside his and Phoenix'.

"So what're we doin'?"

Sighing at Larry's atrocious butchery of the Japanese language, Miles nodded his head in the general direction of the living room.

"Well now that you've chosen to grace us with your presence, I thought we could go decorate the tree. Since my Father is waiting for us."

"Aw, did you hear the Nick? Edgey thinks my presence is graceful!"

Blinking, Phoenix mimicked Miles' headshake as he spoke, "Larry, I don't think, somehow, that that's what he meant…or that that was a compliment."

Ignoring the other two boys, Miles walked off into the living room, knowing that they would follow him; hopefully leaving the rest of the house intact when they did so.

"H-hey, Edgey! Wait for us!" Larry yelped, sprinting off after his friend. As he ran, the blond boy managed to bump heavily into a small table that the Edgeworth's kept in their front hall. On the table was a small vase that had belonged to the late Mrs. Edgeworth.

With a yelp, Phoenix leaped forward and managed to catch the vase before it shattered on the floor.

Attracted by the sound, Miles re-entered the hallway, wincing at the sight that met his grey eyes.


"Hey, don't look at me! I didn't do anything!"

"When something smells…"

"Okay, okay! Maybe I did have something to do with it…"

Straightening up, Phoenix returned the vase to its position. "Something? I think it's safe to say it was your fault!"

Raising an eyebrow, Miles turned to look at Phoenix, "thanks."

"Hey, don't mention it. Somebody has to watch The Butz."

Annoyed at being left out, Larry smacked his fist off of the wall, "h-hey! At least my hair doesn't look like it could impall somebody through!"

"The word is impale, Larry, and how does Phoenix' hair factor into this?"

Ignoring the question, Larry turned away from his two friends and resumed the walk to the living room; calling back as he did so, "stop being so slow. C'mon you two!"

Running a hand through his long, grey bangs, Miles shrugged and began following the rambunctious boy, not wishing to see his house suffer any more of Larry.

Eventually the three arrived, intact, in the living room, where the Edgeworth's tree stood tall and proud. Gregory Edgeworth was also there, long strings of lights in either hand.

"Well boys, ready for some Christmas fun?" he asked, smiling invitingly.

Rubbing the back of his head, Phoenix smiled sheepishly at his friend's father. "Sorry about all of the noise, Mr. Edgeworth, sir."

"Don't worry about it, Phoenix. No harm done, right?"

"Right!" Larry chimed in from the doorway, giving them all a broad wink and a thumb's up. "Hear that Nick, Edgey? No harm done! Everything's a'okay!"

"You're impossible."

Laughing at his son's blunt statement, Gregory Edgeworth shook his head lightly. "Now Miles, that's not very nice."

"But it's true!" Phoenix pointed out.

Grumbling, Larry glanced around, his self esteem quickly plummeting. "Look, how about we drop it and just decorate this thing?"

"My thoughts exactly, Larry," agreed Mr. Edgeworth, holding out the lights. "So how about we get started?"

With those words, the chaos began. Gregory Edgeworth had set out a couple of chairs and a small stepladder for the boys to use, their heights simply not allowing them to reach very high up the tall tree. He had also set out a larger stepladder, for his own use on the tree's highest regions.

Working together, the three nine-year-olds managed to string together the lights, and began attaching them to the tree lower down. As they went higher, the chairs and ladders came into play, assisting the young boys in reaching higher up. Eventually, however, even those were not sufficient, and soon only Gregory himself could reach.

Climbing down off of the ladder, the older man smiled at the three boys, standing around helplessly. "Well boys, I'm going to go grab another strand of lights, it seems eight weren't enough, so while I do that, why don't you start putting the tinsel on?"

Nodding, eager for something to do to help, the three rushed to the tinsel bag and began removing it to place on the tree.

Grabbing a huge fistful, Larry began ascending the large ladder that Gregory Edgeworth was using for the lights, intent on decorating the tree with tinsel higher up.

"L-Larry! What are you doing?" yelped an appalled Miles.

"Goin' to decorate the top!"

"Get down from there! My Father said not to climb that ladder!"

"Relax, Edgey, you worry too much!" exclaimed Larry. Leaning over to place some tinsel on the branches, the blond boy soon discovered that the ladder was too far from the tree for him to reach, having been placed for an adult's use.

Sticking his tongue out of the side of his mouth in concentration, he stretched out further, attempting to reach the branches.

Miles and Phoenix were left with nothing to do but watch in horror as the ladder was set off balance and began plunging into the tree.

Unfortunately for Phoenix, he was standing on the wrong side of the tree as it began to fall. Staring, frozen in place, and eyes wide with fear, he felt the tree crash into him. He was crushed firmly beneath its prickly branches, the ladder…and Larry himself. The blond boy had tumbled free of the ladder and was lying on the black-haired boy's arm, which was protruding slightly through the branches.

With a loud cry, Miles rushed forward, trying to help his friends free of the mess, dearly hoping they weren't dead.

Attracted by the screams and crash, Miles' father came rushing in, eyes going wide at the sight that met him.

"Miles wh-? Phoenix, Larry! Are you two okay?!"

"We're…fine, Mr. Edgeworth," reassured a trapped Phoenix, who was finding breathing slightly difficult with the weight crushing him.

By this point, Miles was trying to help Larry free. This act, however, only served to get his foot caught in the branches. When he tried to step back to pull Larry up, he ended up toppling over backwards himself, Larry landing half on top of him.

Reassured that all three boys were safe, Gregory was hard-pressed to conceal a laugh behind his hand; it really was a comical scene. Moving in to help them, the older man suddenly thought better of it and grabbed his digital camera that was resting safely on the mantel above the fireplace—thankfully the tree hadn't fallen that way. Snapping a few quick shots, he then moved in to help the boys free. What a day this was turning out to be.

Once the three boys had been freed, the tree had been set back up, and the broken light bulbs replaced, work was able to resume. Thankfully nothing had been seriously damaged—save maybe Larry's pride—and the decorating went smoothly after that. With Larry not allowed anywhere near the ladders.

A couple of hours later saw the four workers sitting happily around eating shortbread cookies loaded with icing, and drinking whipped cream loaded hot chocolate as they surveyed their work.

"—and that, boys, is the story of how I won the acquittal of Tracy Dent."

"Wow, Father! That was amazing!"

"So, Mr. Edgeworth, you gonna turn it on?" asked an excited Phoenix, rubbing the small cut on his forehead that had been inflicted by demon-tree branches. They had been sitting around listening to Mr. Edgeworth tell stories of his clients, but now the black-haired boy wanted to see the tree lit up before hearing another one.

"Going to. And yes, Father, may we see it turned on?"

"Certainly boys," replied Gregory as he climbed to his feet and made his way over to the tree. Bending down to the outlet he pulled up the extension cord and flipped the switch.

Flashing lights of brilliant blue, red, green, yellow, and orange lit the room, their colours illuminating the workers beautifully as the light reflected off of the ornaments and tinsel.

"It's so pretty!"

"It sure is, Phoenix, it sure is."

"Hey guys, come check this out!" called Larry, who had gotten bored of the story and went to look out the window.

Attracted by Larry's summons, the other three rose and joined the blond at the window.

"It's snowing!" Phoenix yelped, pressing his nose up against the window's cold glass.

"But we weren't supposed to get any snow…"

Ruffling his son's hair with an affectionate laugh, Gregory Edgeworth smiled. "Well boys, this just goes to show that things can change. They can change very suddenly. Now why don't you three go play in the snow?"

The three boys needed no further encouragement as they rushed to put their coats and boots on; and in the case of Larry and Phoenix, fight over spare pairs of Miles' gloves until the grey-haired boy got mad and decided for them.

All things said and done, it was still less than ten minutes later that the three boys were running around trying to scrap up enough snow to throw at one another.

Looking on from the warmth of his home, Miles' father smiled. It was nice to see the serious youngster engage in some foolish, childish play every so often. Certainly he was proud of the boy in every way that a father could be proud of his son, but there was no reason not to play, too. Childhood was for enjoyment, learning, and growing. While not everyone might agree with him, Gregory was pretty sure play was a good part of all three.

A little under an hour later, Mrs. Wright arrived to retrieve her son, only to find him being pelted by snowballs from both Larry and Miles. Stepping quickly to avoid any strays, she smiled at the sight, feeling almost guilty that she was going to have to break the three of them up.

"Phoenix, it's time to go home."

Wrinkling his nose, the black-haired boy frowned. "Aw but Mom, do I have to?"

"No, but if you stay here you won't be getting your presents tomorrow…"

With a slight yelp, he jumped forward, all but bowling her over in his eagerness to get into the car.

"Laughing softly, she shook her head in amusement. "Well, I guess I'll be seeing you two around Larry, Miles."

As she was turning to leave, the front door opened and Mr. Edgeworth emerged.

"Gregory, how good to see you again. I trust Phoenix behaved himself?"

"Oh yes, the boys were all very good."

"Well that's good, I would hate to hear of Phoenix misbehaving himself," she stated cheerfully, with just a hint of underlying, parental treat directed at her son.

"I was good, Mom! It was Larry who knocked over the tree!"

Blinking, the woman sighed, feeling that she really did not want to know the story.

"Well, thank you for watching him for me today, I trust I will be seeing you around?"

"Oh yes, of course. Actually, the boys and I had so much fun today, that I was wondering if Phoenix, and you too, Larry, would like to come back tomorrow afternoon. You can show each other your new toys…maybe play in the snow some more."

"Really Father, they may come over again?" asked Miles eagerly, his grey eyes shining.

"If it's okay with their parents."

Smiling, Mrs. Wright nodded, "I don't see a problem with that."

"Excellent, shall we say around two?"

Nodding, Mrs. Wright made her way back to where her son was waiting by the car. "That sounds fine to me. I'll drop him off then!"

Grinning wildly, Phoenix waved to his two friends as he got into the car. "See you tomorrow!"

And with that, they drove away. Tomorrow would be a new day, Christmas Day, in fact.

Well, I've decided to make this into a two-shot, the next chapter covering Christmas Day—and the last time Larry and Phoenix ever see Gregory Edgeworth—so stick around guys. It isn't over yet!

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