Chapter 14 A Broken Hallelujah.

After the Order realized the state that Carina and Debra were in, they escorted them to the Hospital Wing.

Now behind the curtains of the Hospital Wing Carina pealed the cloak off her tired back. She did everything almost mechanically, undressing and taking the blood stained clothes off, folding them gently, and laying them on the bed. Then she took the white linen gown that had been shoved into her hands by the mediwitch who was grumbling about certain young witches that could't stay out of trouble. Pulling back the curtains Carina peeped her head out to see where Poppy was.

"Trying to sneak out again Madam Dumbledore?" Poppy accused.

"No just wandering where you were, I won't sneek out until about 11:00pm when I'm certain your asleep."

"Humph, your almost as cheeky as your father!" the Madam claimed.

"yes well, I was always a daddy's girl."

"Well go sit on your cot I'l be right in to heal your burns."

Sure enough the good Madam came and took up most care to her wounded patient, tutting like a mother hen at the mess. Carina was surprised at the unexpected shudder that plowed it's way through every nerve at the sight of the blood on her shoulder. She felt the retching reflex tighten in her throat at the morbid memories that swam to forefront of her mind. After the healing was complete the Madam allowed her dirty patient to use one of the bathrooms in the privet healing wards.

Under the constant hot stream of the shower Carina allowed the tears of morning to fall and mix with the lavender scented water of the shower. Twice she had to pull herself from the shower to vomit from the horrid memories that would haunt her mind for the rest of her life.

After the shower Carina took one of the extra tooth brushes and the small tube of paste and began to scrub the stark taste out of her mouth. After the three minute scrub Carina spit the white foam into the sink and rinsed it down the drain. Then she looked up at her reflection, her eyes seemed a bit sunken and there was a cloud over her whole person that wasn't there before. Her eyes then traveled down from her face to her neck and then they followed the silver chain around her neck, then finally her eyes settled on the pendant that shimmered with the blue memory. 'Surely' she thought' he must have suffered far worse then I have.'

Focusing her mind and calling out to him with it she found him there, he was thinking of her. He didn't talk to her at first but he poured his love out to her, his need to see her, his desire to hold her. Her let her see the fear that shrouded his entire mind and body when he had feared that she was in trouble. His pride he held for her, that she had been strong and had protected herself and saved the girl.

He knew she needed to feel rather then hear this time, and he could feel the burden of memories of the horrors she had seen, the fear that she was going to die. He could feel her own need of him, and how she wanted nothing more then to be sitting with him, held by him. He saw his own hold over her that she willing gave him.

He was shocked, he had that the she held all the strings over him, and he was pleased that he in return held the reigns of her heart. He sat with her talking with her until she fell asleep.

Her sleep however was haunted and after reliving too much of the pain Carina awoke drenched in sweat. Her body was on fire and her mind was buzzing. She looked over to the cot beside her and saw that Debra was weeping and thrashing in her sleep. Having such a strong sympathy for her Carina crossed the floor to he and shook her awake.

"You alright?" Carina asked stupidly.

Looking anything but alright Debra nodded her head, "I'm alright, but I don't want to go back to sleep tonight."

"Wanna walk around the Lake? Thats where I'm heading to."

Nodding again Debra grabbed her light blue bath robe and tied it around her. Then she turned to see Carina wrapped in her black cloak. So the two set out in there gowns and outer wear, Debra had the sense to grab her slippers and tuck her feet into them Carina went on barefoot.

The sun had been up only a few hours but it was warm. Carina closed her eyes and enjoyed the warm mourning sun on her face and the cool dew washing her feet. The world was still so beautiful to her, even with everything she had lost she still could't bring herself to let the darkness over run her. There was still beauty in the sun and the new day, and a rain storm still pluck at the stings of her heart. And the knowledge that one day she would be free of this war, she and her Severus could be alone together, in her house hidden in the woods, and be at peace.

She just had to free him first. That sweet promise of victory was going to have to sustain her, she would have to focus on the things she could do instead of being haunted by the things she could't.

Debra turned and looked at Carina, she put on a twisted sad ironical smile and said "My parents wanted me to be the first intern of their department, they wanted it more then I did, I wanted to stay as a T.A. at Hogwarts. I guess I got what I wished for." she tried the twisted smile again but it fell and she broke into sobs and she fell to her knees her hands covering her tear stained face, "And now I would give anything to be back in that tiny office."

"I know what it feels like to loose a parent, and I'm so sorry for the pain that you feel right now. I just want you to know that it will start to hurt less and less in time." Carina cooed to the women breaking down in front of her, she knelt in the soft dew covered grass and put a comforting hand on Debra's slender shoulder, just enough so that she knew Carina was there. Debra moved her head to her new friends shoulder.

After a while Debra, completely exhausted from lack of sleep, was fitfully asleep on Carina's shoulder. So to move or to stay was the question. The question answered itself when Carina looked at the Gates that were being rattled open. There was Ron and Harry, and Harry was carrying Hermione who was passed out.

Carina waved them over and the closer they got the clearer they became, in the last eight or so hours they seemed to have deteriorated. Each of them looked filthy, their clothes were worn to shreds, and they had new scars. They also looked like they hadn't eaten a full meal in months.

"What happened!?" Carina stage whispered.

"WE don't know, we just need to get Hermione to the Hospital Wing as soon as we can." Harry answered, sounding scarily like an adult. With this said he turned and trucked the rest of the way up to the castle.

Ron who had stayed behind was looking down at Debra with a concerned look in his eye. "Is she okay?"

"She's had a really tough twenty four hours, she finally cried so much she's passed out." Carina said holding her fellow patient.

"Here let me take her in for you." Ron said as he gently lifted the slim figure into his arms and with great care and ease he made his way to the castle.

Carina watched them disappear into the castle, then she flung herself onto the warm ground. In the tall grass she laid watching the natural magic of the sky slowly turning from the last traces of orange to true blue. Turning on her side she watched as a lady bug scaled a long blade of grass and then flew away. Turning back onto her back she felt something slide in her pocket, curious she slid her hand into her pocket and felt a small metal chain. She pulled out the chain to discover it was a bracket with a small card tied to it.

The bracket was silver and it had three tiny shrunken potion bottles hanging from it, blue, green and red, and a silver heart with the initials S.S. She opened the card and read the scrawled writing.

The Red is for blood replenishing
The Green is pepper up.
The Blue is a dreamless sleep.
And the Heart is a port key, use it when you are stuck, it will take you to a safe place.


He really did love her didn't he. Carina smiled and clasped the chain around her wrist. She jumped when she heard another person sit down beside her. Looking to her left she saw Mr. Adrianne Wright smirking down at her in his typical fashion.

"You are in the Hospital Wing again."

"No I'm not, I'm out on the Hogwarts Lawn, and so are you." She said sarcastically.

"You ignored me the other day." He went on.

"Oh, did I?" she asked not really paying him much attention. She looked up the castles many towers and saw in the D.A.D.A tower the Professor sneering down at her, his eyes filled with hate.

"Yes you did ignore me, your even doing it now I'm afraid." he continued completely aware that she was a million miles away.

" The new D.A.D.A professor, he is quite a hermit isn't he?"

"O'l Slogathor? Yes he is, always gives me the creeps when I see him skulking about at night. Always muttering and vile."

"Really?" Carina turned to Mr.Wright completely interested in what he had to say for the first time.

"Oh yes, nasty sort of man. Harsh in all aspects of his nature. From his looks to the very tone of voice he speaks in. Quite a dark man."

"Excuse me will you?" Carina asked but instead of waiting for a reply she stood and made her way directly back to the castle. Unaware of the scowl that sent her way.

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