Grey Eyes

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Vicki slowly went around her desk and walked to the closet. In it on the top shelf, she lifted up box that was placed on the shelf. She took the box, and dropped it on her desk; dust seemed to have collected on the box. Vicki opened the box to reveal tons of pictures, photo albums, her high school yearbooks.

Oh I should have definitely thrown these away years ago, she thought as she tossed her yearbook aside. She pulled out everything from the box: her collection of old Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder Cd's, cards, an old teddy bear, and her first hokey jersey. She was a hockey fanatic, so Mike gave her a 1999 Memorial Cup jerseyfor Christmas; she forgot who that year but she loved the jersey.

At the bottom of the box, Vicki found a small white photo album with "Memories" written in red. She hesitated as she slowly picked up the album. She walked over to her couch, sat on the floor next to it, and opened the album. Memories from her childhood came flooding back with pictures from her first day in kindergarten, her elementary "graduation", her awkward middle school years, and high school. She laughed at the insane awkwardness she had while growing up, from being the aggressive child in the neighborhood to a lank high school hokey fanatic.

"God, I hated high school." she half joked and chuckled her way through the pages, glad that that part of her life was long gone. She skipped many pages until she stopped at a picture all too familiar to her. She traced the trim of the photo and whispered a name softly.