Wammy Holidays


Disclaimer: Tis the season to not own Death Note, Falalalala, lalalala. Deck the halls with Ryuk's apples, Falalalala, lalalala.

The walky-talky crackled. 'Chocolate to White. I repeat, Chocolate to White. Over.'

'White here. Over.'

'Have you seen the target yet, White? Over.'

'Negative, Chocolate. Too much interference. Over.'

Lately, something had been bugging Mello. So, he enlisted the help of Near and Matt. This was going to be an interesting eighth Christmas for him.

'Keep your position. Over.'

A few minutes later, Matt's voice came on the walky-talky. 'Hey! Mello! I can see him, Mello!'

The older boy groaned. 'Matt! That's not my name! And end with over. Over.'

'Whatever. I see him! It's defiantly him. Big and red and everything.' When Mello didn't say anything, Matt added, 'Over.'

'Keep him in sight, Mario. Over.'

'I thought we agreed my name was Gamer. Over.'

Then Near started talking. 'I have sight of the target. Over.'

There was a stunned silence. Mello pushed the talk button. 'Mario, is your target in sight? Over.'


'White, are you sure it's Santa?' Mello didn't even say Over.

'...Does Santa wear black eyeliner?'


'Does he have black spiky hair sticking out of his hat?'


'It's not him, just L in a Santa suit.' They all let out a relieved sigh.

Just then, Mello got to the front of the line. His jaw dropped. Sitting in front of him was Santa!

Matt was with Santa. That wasn't physically possible, unless... 'White, Chocolate, I've just received confirmation. Our suspicions were correct. Over.'

So, the adults were trying to pull one over on them. Well, they had figured it out. The Santa's at the two malls near Wammy house were fake, and probably all over the world.

It made sense. Santa couldn't be all over the world in every single Mall in his busiest season. It just wasn't possible. But, what was possible was that there was a special breed of elf that looked and sounded like Santa.

The plan was perfect, really. If kids wondered how he was everywhere at once, the parents just had to tell them it was magic. But, three kids between the ages of six and eight had figured it out. Of course, they were geniuses, so it wasn't that hard to do.

But none of that really mattered. What mattered was the fact that Santa had help. Mello smiled. Maybe one day he could be a Santa helper...