A/N: I thought I'd just try this out. It's a Kibahina fic, and I must say, it's not very well written or planned. I've been thinking for quite sometime about it, so I decided to write it.

Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba and Aburame Shino, I have to say, make the least appearances in Naruto Shippuuden. So now, Hinata and Kiba are going to take centrestage, with Shino appearing in later chapters. Do not worry, because Uzumaki Naruto will make an appearance too.

I hope you guys enjoy, and thanks for reading.

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When Inuzuka Kiba walked in on his girlfriend and caught her in bed with another man in his apartment, he did not blow up.

No, Kiba did not blow up.

All he did was stare at her coolly, and pointed to the door, a single word escaping from his mouth.


He was greatly surprised at himself. Perhaps it was because he had a long day at work. He and Akamaru, together with Hyuuga Neji and Nara Shikamaru, had spent nearly an entire day searching for clues at an abandoned train station, only to find some measly fingerprints (Which would help in the investigations, of course, but the team already discovered that yesterday, damn it).

Exhausted did not even come close to describing how he felt.

And his girlfriend was cheating on him. What a perfect day.

Kiba would have liked to shoot the man in his bed with the .95 caliber he had in his holster, but that would not be very good idea for a police officer with a good reputation. Maybe setting Akamaru on him would be an ideal choice.

Both scrambled to put on their clothes, and the Inuzuka turned away and strode out of the room, to a waiting Akamaru who was growling.

Without moving his body, he directed his voice over his shoulder.

"Take everything you have here. You can find another place to stay."

Miwa had been more than happy to give him the evil eye and collect her things. The man, on the other hand, was out of the door before you could say 'Shoot'. The Inuzuka saw him give Akamaru a frightened glance and smirked.

"I don't care for Kaede. You can have her." The Inuzuka's eyes narrowed at Miwa's words.

"What kind of a mother are you?"

Miwa didn't answer. She strode out of the door and shut it swiftly. It was just as well, because Kiba truly felt his temper rising now.

Damn it.

How was he going to explain to his daughter that her mother had cheated on her father and she was never going to see her again?


"Hey darling," Kiba squatted down in the living room of his mother and sister's house so he was as short as Kaede. (That didn't help much because Kiba was way tall.)

He had never used the word 'darling' before, that is, until Kaede came along.

"Daddy!" she threw her arms around Kiba, who smiled into her hair.

Inuzuka Kaede at one year old was very much like her father. She had inherited his brown eyes and hair, and his loud personality as well. (Sometimes, he wondered why she looked so much like him, with no traces of Miwa, (thankfully) that he often thought he had made her himself. Which was a very freaky idea.)

Her smooth dark hair was teased into a single plait, and she had chocolate smears on her shirt.

She squealed at the sight of Akamaru and rushed towards him.

When Kaede was born, Kiba had been greatly worried about her reaction towards the dog and vice versa. Would Akamaru bite her and have hostile feelings towards her for intruding into his relationship with his beloved master?

He'd let the big white dog interact with her when she had turned one, old enough to know that she should not bite his ears, although they did look good. He was a police dog, a K-9 (pronounced like canine), and Kiba knew his dog would often sniff an object properly first before deciding on whether it was dangerous or not. Kaede had chosen that moment to pat him on the head and giggled when his pink tongue came out and licked her. Kaede was Akamaru's best human friend, and she'd always make a beeline for him when she saw Akamaru.

"Akamalu!" Kaede patted him and then turned her full body so she was ready to hug him. The dog barked eagerly.

"Kaede! Don't do that. He's dirty. Daddy's gonna bathe him later, and then, you can hug him. Come here,"

She gave Akamaru a reluctant look and toddled towards Kiba.

"Hey, where's Miwa?"

"Mommy, where?" Kaede asked inquiringly at the same time.

Kiba raised his eyes, and grinned wryly at the figure that loomed over him and Kaede.

"Hey sis."

He turned to Kaede. "Er, mommy's not here at the moment, Kaede. She's got something up."

At the words 'not here', Kaede sniffled. Kiba tensed. Here we go.

"Hey Kaede, come here. How about drawing another dog for me?" Inuzuka Hana said hurriedly, scooping up her niece.

Kaede nodded and her aunt sat her down on the living room floor to draw.

Kiba followed his sister and sat down on the sofa, with Kaede between his legs and Hana flanking him.

"Okay, where is she?"

"Uh, she's not coming," he said laconically, hoping that Hana was smart enough to know what he meant.

"Thank god."

Her brow creased and eyes widened after a few seconds.

"You kicked-"

"Yeah," he interrupted her quickly. The younger Inuzuka gave her the not-in-front-of-the-kid look.

"I'll tell you all about it later," he muttered from the corner of his mouth as Akamaru trotted over to lie beside Kaede.


After a full meal and a game of find-the-toy with Akamaru and her father, Kaede had fallen asleep on the couch while the adults sat at the table.

"She was in bed with another man?" Hana asked, incredulous.

"Yeah," Kiba said dully, tipping his cup to his lips and draining its contents.

"Outrageous!" Inuzuka Tsume said, slapping both palms to the table and standing up, so that her chair slid backwards and gave out a loud screech. Kiba winced.

"Shh!" Hana warned. "Kaede's asleep on the couch."

Tsume sat down quickly and glanced at the sleeping child.

"Okay," she said, her voice turned down a notch.

"Did you give the guy a good beating, or did you roar at him and shoot him in the head?" His older sister joked.

"I did neither. I just threw her and her things out."

"That's very unlike you. But good job," Tsume said. She rubbed her cheek, which like Kiba's and Hana's, were both covered with a long and red inverted triangle.

Hana sighed. "She's a mother and she does this at your house."

Kiba ran a hand through his dark hair. "Well, we've been together for only a year. I guess she had the itch even before seven years," he joked.

Hana rolled her eyes.

"Is there anyone who's going to look after Kaede while you're at work?" Hana asked, touching his arm.

"Obviously not. With her not around, what do you think?"

"Kiba, I can go over-"

"No, that's not a good idea." He said, his dark eyes trained on his sister. "The animals need you there. Even if you act as babysitter tomorrow, it won't stand for long term."

She had to agree.

Hana was well known as a veterinarian throughout the city, and her clinic was always bustling with activity. Kiba used to help her there when he was a teenager.

His sister looked at him, surprise etched in her brown orbs. Kiba usually took a day at a time, but now, he was thinking a few steps ahead instead.

It's because he has a daughter, she thought smiling and glancing at the couch where a small figure slept.

"You know," Tsume said, slowly. "You can call a babysitter."

"I don't really trust them."

"Are you telling me that you want to resign as a police officer and take care of Kaede every freaking day? Then who will be the breadwinner?" Tsume snapped.

"I didn't say you couldn't call one." Kiba said tonelessly.

"Good. I'll ring one up and give her a dry run tomorrow. What time are you leaving for work?"

His forehead creased. "I have to go to Konoha Police HQ later. I'm afraid Kaede's going to stay over here."

"Kiba, you better spend some time with Kaede. If you keep up the late night investigations, she's going to be upset at the disappearance of her daddy." Hana said sharply.

"I know, I know. I plan to do that tomorrow. Tomorrow's a weekend right?" he asked blearily.


"Okay, I'm bringing the baby sitter round tomorrow. I'll bring Kaede along, so just come straight to your apartment after work."