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It was definitely dirt, all right. Kiba winced behind his blindfold.

"What was that? Dirt?" he asked incredulously.

"Uh, yeah," Hinata's voice said above him. She giggled, and another giggle joined her as well.

"Oh, god." He muttered. But even if he had the vomit-flavored jellybean in his mouth now, he couldn't care less.

Hinata smiled at the blindfolded Inuzuka, who had his head in her lap.

"I'll give daddy a nice one now, okay?" Kaede sang as she patted her father.

"That would be great," Kiba replied, opening his mouth.

Kaede giggled and dropped a yellow one on his mouth.

"Safe," he said. "Buttered popcorn?"

"Yes," Hinata replied, smiling. She pushed away his blindfold and the Inuzuka untied it and declared, "I'm not gonna let you guys do this. Ever. That dirt jellybean was horrible,"

Kaede laughed just as Akamaru came barking, galloping straight at Kiba's back.

"Okay, so everyone's ganging up on me," Kiba said, brushing off Akamaru.

The dog barked.

The Inuzuka glanced at Hinata and she blushed. He wondered if she did that every time he looked at her (he wasn't as sensitive as his nose, really). Speaking of sensitive, he smelt something. Kiba sat up straight on the couch, and sniffed the air. Akamaru did the same as well.

"Smells good," he said. Hinata got up just as the alarm clock beeped.

"It's ready," Kaede said excitedly, as she followed Hinata eagerly.

"Is it okay?" Kaede asked, trying to peer through the oven door, which was a little too high for her.

Hinata felt warm breath near her ear, and realized that Kiba's hands were on either side of the countertop. Her breath caught.

"Hina, you should take it out," he said, leaning past her shoulder casually.

"Uh, yeah,"

She took out the cookies carefully (with oven mitts) and laid them on the table to cool.

"Ooh," Kaede said, observing them. "They look nice,"

"Wait for them to cool," Hinata said, smiling. Akamaru barked, and sniffed at them.

"This one is daddy," Kaede said, pointing to one of the cookies, shaped like a man. "This is Kaa-san, (the cookie with a bow and dress) Akamaru (the dog shaped one) and me (a miniature version of the Kaa-san cookie)," she declared, proudly. Kiba grinned and stole another glance at the Hyuuga, who had turned as red as the tattoos on his cheeks.

"Yeah. The Inuzuka family."

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