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Tenten was tying her hair with one hair tie in her mouth.

She grabbed her bag. I was the first day of Kohona high for her and she wanted to make the best of it.

Sakura looked at her glasses and then her contacts. She decided she didn't want to be known as the nerd again.

She cracked her glasses and put her contacts

Ino applied her make-up and brushed her hair. She wanted the best impression of the boys.

She applied lip gloss and smiled, she was ready.

Hinata zipped up her jacket and practice her posture.

Not timid, not timid, she thought

Tenten, Sakura, Ino, and Hinata met in front of the school. They were psyched to change schools.

Tenten had her hair in the same buns. She was wearing tan "parachute" pants with a faded green, tight shirt that showed her bellybutton. On it, it said I Make the Rules.

Sakura had her hair down. She was wearing a pink button downed collar shirt with a plaid skirt.

Ino had her hair in a tight ponytail. She was wearing a very short, tight, purple shirt which said I'm Hot and Your Not. She had a mini skirt.

Hinata had short hair so she couldn't do much with it. She had a white jacket and long, dark jeans.

Ino pointed at a hot guy(not any one we know), "Oh my gosh! Hot guys here! This is my place!" She looked at the guy, lower her eye to make it look sexy, and showed off her nice slim legs. The guy smirk, Ino wink, and he walked off.

Tenten laughed, " Don't worry Ino, there are plenty of freaks here." She pointed at a weird guy who was checking her out.

Ino punched Tenten really hard in the shoulder.


-From somewhere far-

"New girl?"

"I hope they're not fangirls."

"Well lets show who controls this place."


Sakura waved her schedule. "HEY! Let me see your schedule!"

Tenten, Ino, and Hinata handed their schedules to Sakura

"It looks like I have the same schedule as Ino and Hinata has a lot with her, too. Tenten is unfortunate, she only has one class with me and Ino and Hinata."

Hinata frowned.

Tenten slumped and sighed. "That's sooooo not fair."

She looked at Sakura. "Hey, you don't have your glasses!"

"You just noticed?"

"You look nice though. Guys will be checking you out." she whistled.

Sakura punched Tenten in the arm, the same place Ino hit her.

"I swear if I fractured a bone, I will sue you," she murmured. Sakura was pretty- no- WAY TOO STRONG!


"Let's go! We have the same home period together!"

Kakashi 1st Period

Girls were crowding in front of the door.





Tenten was about to barf with these cheesy calls.

She reached out her pocket knife in her pocket and opened it.

"Okay! Everybody back off of the door!!"

Some of the fangirls scream, others cried.

When they we about to go in the guys went in front of each girl. A guy with long hair had his hand an inch from Tenten's throat. A guy with his hair tied was aiming an unfinished seal at Ino. Some "dark blue" guy had a kunai at Sakura's throat, and a blonde had replicated himself and twisted Hinata's hand behind her.

Hinata shook in fear.

"No one can come in 'til we say so," said the guy behind Sakura.

Tenten took out her pocket knife and held it up to the long haired guy. She put her hand down.

"Principal," she murmured.

All the four guys put their hand down. Tenten quickly grabbed the other girls away.

Sakura folded her arms, "Next time, we'll beat you up."

One of the guys smirked.

"You think so?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Wanna bet?"

"After school?"

"No. Gym class, last period."


"No, that's when everyone has it,"

"Well I don't"

Sakura and the freak were now close together.

Tenten put her hands on her hips, "It's true though, I'm the only one who has gym last."

One of the guys smirked, "It's your unlucky day,"

They backed off of each other. And the girls came in, trying to hug them while yelling out their names and glaring at us.

Hinata thought, "Naruto, huh?"

Ino scoffed, "Shikamaru, pssh."

Sakura cracked her fingers, "Sasuke..."

Tenten twirled her kunai, "Hehe... Neji."

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