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The time for filling out college applications was here. People were cranky and rushing through essays, profiles, etc., etc.

It was a very stressful time for everyone. They barely had times for outings, or parties, or get-togethers. Even relationships were at stake because of this. The girls were snappier than usual and the guys barely talked.

Senior year was full of breakups, makeups, and fake outs.

Ino barged into Sakura's house, tear ridden like almost every Friday.

"Shika-Shika," Ino breathed fast, fast enough that she couldn't finish her sentence.

"Shikamaru broke up with you and then tomorrow you guys are going to have a long talk over dinner and then he'll become your Shikabear again," replied Sakura. All the girls were over at her house working on essays.

Ino shook her head violently, "He said-he said--"

"That he needs to take a break until next week when all the college applications are done, so for now you guys should put it off," Tenten finished her sentence uninterested.

Ino burst into tears, "YES!" She buckled her knees and then fell to the floor, "How did you know?"

"Actually," Tenten looked up from her laptop, "Neji and I had that conversation too. We think it's best, you know, not to go out until all the stress is gone." She bit her lower lip. "But Hinata and Naruto don't have that problem. They're like care-free!" Tenten shot a look at Hinata. She blushed.

But Ino continued to shake her head, "No! Not this time! I think-I think--!" She cried uncontrollably and ran to the bathroom.

"What do you think thatwas about?" Sakura glanced at Tenten and Hinata. Tenten had a I-have-no-idea-but-I-have-to-finish-whatever-I'm-working-on look.

"Um," Hinata looked around and beckon for the other girls to come closer, "It's, um, it's a girl that Ino thinks he's seeing behind her back."

"Ehhh?" Tenten was surprised. Shikamaru never striked that kind of a person to her.

Ino slammed the door opened and let it all out, "Shikamaru h-has been acting s-so weird lately and I was wondering why so I followed him one night and I saw a girl go in his house," she took a breath of air, "And the n-next day I confronted him a-about it and he said they w-were study partners and t-that this Temari girl was h-helping him do his work!" Ino wipped her under eyes to remove any makeup that mixed with her tears.

"Since when does Shikamaru need tutoring?" Tenten asked. She folded her legs and leaned back.

"Exactly!" Ino cried.

"Well, it's okay, Ino. If it's really like that then we'll find you a better looking man in college, mkay?" Sakura rolled back to her place and started working on her essay again.

"YOU GUYS DON'T CARE!" Ino screamed and ran back in the bathroom and shut the door.

"Um, I think I should talk to her," Hinata got up and slowly went into the bathroom.

"I am soo glad we decided to put off the boyfriend/girlfriend thing," Tenten looked over at the bathroom, "Way to much drama. Poor Ino"

"Mhmm," Sakura agreed


"Oh gosh!" Tenten stretched her legs out outside, "I don't remember the last time I saw the sun!"

"Same here," Hinata sat under a tree next to Tenten, "Finally, college applications are done! And we can do whatever we want!"

"Hey, Hinata! Do you know when we get our acception/rejection letters?" Tenten plopped right down next to Hinata.

"Um, I think we get them in 3 days."

"Ehh? That soon! Omigosh, I'm getting nervous."

Tenten laid back on the grass. Everyone was suppose to meet in the park, but so far it was only her and Hinata there. Tenten started to fall asleep when she heard the most loud noise ever.

"HINATA!!!" Naruto ran towards Hinata and gave her a bear hug, "So sorry I'm late!" He fell backwards and let out a long sigh. Hinata leaned over and brushed the hair off his forehead and gave him a sweet, innocent kiss. Tenten just watched them and sighed.

"Neji better not have found another girl..." she murmurred under her breath. She hadn't made contact with him for about 3 weeks. And she really did miss him.

"Ah! Sorry I'm late!" Sakura appeared from the far end of the park, running towards them holding Sasuke's hand. The top buttons of her shirt were unbuttoned and he lipstick was sorta smeared to her right cheek, "Sasuke insisted that we go get some--uh-- coffee before we come." She glanced at Sasuke, but he didn't say anything, but when Sakura turned around, Naruto wiggled his eyebrows and gave him a thumbs up.

After a few minutes or so Tenten felt a hand on her shoulder she turned around to see Neji standing over her, "Sorry. Had to finish up some last minute things." But Tenten didn't hear. She stood on her tippy toes and grabed his neck to kiss him. His soft, sweet lips felt good on hers. Almost instantly he parted her lips and explored her mouth with his tongue.

"Get a ROOM!" Naruto yelled.

"Yeah seriously!" Sakura agreed.

Tenten looked down at Sakura and smiled, "Oh, what? I think I should get some "coffee" too. Don't ya think?" A deep red appeared on Sakura's cheek and she looked away, "Pssh, coffee? Really?"

"It was all I could think of at the time!" Sakura defended.

So it was all socializing for about 30 minutes.

"Uh, I think I see Ino and Shikamaru other there," Hinata pointed straight ahead.

She was right, they were there. Ino was yelling something to Shikamaru and he was retorting something back. They keep going for quite a while and then you could see Shikamaru grab Ino's arm and pull her to a kiss.

"Well, we don't have to worry about them anymore," Tenten rolled her eyes as she saw Ino and Shikamaru making out in the distance.

As Tenten turned around she saw Sasuke over Sakura snogging each other. One of Sakura's sleeves was down to her shoulders and her skirt was pushed up a little.

"Oh my gosh!" Tenten turned the other way to look at Hinata and Naruto. At least they weren't making out. Naruto was tickling Hinata.

She stood up and looked at Neji, "Well, it looks as though we have to follow this trend." She stood on her tippy toes again and continued what they started earlier.


Tenten lazily got out of bed and looked at the clock- 8:23 AM.

Why was anyone calling her so early!?"

She answered the phone, but before she could say anything, Sakura's voice boomed over the other line, "GET OVER HERE NOW! CHECK YOUR MAIL, BUT DON'T OPEN ANY OF THEM AND BRING THEM WITH YOU! HURRY!"

"What!?" Tenten rushed out of her room and quickly opened her mailbox. There laid perfectly clean, white envelopes that partically determined her future.

She snatched them and ran to Sakura's house.

As she opened the front door, it looked like she was the last one there. Everybody, including the boys were sitting in a circle.

"Sit down!" Ino yelled. And Tenten took a seat next to Neji.

"I-I'm so nervous!" Hinata looked down at her envelopes.

"On a count of three," Sakura was only looking at her envelopes like hoping that it would miraculously open, "We look inside."




There was a loud some of tearing and "oh darn"s and "oh yeah"s.

Ino got rejected to Konoha University, but accepted to Konoha State Uni., which was okay and good enough for her.

Shikamaru and Sasuke got accepted to all colleges. Sakura got rejected from a college in the Mist Country. They're all going to Konoha University.

Tenten and Hinata got accepted to a university in the Sand Country (different ones) , but both got rejected to the Fire Country's universities.

Naruto got into an abroad transfer thingy.

Neji got accepted to all colleges and is going to the Fire Country's University.

There was a long silence when everyone read the colleges they were going to because it seemed as though no one was going to be near each other.

That day, everyone started reminiscing about all the good times they had together.

For a long time, they would never see each other.


As Hinata and Tenten sat on the plane, they were very nervous.

It was the first time in a long time that they were coming back to Konoha.

In their first year of college, they visited almost every week, but then it just stopped. Hinata constantly stared out of the window. Everyone of their friends should've arrived in Konoha by now.

Tenten and Hinata were suppose to be the first ones, but their flight was delayed.

They heard Sasuke and Sakura were already married, and did this private wedding near the ocean. Sakura wanted another wedding with all her friends. And she also told them that they've been trying to get a baby. The thought of that made Hinata blush.

Hinata's hair was down to her butt and it flowed gracefully. She was very thin and had these light purple lips.

Tenten decided to let her hair down more often. It curls messily down to the middle of her back. She was slim and a tad bit athletic.

Sakura had her hair a little past her shoulders like always. She was still flat chested, but slender.

Ino cut her bangs a bit and her hair reaches past her butt. She grew a lot more and was VERY skinny.

"Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh!" Tenten was starting to get nervous and Hinata knew why. Konoha was in view.

They were asking how their hair looked and if what they were wearing was sexy, etc. They held hands as the plane came to a stop. Their hearts were beating fast and loud.

They hurried off the plane and outside where there were tons of people waving signs.

It wasn't hard to spot Tenten's and Hinata's though.

For one, it was gigantic and in this bright red marker. Two, Naruto was holding it while standing on the rail and waving it around. And three, Naruto was screaming their names.

Hinata giggled and blushed a light pink. She ran over to Naruto who lifted her up in the air. And then dropped her.

Just kidding. He caught her and they kissed.

Sakura was held by Sasuke who had his hands around her waist. Her top was wrinkled and her hair was messy. Not to mention the lipstick smear again.

Looks like they've been trying to make babies, Tenten thought.

Ino waved at Tenten and smiled. Shikamaru was holding her in his arms. Tenten ran up to them and gave everyone a hug.

Sakura held Tenten's hands and whispered, "I think this time we did it! I think I'm pregnant!" They jumped and yayed and hugged.

Hinata, who overheard, gave Sakura a big hug and congratulated her.

After a small chat about things that have happened in the past 3 years since they've seen each other, Tenten noticed something.

"Uh, you guys. Where is Neji?"

"Oh, him?" Ino pointed outside, "He went out there for a little bit." Sakura winked. But Tenten didn't get it.

She ran outside, weaving across the countless people who were trying to make their way in and out. Finally she found the familiar black hair, white eyed man.

She jumped in his arms and gave him a kiss. Boy was he well built.

Neji set her down and put his hands in his pocket.

He pulled out a red case and went down on one knee. Tenten's hands went to her mouth.

He opened the tiny red case and revealed the most beautiful, the biggest diamond ring she had ever seen.

Neji gave a tiny smile, "Tenten, I think you know what I'm gonna ask you."

Tenten smiled and nodded quickly. Her hands were still to her mouth and tears started forming in her eyes.

"Yes! Yes! Yes, I will!" She threw herself on him and started kissing him. His hands snaked down to her waist and pulled her up.

The others watched as they themselves teared up.

Yes, it's really happening! Tenten thought Those two words I've always wanted to say...

I do...


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