"Damn it!!" Frank yelled as he punched the waiting room soda machine, "What the hell went wrong out there?"

Cheryl looked up, her eyes red and watery, "Frank, now's not the time!"

Frank paused long enough to look around the waiting room. Lia still looked stunned, absently picking the nail polish off her pinky.

He could tell Cheryl had been crying, but had managed to pull herself together in front of the team.

Duff simply looked… guilty. "Duff, man, what happened? Your team had the guy surrounded."

Duff's head shot up from its resting place in the palm of his hand, "I-I don't know… no one saw it comin--"

"It was my fault," Emily said flatly, not even looking up from the scuff mark on the floor she'd been staring at for the past two hours.

"No!" Frank interjected, "No, do not let yourself think that, it was not your fault."

He made his way across the waiting room, "Hey, listen to me, you can't blame yourself for this, you'll go crazy sitting here holding in false guilt."

He sat down beside her, wrapping a protective arm over her shoulders, "if you want to blame someone, blame the son of a bitch with the gun."

"It was my fault Frank!" Emily protested, jumping up from her seat, tears once again forming in her eyes.

She paced the waiting area, her arms folded across the front her blood soaked shirt, "It was my responsibility to talk that guy down and I failed. It should be me in that O.R., not him, he doesn't deserve this."

"No one deserves this Em, it was an unfortunate accident, but I'll say this; if Matt could go back he wouldn't change the outcome, he did what he did because he loves you."

Frank put his arms around Emily once again, this time she welcomed the comfort as she relaxed against him.

Emily closed her eyes and rested her head against Frank's chest. She held tight to the tattered, bloody piece of Matt's t-shirt as she began to think back on the tragedy that took place earlier that day.

"Alright, I'm coming out… I'm coming out," the HT shouted from the front door of the house.

He'd barricaded himself and his wife inside after coming home early, only to find her having an affair with one of his best friends. He'd shot and killed the man immediately in a jealous rage, but after a three hour conversation with Emily he'd decided to give up and let his wife go.

He pushed the woman out the front door of the house a few minutes earlier and watched as the FBI agents led her over to an ambulance. Once she was of sight the man walked out onto to the porch and threw down his pistol.

Matt and Emily stepped out of the FBI trailer as they watched the surrender unfold.

Duff stealthily led his team around the side of the house to close in on the hostage taker, just as they were getting into position all hell broke loose. The HT quickly drew a 22 caliber handgun that was tucked away in his pants at the small of his back and opened fire on everyone in sight.

Matt's eyes grew wide as he saw the man aim the weapon in his direction and he instinctively pushed Emily out of the line of fire. The HT managed to get off six erratically aimed rounds before Duff was able to take him out with a single shot to the head, killing him instantly.

Pain tore through Emily's shoulder as she hit the pavement, she didn't know why Matt had pushed her to the ground until she heard the gun go off. Emily curled herself into the fetal position behind one of the police cars until she thought it was safe.

When she heard the gunfire cease around her Emily got to her feet, trying to figure out what just happened. The HT was now lying on the ground with Frank, Duff and the rest of the hostage rescue team standing around him.

Emily watched as Cheryl stepped out of the FBI trailer and she saw the look of fear that immediately washed over her face. She spun around quickly to see what was wrong.

It was Matt, he was face down on the pavement, a pool of blood forming around him.

Emily couldn't move, couldn't breath, she just stood there staring at a lifeless Matt, not knowing what to do.

"Lehman" Cheryl yelled as she took off running towards her former partner.

She snapped out of her trance and frantically rushed over to Matt, she kneeled down in the crimson puddle beside him. Rolling Matt over she began shouting his name hoping to find the slightest sign of life, but there was none.

Emily carefully removed the Kevlar vest that was supposed to protect the man she loved, she silently cursed it for not doing its job. There was far too much blood, she couldn't see where he'd been hit. Refusing to give up on him, a terrified Emily began administering CPR to her partner.

Cheryl arrived moments later with the paramedics in tow, she then pulled Emily away from the horrible scene before them. They watched together in silence as the EMT's attempted to resuscitate Matt…