Title: How Could This Happen To Me?

Summarry: This is going to take a place a couple years after the movie ended. So, Robert and Giselle are already married. One night, something horrible happens to Giselle, and it turns into a dark secret that Giselle keeps. Will her and Robert be able to stay strong together, or will it tear them apart?

Warnings: This story will deal with serious and sensitive subject matter. It has graphic violence, and deals with non-consensual sex. Although, it starts out dark, remember there's a light at the end of every tunnel, at least in my stories.


How could this have happened?

Those words were the only ones running through Giselle's head.

That and...

What was she gonna tell Robert?

Could she tell Robert?

Tears streamed down Giselle's face, as she remembered a conversation she'd had with her new daughter, Morgan, a couple years ago...

"You don't want a guy to get the wrong idea." Morgan had said seriously. "You know, they're only after one thing."

"What's that?" Giselle had asked naively.

"I don't know." Morgan shook her head, with a small laugh just as confused. "Nobody will tell me."

She knew now what all that had meant.

She'd learned the hard way.

She looked down at her dress, her dress that she had so adored. The same one, she knew for sure she was throwing away, the second she got home and took it off.

She could never wear that dress again.

Not the same one she'd been so violently hurt in.

Not the same one, she'd felt that awful man's hands roughly shoving up, as he forced himself inside her.

She'd never thought anyone could touch her there, but Robert. She'd never wanted anyone to touch her there, but Robert.

The same questions resounded through her head...

How could this happen to me?

What am I gonna tell Robert?


Robert was worried.

Worried wasn't the word anymore.

He'd been worried an hour ago.

Another thirty minutes had gone by, and now he was just scared.

He was scared that something had happened to Giselle.

He was really regretting, even letting her go out, back to the office to get the interrior designs for next week's shoot.

It was really late, and New York wasn't safest place, especially at night.

He'd never forgive himself if something had happened to her.

"Giselle," Robert said aloud, his voice full of worry. "baby, where are you?"

Just then, the door opened and Giselle walked through, holding the designs in her hands.

Robert let out a sigh of relief, and he rushed over to envelope her in his arms. "Baby, thank God!"

Giselle hugged him back even tighter, a couple tears streaming down her face.

Robert pulled back after a few moments. "Babe, what took you so lo--" He abruptly stopped, when he saw her tear-stained face. "Hey, what's wrong?" Robert's voice was filled with love and concern.

"Nothing," Giselle lied, shaking her head, trying to form a smile. "I'm just really tired."

Robert wasn't sure if he believed her, she looked so...he wasn't even sure what to call it. He'd never seen her look this way before. She looked almost...broken.

"Are you sure nothing's wrong?" Robert gently tucked a few strands of Giselle's hair behind her ear. "You look really upset."

"I'm just tired." Giselle repeated. She quickly kisses him. "I love you."

Giselle hurries away from him, before she can hear him repeat the words back in confusion.

Robert frowned.

She was keeping something from him.

Of that, he was certain.


Giselle hurried into the bathroom, and closed the door behind her.

She quickly stripped out of her clothes, and stepped into the shower.

She wanted to wash it all off.

She wanted to wash away what had happened to her, the whole night.

She furiously scrubbed her skin until it became raw.


Robert checked in on Morgan.

She was sound asleep.

Robert smiled at his sleeping daughter.

He leaned over and kissed her cheek gently. "I love you, Sweetheart."

Robert walked out of her room, and closed the door softly.


It had been almost a half hour, since Giselle had left for the shower.

Robert was beginning to get concerned.

He walked over to the door, and lightly knocked.

"Honey, you okay?" He gently called out.

He listened and all he heard was sobbing,

Robert opened the door, his worry for her growing.

His heart stopped at what he saw.