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Fifty years later…

"What is all this stuff?" I wondered, wrenching open the closest box and peered inside. I scanned over the collection of clothes and memorabilia from the seventies era – they had the distinct aura of Alice about them.

Alice bounced over to look, and squealed with glee when she saw what I had.

"I loved those pants!" she shrieked, pulling out a pair of vibrant orange jeans with extremely wide flares. "These were the talk of the town in the seventies – Edward was so irritable the first day I wore them because everyone was so jealous."

I laughed, avoiding looking too closely at the horrific jeans; they hurt my eyes. Esme joined us, a determined look on her face.

"We're trying to clear out the junk in here, Alice," she said sternly, as Alice continued to rummage through the box, reminiscing. "You're not going to be able to keep everything – everyone's only allowed one box for every thirty years."

Alice sighed, seeming to shrink a little. Rosalie and I laughed at her downcast expression. But Esme had a mother's resilience.

"Can't I at least make it one every twenty years?" she pleaded. "Clothes take up a lot of room."

Esme rolled her eyes and sighed. "Alice dear," she said, now gentle. "I know you get attached to these things, but you have to let go sometime. You have a perfect memory for a reason."

With that, and a reassuring pat on the shoulder, Esme left Alice to her painful sifting. Rosalie sat in the middle of the attic quickly sorting her and Emmett's things into two piles. Her throw-out pile wasn't looking very promising.

I made my way through the piles to the very back corner – to Edward's things. The boy's had all decided that going through boxes wasn't a very manly job, so us girls had got stuck with the job. Which meant that I now had over a hundred year's worth of boxes to sort through. It was a good thing that I'd not kept very much stuff of my own or I'd be there for the rest of my existence.

We worked in silence. It was interesting for me to look through Edward's belongings. Even though we'd been together for fifty years now, and experienced many things together, I still found that Edward could surprise me. I was, perhaps, half way through his surprisingly small number of boxes when I came to one that was very interesting. The label, in Edward's beautiful calligraphy that I still couldn't quite match, said:

2005-2015 – My first ten years with Bella.

"How sweet," I murmured, opening the box with especial care. I was intrigued as to what he could have possibly thought worth keeping.

On top of the assortment of objects, which looked like they'd been arranged with extra care, sat a small, plain book. I opened it carefully, flipping gently through the delicate pages with wonder. It was his journal.

I snorted quietly at the idea of Edward trusting his deepest thoughts to a scrap of paper. But here it was – an account of our first few years together, in his flowing hand.

I stopped to read a few entries, laughing as I remembered my own perspective on each event described. I'd reached our first Christmas together when a slip of loose paper fluttered to the ground. I picked it up.

It seemed to be a list. I read though it carefully, my eyes widening as I read each item, comprehension dawning on me. I remembered, very clearly, that first Christmas. Edward had seen fit to absolutely drown me in presents that year. He'd never done anything quite like it since, and I'd been too grateful to ever ask what had possessed him to do such a thing that year.

Now, finally, I knew exactly why everyone had been so amused. In my hands, I clutched my very own version of the twelve days of Christmas.

On the twelve days of Christmas,

My true love got from me –

Twelve Songs-a-Strumming,
Eleven fragrant Freesias,
Ten CDs sounding,
Nine Vampires Dancing,
Eight Hot springs bubbling,
Seven kisses roving,
Six Fireworks cracking,
a Five Diamond Ring,
Four Does in a herd,
Three Parker Pens,
Two Snowballs,
And a brand new, dark blue Audi.

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