A/N: This one just hit me, as they always do.


This is all from the "Best of 2007" issue of WWE Magazine. I'm treating it like an actual show, and these are the acceptance speeches.

Note that I'm only doing the funny ones.

Funniest Moment: Santino Marella for his parody of "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse

He is also accepting the award for Fake Product of the Year: Marella's Original Ass Whip and Mudpies

Santino storms up to the podium with Maria on his arm. Once he reaches the podium, he shakes Maria off.

Go and wait over there, my Ma-ree-uh. As Mr. Champion Cena would say, this is my time.

I am-a so honored for you people to think that I am so hilarious. You even give me this award for being so funny. This-a award is a-so amazing. It is a little monkey with cymbals that a-go "boom." I a-love the fact that I bring more joy to the people of the world than Santa Cracker.

Let's a-see, here. I can a-think of all the funny moments that I have a-beat out this a-year.

Oh, I remember one that sucked. It was when the KYJ came back and the next week he showed the pictures. He told Sandy that he wanted his Cookie Monster belt on fire. Who would want such a thing? I guess that KYJ likes the flames.

And when KYJ said that he wanted to a-save someone from Sandy's woman purse, that was stupid. I am a-glad that you can see that Santino Marella is funny and not KYJ. And not is Stone Cold, either.

I a-love my fake product. I would not eat this, though. I will run dry a mudpie with Stone Cold's ass whip. That is a-funny. That could win the award as well.

I am going to celebrate with my Ma-ree-uh and my Columbian Carlito. We will swallow the spit of the apples together and drink the wine juice. I a-thank you people for knowing that Santino is funny.

My last words will be this: They try to make me watch the Condemned, but I say NO NO NO!

Santino takes Maria and walks back to his seat with his two awards.

A/N: I tried to do Santino as best as I could.

The award had a picture in the magazine. It looked like one of those wind up monkeys that have the crash symbols.

Next will probably be…EDGE'S award for best entrance theme…because you all know how well I do Edge.