Bakura's a vampire and Ryou's got Stockholm Syndrome... It's the little things that count.

"You're cute when you scream," Bakura murmured, staring down at Ryou. The boy stared up at his captor wide eyed, and whimpered softly.

"P-please..." Ryou whined hoarsely.

Bakura ran a finger down his cheek, a smirk on his lips. Oh, the boy was cute when he screamed indeed. That fact had come into being when Ryou'd spent the night screaming himself hoarse.

"Poor little Ryou-chan. No one knows you're here, do they? Tsk, tsk. Talking to strangers, didn't mother dearest ever tell you not to do silly things like that?"

And Ryou screamed some more.


Blood pooled on the floor below Ryou's feet, tied to the chair.

Bakura's lips on his neck were making him delirous, whether in fear or pleasure he didn't know. Bakura's tongue, licking up the blood slowly made him moan and gasp.

Fear and pleasure, the line was blurred, he didn't know, couldn't tell the difference.

He thought maybe he was falling in love.

"You're cute when you scream," Bakura murmured in his ear. tongue lapping at the blood.


Bakura laughed to himself. Poor litle Ryou, falling in love with a parasite. Didn't he know Bakura couldn't love? Silly little boy. he'd see it soon though.

And while he waited for his toy to realize he was just a toy, he'd keep him screaming.

After all, Ryou was cute when he screamed.


Ryou loved him. It was official. He loved Bakura.

So, he'd keep screaming for him.


Bakura sank his fangs deeper into Ryou's neck, lapping the blood away gently, as Ryou screamed in pain between moans of pleasure and gasps for air.

"You're so cute when you scream..." he hissed softly, dropping the lifeless body to the floor.

"Too bad, Ryou-chan. You just weren't cute enough."

The result of RP'ing with Shi-Shi, and Compy, and Senses Fail music for four days. New favorite band yay. Anyway, enjoy.