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This story takes place before Allen entered the Order, so don't expect to see him mentioned (near the end maybe). This story is produced to answer my unanswered questions.

11 years before D. Gray-man

The waning moon shone brightly in the sky, reflecting off the twisted metallic bodies which lay on the poisoned ground. Out of all the countries, Japan has been hit the hardest. 90 of its "population" consists of akuma and Japan's government was controlled by the Millennium Earl himself.

General Froi Tiodoll sighed to himself. If he had the choice, he would not have even considered bringing his two adolescent students with him. Daisya and Marie have only been with him for two years and ten months respectively. It was still too early for them to enter this god forsaken land. But since the HQ wanted him to survey this area with his students on the way back to North Europe, it's not like arguing was an option.

"Maa-kun, what do you hear?" Tiodoll asked his older student. Marie had been blind from birth, making his sense of hearing and touch as acute as the human limit can be. Coupled with his innocence, he can hear a mouse walking a mile away. Marie focused for a while.

"Why bother?" Daisya drawled. "There's probably nothing here but akuma remains in this town. This place is practically a carnage zone."

"Daisya-kun, why do you think the akuma are destroyed if no exorcist has been sent here before?" said Tiodoll. Daisya make a sound. "Oh yeah. Why didn't I think of that?" he said sarcastically, "But still…"

"Master! There are living people here." Marie cut Daisya off in mid-sentence. "I think there are two. One has rather weak breathing while the other is, well, not that weak?" He ended sheepishly.

"Let's go then."

Marie led the group next to a large building compound. Its exterior walls were stained crimson by Akuma and human blood. There were pieces of clothing scattered across the soil, proof that humans were once present.

"Inside." Said Marie.

"Woah!" exclaimed Daisya. "That house is freakin' huge. Probably some rich noble's." The roof, upper floor and balcony of the building could be seen clearly from beyond the high unwelcoming walls. Ignoring the younger youth's comments, the other two walked into the compound first.

Tiodoll looked around for the signs of life that Marie has spoken about. This place would have been beautiful, he thought, if not for the blood and dust. They have entered what looked like a garden, however the trees have been burnt or withered and the flowers and grass have all wilted and crumbled.

(Japanese) "Good evening. Finally someone shown up, you took long enough." A girl's voice was heard. The group turned to the source of the voice.

Under the faint moonlight, Tiodoll could make out the silhouette of a teenage girl of about 15 years. The teenager had dark blue, almost black, hair that shimmered under the moonlight. She was wearing a silver kimono that was adorned with blooming lotuses and carrying a paper umbrella.

"What are you doing here miss?" Tiodoll asked gently in Japanese. Japanese was just one of the many languages he has mastered during his employment in the Black order. He turned and signalled his two students to back off. Firstly, they do not know any of the Japanese language to be able to understand and secondly, there was something abnormal about the girl.

"Nothing much, just waiting for someone to come. Are you an Exorcist?"

"Well, yes." The rose cross has made it quite obvious. But since Japan has always isolated itself, it is possible for some people to be unaware of the existence of the order.

"Oh good, then please take care of him for me." The strange lady tilted her head towards a small figure lying on the ground. Then she smiled in an eerie manner.

"Take care of him well because I want him back." She turned and, using her umbrella, cut a fracture in dark space behind her. She tilted her head to face the stunned group again.

"Bye-bye" The girl stepped into the crack and disappeared, the crack closing up like a zip behind her. Tiodoll, Daisya and Marie stared (Marie didn't exactly stare though, his face was just in that direction) in shock at where the crack was.

"What the-!" Daisya exclaimed loudly, breaking the silence.

Tiodoll strode towards the small figure. "Great lord." He whispered.

The "him" the strange teenager was referring to was a small boy of perhaps no more than seven years old. His clothes were tattered and stained with a dark liquid, probably blood. The same dark blue hair covered his closed eyes and in his right hand, he was gripping a crumbling katana.

"Master, there's something glowing in that sword." Said Daisya. Tiodoll picked up the glowing object. It was Innocence. But as Tiodoll checked the matter, he realized that something was amiss. Innocence consisted of a glowing core and two rings around it, however this innocence had a section of one of the rings missing. It could have been overlooked by most people but not Tiodoll's trained eye.

Tiodoll wrapped his arms around the unconscious boy and carried him. The already useless katana fell out of the child's grip and shattered upon impact on the ground.

"We're going to find a clinic." Tiodoll told his students. "And then this child is coming with us to the headquarters."

"Why?" asked Marie.

"He's an accommodator, an important exorcist."

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