Title: The Grand Plan
Pairing: Hermione/Fred
Prompt: Ron hides WWW's mistletoe, hoping to catch Hermione; she gets caught with each of his bros instead.
Rating: Any Age
A/N: Slight bit of Hermione/George, all Fred/Hermione though. ♥

The Grand Plan

It was foolproof, a genius plot, his best ever, his brothers would be proud, once they got over being mad at him filching from their store. But he was their brother, so that allowed a little bit of a discount, one hundred percent. And it wasn't like he'd taken the stock off the premises, he'd just relocated it to the stairs leading to the flat upstairs. Hanging innocently as mistletoe could from the overhang, just waiting for a certain witch to move under it. It was taking too long, he'd tried to tell her, but the words couldn't pass his lips. He tried to show her, but only ended up making a right fool of himself.

So it had to come to this: him crouched out of sight at the top of the stairs, waiting for her to come towards them to go upstairs to fetch something Harry had asked her to go get. Of course being the wonderful friend that she was, she wouldn't object, and would unfortunately get stuck beneath the ghastly mistletoe. And Ron, being the equally wonderful friend that he was, would release her from said ghastly mistletoe.

In the self congratulatory mood that he was in though, he failed to stop and consider the infinite number of ways that this could go wrong. Simply because to him, this couldn't go wrong.

How wrong he was.

Harry, did his part; Hermione well she did her part, and then came someone from left of stage. Whilst Hermione stood there cursing her rotten luck, and the mistletoe, George stumbled in. She smiled at him slightly, he stood there chuckling to himself, before leaning over and kissing her on the forehead. She scowled at him as he walked away, but was still unable to move. Seems that George's rather paltry kiss did nothing to ease her predicament. So, Ron was still in with a shot, he just had to grab it by the balls and take it.

He stood up, and started to move down the stairs, when Fred came racing around the corner, skidding to a halt beside Hermione.

"Oh dear, we are in trouble."

"Shut up," Hermione grumbled, a smile on her lips.

"When George told me, I didn't quite believe it," he laughed. "Didn't I tell you I hid the mistletoe in the storeroom?"

"Yes, this is someone elses, do you think I planned this?"

Ron scowled at the mention of a plan, he didn't like how all of this was sounding.

"Of course not love, but Fred is here to help," Fred grinned down at Hermione, moving closer to her, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Took you long enough, you know George kissed me?" She said as she looped her hands behind his neck.

"What?! He didn't tell me that," he growled.

Ron panicked slightly on the stairs, the plan was going to hell, very rapidly. As if the George interlude wasn't bad enough, this whatever it was, it didn't look like it would end favourably for him.

"Just a little one on the cheek," she laughed.

"Still, we'll have to have words."

"Okay love, just as soon as you get me out of here, I don't know where Ron is, and I daresay this isn't something he'd like to wander in on."

You got that right, he muttered to himself. It was like a train wreck, he couldn't stop it, all he could do was watch it unfold in front of him. Seeing his brother lean down and kiss Hermione the way that he wanted to, and see her respond the way she was supposed to when it was him. Not when it was Fred.

It was supposed to be him. That was the plan.