Summary A girl tries desperately to uncover the secrets of her past, only to realize…

Author's Note – I know the summary is not very clear, but I wanted to keep the plot a mystery, so I cant mention much. This is my first fan fiction and I swear it will be good (and very long), so please read and review. And yeah, Jo's timeline confuses me a lot so I don't follow it in the story. Hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 1 – Through the barrier

The platform at King's Cross station seemed unusually crowded for an ordinary day. The station was packed with people, none of whom seemed to be interested in boarding a train, and instead kept whiling away their time by the stone pillar halfway between platforms 9 and 10. What was more, thought the burly station-master who happened to be on duty that day, these people seemed to vanish into the blue after a few minutes of idle lingering. Strange, he muttered, seriously considering the prospect of drinking less wine on the night before duty.

About a foot away from the burly station-master, a tall, sprightly lady wearing what clearly looked like an emerald green cloak stood arguing with her daughter. The girl, with wavy, chestnut brown hair that fell gracefully to her waist, and light brown eyes, was tugging impatiently at the sleeve of her mother's cloak.

'Mom, please-' she began.

'Honey, please wait.' said the lady, exasperated . She looked around at the crowded platform, wishing she had done it earlier.

'Mom!' the girl's voice was desperate now. 'The train leaves in ten minutes.'

The woman sighed. 'Okay.'

The girl smiled at her mother brightly. 'Thanks, Mom.' She kissed the tall lady gently on her cheek and pulled a luggage trolley in front of her.

'Bye.' she called softly, waving her hand at the tall lady. 'I'll write to you.' She vanished into the stone pillar.

The lady sighed again. If you ever remember me, she thought bitterly.

She hated doing this……

But there was no choice……

'Dillusiono' she muttered, tapping her wand which she drawn from her robes, on her head, making sure no one had noticed. The lady instantly camouflaged into the colours of her surroundings. Looking around cautiously, she walked into the barrier.

A cool breeze of air greeted her as she stepped on the stony floor of Platform 9 3/4. The witch moved swiftly across the platform trying to find her daughter, who would be attending Hogwarts that year. She spotted her silky brown hair a few feet away from where she stood. Walking towards her, she closed her eyes.

There was no choice……

She pointed her wand at the girl and muttered silently-


She would never know……

All those years……

The witch knew it had worked, judging by the dazed expression her daughter wore on her face.

'At least, this is the only time I'll ever have to.' she told herself softly, trying to appease the growing feeling of guilt that was burdening her mind.

'I'll be at Hogwarts with her.' she mumbled to herself, guiltily. 'Never have to do this again.'

She watched as her daughter stood stunned for a while, and then began to regain consciousness. The girl had pulled her luggage trolley from amidst a group of babbling redheads and was walking towards the train.

She watched silently, tears spilling down her sparklingly green eyes…

Never have to do this again……

How wrong she was.

A/N I know that the chapter is very small, and it doesn't answer any questions, but it seemed to be an ideal ending. Most of the story is already in my head and I promise to update it as soon as possible. Thanks for reading! And do review!

PS: For those with a memory as bad as mine, Obliviate is a memory modifying charm.