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Tiny grains of dirt, sand, glass and rubble blasted around them as a wave of heat engulfed every nerve of their bodies', throwing them hurtling towards the black tarmac.

And the noise.

The noise was deafening, intense and white, all white and bombarding; invading their minds, adding to the shock force that had landed them flat on their backs.

It lasted for maybe two seconds.

Short and sweet.

Or not.

More like sharp and stinging.

Olivia and Elliot were thrown through the air about twenty meters before skidding to a halt another couple of meters down the street. Elliot groaned, his head turning to find Olivia in the thick haze which had settled among the buildings and rubble. Olivia's battered and bruised body lay several meters across from Elliot, closer to the curb. She quickly pulled herself up to sitting, ignoring the gavel which was biting her skin. Blood trickled from her forehead where something had snagged at her hairline. She quickly stumbled to her feet, staggering a few steps before standing upright.

She fumbled her way along the street, looking for where Elliot had landed. She heard a groan amidst the low rumble of part of a wall collapsing, sending a cloud of dust swirling towards her with force. Olivia lost her footing slightly but slowly regained her balance before she resumed searching out the sound that had previously manipulated her ears.

She heard him groan again somewhere to her left.

Which way's left?

Momentary confusion delayed her but Olivia soon realised she didn't need to know left from right to follow the sound. Her brain was conking out on her and it was costing time that her emotional state couldn't afford. She rushed to his side when she heard 'Liv' slip from his lips. She crashed to the tarmac beside Elliot and held on to him like he was her life force. The contact quickly changed when she heard his ragged breaths slipping from his lungs.

She placed her hands on either side of his face and caused his eye lids to flutter open, his once crystal clear blue eyes now just a stormy haze of pain and confusion.

"El?" Olivia said in a small voice.

Elliot's eyes drooped and his head went limp in her hands.

"Elliot!? Elliot!" Olivia tried to shake him awake but no avail.

"SVU Portable to Central: I NEED A BUS!!" Olivia yelled into the portable which she pulled from her waist."


"Central to SVU Portable: What is your location?" The woman on the other end asked in a calm voice.


"We're on 5th and Broadway. Hurry, may partner's lost consciousness." Olivia choked the words out as a thousand other sounds swirled around her head.

She couldn't think and staying conscious was beginning to become an issue for her too but for now her adrenaline was keeping her going.


"Okay, emergency services are heading your way now detective."


"Thank you." Olivia haphazardly spoke into the radio before reattaching it to her hip.

She quickly shifted on the tarmac and lifted Elliot's head before letting him rest back in her lap.

"You're alright, you're alright, El." Olivia whispered as she ran her finger tips along the side of his face; from his eyebrow to his jaw before repeating the process.

Seconds later she heard the sound of assorted sirens echoing through the beeps and honks of Manhattan. The bright lights rounded the corner and sent the hazy blitz of dust and shadows into that not far from a disco.

All the colours were throwing Olivia's vision into shock.

She quickly rose from her spot with Elliot to flag the paramedics down who were out of the ambulance and trying to take in Olivia's injuries within a matter of split seconds.

"Not me, I'm fine – it's him, it's my partner." Olivia struggled to get the words past her lips as she shrugged the woman off.

"You still need to be checked out detective." The woman protested.

"I'm fine. Please, just help him. Please." Olivia begged her.

The young woman rolled her eyes before conceding and heading towards Elliot who was now surrounded by three other paramedics.

Olivia stood back, ignoring the attempts of the fire fighters who tried to get her to get in the ambulance or at least sit down. She blocked everything out – especially the paramedics. Their rushed voices and short bursts of noise made Olivia's brain crash. She didn't know what all the different letters meant, eventually in sounded like a muddled up alphabet so she gave up. The only thing she knew was 'stat' and every time it was yelled she shuddered so she gave up on hearing that too.

After ten minutes there were only five words that registered in to her brain "Get him in the bus."

Olivia's mind snapped on again and she quickly jogged to catch the paramedics up.

"I'm riding." She quickly told them before getting in straight after they had moved Eliot in.

She sat to the side and watched as one of the EMT's set about attaching cords and little suction cups to Elliot. She watched as he cut Elliot's shirt off, only having to make a small snip in the fabric before tearing it easily.

She watched the rise and fall off his chest before turning to the heart monitor and sucking in a breath of her own as each jagged line disappeared across the screen, hoping against hope that another would follow.

They arrived at the hospital in minutes and before Olivia even knew what was going on, her Captain was rushing towards her, down the main hallway of Mercy General.

"Olivia, what happened?" Don asked breathlessly.

Olivia let out a short, bitter burst of laughter, "We got blown up," she let out another laugh and ran a shaking hand through her damp hair; it was riddled with knots and blood matted strands as well as being sticky from her sweat, "We were fucking blown up," She whispered.

"How's Elliot?" Don prompted.

Olivia offered a small smile as she gritted her teeth against the threatening tears.

"I don't know." Olivia said in an almost-whisper.

She sucked her bottom lip into her mouth briefly as she closed her eyes quickly in an effort to block the emotion that ridiculed her senses.

"Olivia," Don rested a hand on her shoulder in hopes of comforting her, "He's going to be fine."

This was all it took.

Olivia's hands went to her face as she leant into Don, letting the tears fall freely as he wrapped his arms around her.

"What if he's not?" Olivia cried.

"Shhhh, Livvy, its okay. It's Elliot; he's gonna be fine." Don rubbed soothing circles over Olivia's back as she broke against him.

"But what if he's not?" Olivia whispered, more to herself than anyone else who could have possibly heard her greatest fear being voiced.

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