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Elliot's hair had slight flecks of darker brown through it. She had noticed this after about two minutes. He had very faint wrinkles across the bridge of his nose from where he hadn't laughed enough. This had become apparent to her after about three minutes and forty-four seconds. She had noticed the slight smile that graced his lips as he slept all of five seconds later and since then it had mesmerized her.

She was now on minute fourteen.

Olivia yawned but tried to conceal it from no-one in particular. It was just her and Elliot and he was yet to wake up. She yawned again and realised thinking about it made it contagious.

She leant forward to rest her head near his arm and groaned at the friction between her ribs and her flesh. Drugs or no drugs – movement still hurt.

Pausing mid motion, she contemplated whether it was worth leaning the extra thirteen centimeters or if the pain would increase when she sat back up. Adding that she'd be closer to Elliot she opted for the bed.

She rested her head down lightly, being careful to lie on her uninjured side. She sighed and relaxed more into the position, shifting so the majority of her upper body was supported by the mattress.

Using her right hand as a pillow, Olivia settled her cheek into the comfortable nook her knuckles created against her jaw bone.

She let her eyes slip closed and soon her breathing had become deep and rhythmical as she slept.


Elliot watched quietly as Olivia crinkled her nose slightly in her sleep. It was the only movement he had seen in ten minutes. She was breathing lightly and Elliot wished he could see her this relaxed under circumstances other than sleep.

Hearing her mumble his name was the only thing that broke him from his trance. He watched as her left hand fisted in his sheets and an image of pain being shown through the way her forehead crinkled crossed her features. She groaned and let out what would have been a mangled scream but turned into a sort of whimpering gurgle.

"No…" She breathed in her sleep.

Elliot gently took hold of her wrist and pried her fingers from the sheets, instead enveloping her hand in his. Olivia gripped his hand harshly for a moment before relaxing and letting him intertwine their fingers. Olivia's features relaxed as she sighed and shifted again in her sleep, bringing her left hand to rest near her mouth. Elliot shivered as her felt her soft, warm breath brush across his knuckles. Her slow breathing gently became something he relished and relaxed into an almost slumber to its rhythmical pattern.


Elliot's eyes snapped open when Olivia's fingers applied a death grip to his own. She let a few words slip from her mouth in a half mumbled groan of pain, the only coherent one of which was 'no'.

Elliot tried rubbing small circles over her thumb with his own but Olivia just gripped him tighter until he could see her knuckles turning white and his own fingers turning slightly purple.

He decided that despite Olivia needing rest, he also needed his fingers.

"Liv, wake up." Elliot spoke gently, trying to coax her out of her dream.

He was about to touch her shoulder when he got a response he definitely wasn't expecting.

"No, mom! Please!" Olivia cried out in her sleep, "Please stop. Please."

Olivia made noises like she was crying but Elliot didn't see any tears.

He was completely torn. He wanted to save Olivia from the demons of her nightmare but he also knew that she'd be mortified to find that she talks and cries in her sleep.

Olivia let out a heart wrenching sob and Elliot quickly made his choice.

"Olivia. Wake up." He gently shook her shoulder and watched her eyes snap open.

Her breathing was heavy and slightly labored. Elliot watched her blink herself awake as she sat up, wincing slightly. He saw a quick tear run down her face from her dream and gave her a soft sad smile.

"Wanna tell me what that was about?" Elliot raised an eye brow.

Olivia offered a half smile and dropped her gaze, "What, what was about?"

"Olivia, what was your dream about?" Elliot puffed out his chest but grimaced at his punctured lung.

"Elliot, you seem to forget that 'Big Bad Stabler' doesn't intimidate me." Olivia rested back with a smirk on her face.

Her expression faltered slightly as she noticed their interlocking fingers for the first time. When she tried to pull away Elliot just held on tighter.

"Liv, you're not shutting me out now." He told her firmly.

Olivia looked away again and wiped another tear that had slowly trailed down her cheek, "She hit me."

Elliot didn't have to ask who 'she' was.

"She hit me with her fist. She threw a glass bottle at me and accused me of being a liar. She called me a slut and a whore." Olivia let out a shaky breath to suppress a sob.

"Why?" Elliot furrowed his brow.

Olivia ignored his question and continued, "She called me a 'cheating skank' and told me I was the reason men didn't want to touch her. She told me it was my fault that her boyfriend…" She trailed off and wiped away several more tears.

"Olivia, what did your mother say?" Elliot asked, dipping his head and trying to get her to look at him.

"She said it was my fault that her boyfriend left her; 'fell out of love with her' is the way she put it." Olivia squeezed her eyes shut tight.

"How could it be your fault?" Elliot questioned quietly.

Olivia's head snapped up, "Because he tried to fuck me!" Olivia seethed, "That's what she said; because her fucking boyfriend tried to fuck her slutty ten year old daughter!" Olivia gritted her teeth, "So many times…"

"God, Liv." Elliot sighed.

Olivia settled her elbow on the mattress and rested the side of her face in her hand and looked up and Elliot, her jaw clenched together, quaking slightly at the struggle against the tears.

Her eyes said it all.

"I'm sorry, Liv. I'm really sorry." Elliot sighed, giving their still connected hand s a small squeeze.

Olivia sucked in a quick breath.

"She never said that." Her voice was thick with emotion as the words left her lips.

Elliot shuffled forward, ignoring the screaming pain in his chest and shoulder. He pulled Olivia to him and let her bury her head at his waist as he held her close to him. Her sobs made him want to cry as they sat there, the atmosphere full of betrayal and trust all at once.

"I'm here for you, Olivia." Elliot whispered as he stroked her hair.

She leaned away from him for a moment and let him sit back against the bed before resting her head on his stomach and staring at the plug in the far wall, closing her eyes at the safety she felt she answered, "I don't need a third kidney, El."

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