Author's Note: I think this might be the last chapter. Consider this an epilogue.

Kevin: and it couldn't have come soon enough. I've had enough of being humiliated

Author: I honestly can't argue with that, since you actually tend not to humiliate yourself in the show.

Theresa: (thoughtfully) You know; I've always wanted to visit Japan…

Kevin: Please stop giving her ideas for a sequel

It was drizzling and to Kevin's very mildly superstitious mind, it probably wasn't a good sign.

The rain did have one good thing going for it: it kept away the fangirls and the last thing he needed right now was rabid Japanese fangirls, those things were vicious.

He barely noticed a car pull up until he heard a window roll down and a voice suddenly said: "Hey, aren't you Kevin Mask, the famous wrestler? Pinch me, I must be hallucinating"

"You're late" he said, smiling underneath his mask as he stood up from the wall he'd been sitting on, "I'm frozen"

"Sorry," Theresa apologised, getting out of the driver's seat, climbing to the back of her VW van and opening the side door from the inside for him, "Traffic was horrendous. I've never driven through a Japanese city before, you know. And I thought London rush hour was bad."

"I warned you," he said, getting inside the van, gratefully (The van interior was warm after all) and quickly closing the side door before crouching and giving his girlfriend a peck on the cheek.

"Correction," Theresa mock-pouted, "You said 'it can get a little bit busy in Tokyo' not 'if you expect to make a 3pm appointment, leave at 9.30am."

"You have not been in traffic that long" Kevin didn't bother getting into the passenger side of the front, instead making himself comfortable on the one-non-chojin-sized-person bed in the back and taking a moment to fully appreciate his girlfriend's outfit (it still, even after a year, felt strange to think of her that way. But it was a good sort of strange) He did rather like how the flared jeans and peasant blouse she was wearing looked on her, it seemed one thing that Kid Muscle's merry band of 3 female supporters hadn't been able grasp yet was that a girl could actually be sexier when covered from head to foot (at least in Kevin's opinion)

"It feels like it," Theresa laughed, "and now to try and navigate this" so saying she climbed back into the driver's seat and clicked her seatbelt into place, "where am I headed to?"

"There's a Travel-Inn about three streets away"

"Good thing I brought my SatNav rather than rely on your directions," she joked, moving back out into the traffic, "I'd keep on getting lost"

"My sense of direction is excellent, thank you very much"

"Uh huh…"

Nothing else was said as she drove and Kevin managed a half-doze on the camp bed; it was nice to be away from the stadium crowds, not to mention the bloody McMadd family and Kid Muscle and his band of idiots…though lately Theresa seemed to be on friendly terms with Wally, DikDik and Checkmate (possibly due to the fact they were the three of the group with actual manners most of the time)

He shut his eyes and let the music playing on the van radio wash over him…Ode to Joy if his music history was correct.

It seemed like too soon that they arrived at the hotel he was staying at, he really didn't want to get out of the van and face the 'real' world just yet, not when the world that consisted of the interior of the van and his girlfriend would do just fine right now.

He heard rather than saw Theresa move from the driver's seat to the back before a shadow fell across him

"Shift up, come on"

"Don't want to…" he grumbled childishly and put the pillow over his face, "I'm comfortable here"

"If you don't move, you can't lie with your head in my lap"

Well, he honestly couldn't argue with that so he grudgingly he moved down the camp bed slightly, far enough for Theresa to sit down, before removing his mask, setting it carefully on the floor (the unspoken rule was that when he was with her he could drop the wrestling persona and just be himself…that and when they tried this with his mask on, Theresa ended up bruised) and moving back to lie with his head on her lap.

Then she started combing her fingers through his hair, he relaxed at the touch and the mild headache he'd had since the match vanished almost instantly.

"So, how was your match?"

"Boring. Easy. The usual," he mumbled sleepily, "Idiot Muscle was there with his group…I shudder to think about what happened in the stands. Don't want to talk about it anymore. Tell me about your trip"

Theresa had, after finishing secondary school, decided to take a year out before doing her teaching degree, so she'd spent the last six months travelling in this very van with a group of her friends, the first six months had been spent planning routes, packing her bag, picking up things that would last on the trip, getting her passport sorted out and making sure there was enough money in her bank account just in case. Somewhere in between all of this they'd managed to fit in quite a few night outs alone together and so far it seemed she wanted to keep seeing him.

"Oh it was great! ' she enthused, even as her fingers kept up their easygoing combing of his hair, something he'd come to enjoy but didn't tell her that, she probably already knew anyway, "Travelled across Europe with my friends. There was this one night where we blew a thousand Deutsche Marks between us and got drunk in a pub full of Australians. Oh and then we helped this group in Sweden to plant trees, inch by inch, I had so much fun!"

"You're joking"

"Am not. I have photos somewhere, probably in my giant backpack back there, might be under the bed. Micky sewed a bunch of flags on it for me"

"How is Micky?"

"Really looking forward to starting his Chemistry course, he's even got himself into some student digs."

"Good to hear"

They sat in companionable silence, it was nice and relaxed and making Kevin even less inclined to leave this cocoon of steel, carbon fiber and too small but soft camp bed.

"How long before you can come home and stop being Kevin Mask the Wrestler for a bit?"

"Three weeks…you're sure you don't want to stay with me?"

"And get things thrown at me by your adoring public for being your girlfriend? Not to mention having the Japanese newspapers in my face wanting to know what spells or tricks I used to get you? No thank you. Maybe next tournament."

"Fine," he drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly, "Can we stay like this a bit longer?"

"As long as you want,"

For awhile there was nothing but her fingers in his hair, warmth of the van interior and the radio playing in the background, some song about love and heaven.

All through my wandering years

I always said I was biding my time

But alone in the dark I'd face my fears

That no other heart would come to mine

At first when you found me

It took me a while 'til I realized

Why I felt weak when you were around me

Why I couldn't speak when I looked in your eyes

"Who is this?"

"Don't know. It's a mix CD Rea's girlfriend Maxine put together for me, said it was a thank you for bringing her on the trip, she's a DJ for Heart FM you know"

"It's not bad," he mumbled sleepily, half wishing he could just sleep here.

"I wish I'd got that on tape"

"Devil woman" he tossed at her without any malice, twisting his head to look at her

"You know you love me really,"


"Yes," he said finally, "Yes, I do"

"Good," Theresa smiled at him, "because I love you too,"

That said, they settled down into comfortable silence again and the CD changed tracks, almost as if some omnipotent presence had decided now was the right time for this very track…

There may be trouble ahead

But while there's moonlight and music

And love and romance

Lets face the music and dance


Author's Note: I think I can honestly say that's it for this story

Kevin: Finally!

Author: Now onto the sequel!

Kevin: Oh no! You are NOT writing anymore about my private life!

Author: Why? Don't want Theresa to meet your workmates properly?

Kevin: I don't even want them on the same continent as her

Theresa: (innocently) So meeting your father is out of the question then?

Kevin: ?!!

Author: I did kind of have that planned for the next one…

Kevin: Absolutely not! Never! Not in a million years and not even after! Are we clear?

Author: Crystal (innocent)

Musical References: Title from 'At Last' by Etta James, mangled lyrics from 'Never is Enough' by Barenaked Ladies, 'Ode to Joy' by Beethoven, 'Feels like Heaven' by Peter Cetera and, 'Face the Music and Dance' by Frank Sinatra