Summary: When two headstrong women come together, the results can be.. explosive. An alternate result to Kim and Bonnie's exchange in the beginning of "Number One". I have done a terrible thing with a children's tv show..

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a Kim Possible fanfic, by Sir Sebastian

Chapter 1: Phases


The Middleton High gymnasium smelled like school spirit. Pom-poms waved about rhythmically as lithe cheerleaders performed the demanding choreography with practiced ease. As the routine drew closer to the finish, the chosen few, one by one, took their positions, forming a human pyramid.

The chorus of voices sounded from the final formation:

"M-A-D D-O-G
That's how we spell victory
Go, Mad Dogs
Go, go, Mad Dogs
Go, Mad Dogs
Go, go, Mad Dogs"

"We're number one! " Kim Possible finished, leaping from her spot at the top of the pyramid, doing a double somersault in the air, landing in a split with her arms stretched out. After holding the position for a moment, she did a backflip and landed on her feet, facing the squad. "Okay! Great practice, team," she smiled, praising the squad on a job well done.

As the rest of the team started to disperse, Bonnie Rockwaller, Kim's archrival, approached her. "Kim, can we chat?"

What now? Kim thought, already annoyed. She had never been in very good relations with the curvaceous brunette, but there seemed to be an increasing amount of tension between them lately. If things kept going the way they had, it was only a matter of time before it all erupted - explosively.

Kim put on her best fake smile. "Sure, Bonnie. I have time for anyone on the squad. What's your 'ish?"

"Well, it's really your 'ish," Bonnie said, looping her arm around Kim's. "You seem tired," she continued, the insincerity shining through her feigned concern, as she started leading the redhead towards the stands.

She's so up to something, Kim thought, trying desperately to ignore how soft Bonnie's skin felt against her arm.

"I did fly in from Abu Dhabi this morning: rescued an ambassador," she said nonchalantly as they sat down on the bench.

"Which is... nice, " Bonnie said dismissively, "but you gotta ask yourself, did you give the squad 110 percent today?"

It irked Kim immensely when someone suggested she didn't give it her all, be it cheerleading, homecoming committee, or saving the world. "120 percent, Bonnie," she replied, gritting her teeth.

"I happen to think the squad deserves a captain who gives... like, 130!" the ambitious brunette insisted.

"Someone like...?" Kim asked, knowing full well whom the brunette was referring to.

"Me!" Bonnie said emphatically as she stood up.

Kim also stood, looking straight at Bonnie. "Look, if you wanna make a play for captain, take it to the squad. If they want Bonnie instead of Kim, super for Bonnie."

Aargh! I just wanna throw her on the ground and..

"Go ahead, be little miss smug-mug, but I will be squad captain."

Always the Miss Snooty Know-It-All. I just wanna..

The two girls faced off, their stares blazing. One could almost see the sparks flying from the green eyes, the anger boring into the teal eyes opposite them.

As the standoff continued, the tension was rapidly reaching critical mass. Had someone been there to watch, it wouldn't have come as a surprise that the tension finally erupted in a spectacular fashion. The manner it erupted, though, was another matter. The two cheerleaders slammed into each other, their lips merged, and their hands traveled feverishly as their mouths became a battleground of dueling tongues.

When they finally separated, their dreamy expressions soon changed to wide-eyed surprise and shock.

"What do you think you're doing!?" Bonnie screamed.

"Me?! You jumped me!" Kim yelled back.

"Oh, puh-lese. You were all over me. For your information, I don't swing that way."

"You could've fooled me. Or did you mistake my butt for a squeeze toy?"

"I was trying to get you off of me!"

"By prying me off with your tongue?"

"I- I.." Bonnie trailed off trying to find the words.

The silence lasted but seconds. The two cheerleaders were once again in each other's arms. Kim pushed Bonnie down on the bench and straddled her, reestablishing their liplock. Her hands tried to find their way into Bonnie's top, but it was too tight to allow entry, so she settled for an over-the-top fondle. She had always been fascinated by Bonnie's ample busom, given hers was more modest. She wasn't insecure; she knew she could still 'raise interest'. In fact, she had caught Ron trying to sneak a peek, more than once, and she'd seen Ron's interest 'raised' on more than one occasion.

The brunette made a surprised sound but didn't fight back. Normally, anyone who would have dared to try that move on Bonnie, would have left limping and holding their privates, provided they were even able to walk. At this moment, she welcomed the stolen second base. So instead of blowing up in her face, she grabbed the redhead's butt with both hands, pulling her closer.

Soon they had expended the initial surge of fervor; their movements slowed down, became more deliberate. All this was still happening purely on a visceral level; any clear thoughts at this point would have sent them both running. Now their hands traveled slowly, appreciating every curve and contour and the feel of silky, well-cared-for skin. The aggressive attack of tongues abated. Both of them took the time to savour the gentle touch, the taste of each other. Their lips separated; Kim's tongue came out for a lick, touching first the lower lip, then the upper. Bonnie took Kim's lower lip gently between her teeth, enclosing her lips around it. As Bonnie released her lip, Kim stuck out her tongue which the brunette took in her mouth, sucking on it while caressing it with her own tongue.

While all this was happening, a set of glazed over eyes gleamed in the crack of the boys' locker room door. The phrase, "Dear Penthouse," ran through Ron Stoppable's mind as he, somehow miraculously, stopped his drool from flooding the gym. His loose-fitting pants were no longer loose. He knew he shouldn't be peeping on his best friend like this, but how often do you get a chance to watch two hot chicks making out?

The sharp, piercing ring of the school bell penetrated the cloud of passion surrounding the entangled cheerleaders. Their lips separated, their movements slow and languid, as they came down from the high. A string of saliva stretched between their moist, parted lips, slowly sagging, and finally snapping. Their chests heaved against each other as they took deep, leisurely breaths, the warm air caressing their lips.

Ron chose this moment to make his leave. He closed the door as quietly as he could, actually managing to do so without an audible sound. After taking a moment to "readjust himself", he headed out. Only a few steps in, however, he stumbled on a trash can and went sprawling on the floor with a dull thud as the trash can bounced and rolled on the floor, rattling loudly.

Kim's head shot out. "You hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"I thought I heard something."

"I didn't hear anything. Now, get off: we need to get to class."

Kim turned back to the woman under her. "Get off? Are you trying to tell me something?" she smiled seductively, and Bonnie grabbed another quick kiss and copped one last feel.

Bonnie repeated, her meaning clearer this time: "Now get off me," she said casually, "we need to get to class."

Kim was a little put off by Bonnie's indifferent tone, especially after the moment they had just shared. On the other hand, she wasn't totally clear on her own feelings right now. Just a few minutes ago they were bitter enemies - not to mention straight - and now... she just didn't know.

She climbed off Bonnie and straightened her uniform. From under her brow she watched Bonnie smooth and straighten hers.

Without a word, they raced to the locker room. In their hurry, they didn't realize until they were naked in the shower, that they were... naked... in the shower... alone... after a make-out session. An event that had been an everyday occurence had transformed into something very, very awk-weird. Despite both women's efforts to appear nonchalant, they couldn't keep their cheeks from flushing at every glimpse of the other woman's naked body.

After drying off and getting dressed, Bonnie was heading out without having said a word. Regardless of her discomfort and akwardness, Kim had to ask the question gnawing at her. "Bonnie? What's the sitch... with us?"

Bonnie stopped at the door. "There is no 'us', Possible. Today never happened," she said coolly and, without sparing so much as a glance in her direction, walked away.

"But..." Kim said after her, but there was no one to hear her but the door.

The phrase 'dazed and confused' didn't even begin to cover her mental state, as she was left alone with her thoughts, all of them going a mile a minute, and none of them coherent. As she stood there alone in the silent locker room, it all seemed like a dream, unreal. While the concept of kissing another girl was hard enough for her to wrap her mind around, the girl being Bonnie Rockwaller was enough to fry her brain. The two of them had never seen eye to eye, on anything, and yet just a moment ago, they had shared the most passionate kiss - not a kiss; a full on grope-fest make-out session - Kim had ever experienced, or even seen on TV (on prime time anyway; the shows she knew her dad watched at night were another story).

With a deep sigh she pushed through the door and headed to her locker.

She was so deep in thought she didn't even notice Ron standing at his own locker, which was located right next to hers. It took Ron several calls of 'KP' before she came to.

"Huh?" she uttered.

"You're pretty out of it, KP," Ron said, desperately trying not to break into a huge grin. "Something you need to talk about?"

"Nah, I'm good," Kim answered absently, turning to open her locker. "Just have a lot on my mind."

Ron pressed on. "Really? Nothing you need to get off your chest?" Like, say, a busty brunette?

"It's nothing, just drop it."

Ron dropped it, but Kim couldn't help but notice him watching her oddly for the rest of the day. She could have sworn she saw his eyes glaze over a couple of times while drool dripped from the corner of his mouth.

It got even worse after school, as they were lounging in Kim's room. She was laying on her bed, flipping through some teen magazine, while Ron sat in a bean bag chair, ostensibly reading a comic book. The cheshire grin on his face didn't sit too well with Kim, so she decided get it out of him.

"What?!" she demanded.

"Nothing," Ron still grinned.

Either Ron had found a hidden warehouse full of Tex Mex treats just for him, or he had a big secret. Oh, no!

"You know!" Kim gasped as she rose to sit on her calves.

"Know what?" Ron played innocent. Poorly.

"Oh my God, you saw us."

For a few heartbeats Ron managed to hold his tongue, but no more. "I totally did!" he blurted enthusiastically. "And, it was the hottest thing I've ever seen."

"Oh, God." Kim buried her face in her hands. "You're not going to tell anyone, are you?" she asked peering up through her fingers.

"Why would I tell anyone? It's our little secret. Our hot, steamy, sweaty, secret."

"Ron," Kim growled, "This is so not funny."

"What's the problem, KP?" Ron asked, trying to tame his grin.

"The problem is, that I'm going through an identity crisis, and you're treating it like one big joke."

"I-," Ron started, ending up flapping his jaws without any words coming out. He didn't realize it was this serious. "Sorry, KP. I guess I just didn't think about it like that."

"I just wish there was someone I could talk to about this."

"What about me?" Ron asked, borderline offended.

"You?" Kim asked dubiously, arcing an eyebrow.

"I can't promise I won't drool, but I make one terrific listener. It'll help to get it off your chest."

"You just keep your mind off my chest." Kim crossed her arms.

"Fine. It's crowded there anyway, with Bonnie all over it," Ron retorted, drawing a growl from Kim.

Kim loved Ron like no other, and considered him her dearest friend, but wasn't exactly convinced he was mature enough to handle the subject matter. Still, her need to talk about it won out, and she started laying it all out: how she wasn't sure how she felt, how even if the feelings were mutual nothing good could come out of it. As she gradually loosened up, her soliloquy went all over the place, making it hard for Ron to follow, yet he tried to offer some support and advice. The only thing he could come up with, though, was: find out how Bonnie feels, or forget about it and go on with your life.

Kim chose to follow the former.

Being a prime example of an A type personality, Kim had never liked disorder in any part of her life, be it school or personal life. Everything had to be clear, efficient, and neatly pigeonholed. This was why she couldn't let the incident go, and insisted on getting Bonnie to talk to her privately. Her efforts were rewarded only with snarky comments ladened with unusually high amounts of disdain. The brunette was clearly determined to forget it ever happened. Add to that having to deal with some deranged golfer and a stick-up-the-butt hotshot agent, and her annoyance and frustration levels rose to unforeseen new heights.

Not wanting to give up, like the Blue Fox she was, she kept at it for days.

A couple of days into her quest, Kim began to get phone calls. At random times of day, she would answer the phone, only to be greeted with silence. One evening when she was in a particularly foul mood, mostly due to that jackass, Will Du, she snapped at the phone, berating whoever was life-deprived enough to indulge in such childish pastime. She could have sworn she heard a sigh, or possibly even a moan, from the other end. She considered having Wade trace the calls, but ultimately decided against it. She suspected Bonnie was behind the calls, but couldn't be sure since she hadn't given the slightest indication of interest during school.

Finally, discouraged and weary, Kim gave up and accepted that what happened with Bonnie was just a fluke, and even began wondering if it had ever really happened.

That was, until the following week.

After a particularly intense cheer practice, Kim was the last girl in the gym, finishing up her after workout stretching. The rest of the girls had already filed out, groaning from exhaustion and aching muscles. Kim's frustration had transferred into their workouts, and the squad suffered the consequences.

Done with her stretching, she headed to the locker room. As she was passing the equipment storeroom, the door opened and she was pulled inside. In the darkness, her lips came under attack. She pushed the assailant off her, and reached for the light switch. She was in for a big surprise.

"Bonnie? What are you-mphmm." Kim was cut short when Bonnie pinned her against the wall, covering the redhead's lips with her own. For a fraction of a second Kim was tempted to just let go and surrender. However, her frustration over the fellow cheerleader's behaviour won out, and she pushed the brunette off her.

"What the hell, B? First you don't talk to me for a week, and now, this!" she let out her indignation.

"Stop talking," Bonnie ordered impatiently and tried to move back in.

Kim continued to hold her back. "No. What is the stinkin' sitch?"

"Look, are we gonna do this or not?"

"Not until I get some answers. I mean, the last time I checked, we were enemies. And not gay."

Bonnie seemed offended by the suggestion. "I am not gay!" she huffed. "This is just a phase."

"And I'm what, your flavor of the month? You play with me until it's not fun for you anymore?"

Bonnie let out an exasperated groan. "Would you stop taking it so personally. Lots of people go through a phase like this. Why can't you just go with it, instead of being all 'what, why, how'?"

"Am I just supposed to let you ride out your phase on me?"

"Funny choice of words there, K."

The realization of the double meaning in her words brought an intense blush on Kim's cheeks. "That... that's not what I meant."

"Besides," Bonnie smirked, "I seem to recall you doing the riding last week."

"I-" Kim was at a loss for words. The other girl was right: she had been fully into it, and even though she didn't necessarily mind the idea of another go, she needed to know Bonnie wasn't just using her and wouldn't just toss her aside when she got bored.

"Why... why me? I thought you hated me."

"I don't hate you. I just don't like you. But for some ferociously whack reason... I'm attracted to you."

"And just why is it ferociously whack?" Kim demanded with her hands on her hips.

"You're an annoying Little Goody Two-Shoes."

"What!? Am, not!"

"Are, too!"

"Am, not!"

Bonnie's eyes filled with desire, as she seemed to be getting off on the argument. "Gawd, you're hot when you're angry," she breathed huskily.

"Stop it, Bonnie. This, whatever this is, is over."

"Oh, come on. You liked it as much as I did."

"So what if I did? I can't be with someone who doesn't like me, no matter how good it feels." Oops.

A smile edging on predatory grew on Bonnie's lips. She closed the gap between the two and brought her hand up on Kim's cheek. She slapped the hand away and whipped around. Undeterred, Bonnie walked up behind Kim, sliding her hands along the slim redhead's hips. Her breasts pressed against the other woman's back as she leaned over her shoulder, took her ear in her mouth, and rolled it in her mouth hungrily. Bonnie could feel Kim's breathing getting heavier.

Kim's resolve was all but broken down. "Stop," she breathed and swallowed while trying to think of a reasonable argument for not doing this. All she could come up with was: "I'm all sweaty."

"I like it when you glisten," Bonnie's lascivious, husky voice caressed her ear, sending shivers down her spine. The brunette temptress started sliding her hand from Kim's hip upward, toward her breasts. Kim grabbed the hand and extricated herself. She whipped around, taking Bonnie by the shoulders, and shoved her against the wall. She stared at the brunette, the lusty, hungry look in her teal eyes slowly, inescapably permeating her own. Whatever reservations Kim had had were all forgotten as she began devouring her archrival's lips.

To be continued...