Chapter 1

"Oh no!" Helen screamed. Helen was 14 years old and had a mom. Her dad died when she was just a baby. She was really upset because they were moving. Again. For the 4th time. Her mom likes to move around a lot. Helen had just gotten adjusted to this place. Kentucky. Helen loved the countryside. But there was something really different about Helen. She is a yurtio. A yurtio is someone that has special powers. Her powers are speed, invisibility, fire, water, snow, and there is a really special power. She can change into anybody that she wants to change into. Helen's mom doesn't know. Helen is very far apart from her mom. Her mom never really pays attention to her. Now they are moving to New York City. "I hate you. You know that I love the open fields and trees and animals. If we move again you must not love me!" Helen demanded to her mother. Her mom broke into tears. "You young lady are a little brat. You can't have everything that you want. But I guess I….lov-……….love you. There I said it you happy." Helen was so mad at her mom. That night as her mom was packing, she ran into the forest. She was trying to find a good place to build a "house." She was going to run away as soon as her mom left. Helen was so happy because she found the coziest spot. Now she can live in peace.

Chapter 2

Months had passed and Helen had finished building her "house." Her mom was packing into the car. "Leave me here. You will be happy and then we will never see each other again. I will be happy. Good Bye." Helen ran as fast as she possibly could. 87.5 miles per hour. Now Helen was all alone. With no one to take care of her but herself. About 2 weeks later a huge bird came and suddenly picked Helen up. They flew away into the sky and were never seen again.