Fandom: Sanctuary (the online series starring Amanda Tapping)
Characters: Helen & Ashley

Shattered glass from an old mirror glittered up at Helen from the ground, taunting her with miniature images of her reflection. The streets were dark around her and cold seeped through her clothing, but none of it made as big an impression on her as the face that looked back up at her.

It was distorted. It wasn't her.

She didn't see the woman she normally did. That woman was calm and ready to jump in and fight for what was right should the need arise. That woman was not afraid of anything or anyone and hadn't been scared of the dark since she was two years old.

It was wrong. It had to be!

She squinted harder at the face and watched in silent fascination as it sharpened in intensity and grew clearer. It had been raining earlier so that little flecks of dirt marred the surface, but those blemishes disappeared from sight.


Eyes widening in surprise, Helen pulled back. Her instincts had been right. It wasn't her! It was her daughter. She spun around to see Ashley grimacing in pain, blonde hair streaked with dirt and blood and a look of desperation on her face. Reaching for her, Helen pulled her into her arms and offered her a grim smile.

Not again!