Crash And Burn

Desire. Flames curling to stand around them, licking at their hearts. The treacherous cliff calling their names, tempting them.

Even before it had begun, Elizabeth had been wary of the consequences and of the impact there may or may not be on the city. She worried over just what would happen should they fall over the aforementioned cliff from where they were teetering on the edge.

Would they crash and burn in the fiery depths below as she suspected they would or would they find their way to safety and to a happier place, together? She didn't know and to be perfectly honest, she didn't care to know, in the case that the answer wasn't the one she was after.

For so long she had dreamed that this would happen and now that it had she wanted nothing to ruin it. Of course, with daily missions that could snatch away any of their lives at any moment, it was impossible to deny every possibility of harm.

For that exact reason, out here, any love, especially that beyond friendship, was a dangerous love.

It didn't mean that Elizabeth wanted it any less.