Too Cute

"So it's been awhile since you lost your pants last, huh?" Sam suddenly brought up out of nowhere. She offered Cam a cheek grin and shrugged at him offhandedly when he glared. "Hey! Don't look at me like that. You asked for a new topic!"

Rolling his eyes, Cam planted the fingers of one hand on the bridge of his nose and sighed. Of course, even now on SG-1's downtime, Sam had to bring that up! He should have expected no less.

The number of times he had lost his pants had become a topic of much mockery in SG-1 and he couldn't recall a single downtime since the first time it had happened that it hadn't been brought up in conversation to poke fun at him.

The time when Vala had brought wine along to dinner for them all – paid with Daniel's money, of course – was the worst so far. He still had nightmares about his team mates sitting around him, drunk, while Vala suggested he give it another go just for old times sake.

Secretly, though, he enjoyed Sam's attention. Humiliation aside, he could handle it. He turned to look her in the eye as if it'd help put his point across more firmly.

"It was twice, okay? That's it. Twice. Can you please just drop it?"

No. He had not just said that! He couldn't have!

Judging by the smirk on Sam's face, he had.

"You want me to 'drop it', do you Cam?" she repeated back to him.

Boy, was she evil sometimes!

A flash immediately went through his mind of Sam helping him out of his pants. He gulped.

No. Bad thoughts! Bad.

He forced the images away and shook his head mutely, feeling more awkward and school boyish than he cared to admit.

"Cam?" Sam prompted him.

"No, no," he finally got out. "That's not what I meant. I – "

"I know," Sam interrupted. "I just like to see you flustered is all. It's cute."

"Cute?" Cam faked annoyance. "I'm not cute! I'm…I'm…"

Sam smirked. "You're what?"

"I'm a guy," Cam explained. "Guys…they aren't 'cute'. They're…I dunno…manly, strong. But cute? Nooooo!" He watched as a grin spread across his friends' face and scowled. "Really, Sam. I'm not cute."

"Oh, really?" Sam pressed on. "Because I think you are."

Cam sighed. At least he'd managed to change the subject. "I'm not."




"Not. Look, can we just…oh, I don't know. Can we make out now?" Cam threw back. He was only joking, but when Sam's eyes lowered to his lips and then met his, glinting mysteriously, he felt an unfamiliar tug at his heart.

"Hmmm…you'd like that, wouldn't you?" she said back. She fell silent for a moment and then nodded. "Okay. Sure."

Cam stared at for what felt like an eternity but was in reality all of ten seconds and then he leaned in.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked, taken aback.

Cam paused. "Kissing you?"



Sam, leaning in to close the space between them.

Lips brushing.

Hands tangling in hair.

Gasping for air.

More silence.

"You are cute, you know."