Edward's Charm

Disclaimer: All of these characters belong to the incredible Stephanie Meyer who is a gem for letting us play pretend with all she inspires. She holds all copyrights.

Summary:Edward is observant and noticed Bella's new Bracelet from Jacob long before she knew he did. This is about how he came to decide to ask her to let him have some representation on the bracelet.

Chapter One:New Addition

The party was a huge success but I knew that Bella wouldn't agree just by the nature of what it was. Vampires and Werewolves alike were all relaxed and excited but I could see the tension in Bella's eyes and I could hear her worry as her heart would skip an occasional beat. I didn't want her to worry. Didn't she know by now how indestructible her family and friends were? Her heart skipped another beat and as I gazed down to look in her eyes she absentmindedly brushed a lock of her hair to the side and tucked it over her ear. What was on her wrist? She put her arm down without even realizing I had noticed.

But notice I had. I noticed everything about Bella. I memorized everything so that during those brief times I had to be away from her I could bring those pictures to my mind to ease the torture of being away from her. I simply could not stop marveling at the miracle of Bella. I wondered why she hadn't mentioned the bracelet and where she had gotten it. It must have been a graduation present—maybe from Charlie. It must be from Charlie. Of course, it was a graduation present. The gold was nice but not tremendously expensive. I thought about the kind of bracelet I would have gotten her and shook my head because I knew she would never let me buy anything that expensive for her.

As I sent her in the front door to deal with Charlie, I took a couple of laps around the immediate area just to make sure everything was secure. I wasn't happy that she wanted to go to the clearing. It most likely would be fine, but what if Emmett and that other one got into it again. No, she was right, she needed to be there. She returned from her human moment and I heard the bracelet gentling jangling. The sound was so soft, but it made me realize that this was more than a bracelet, it was a charm bracelet. Now I was curious what the charm was I didn't resist when she took my hand and pulled me toward her bed. She pushed me down and then curled up against my chest. There was no way she was going to let me go with out her. I chuckled quietly to myself. She had her arms wrapped around me so I gave up trying to peek at her wrist for now and wrapped her quilt around her to keep her warm and I held her close. MMMM. She smelled so good.