Chapter Three: Balance

Between Chapters two and three the Cullens and Quileutes have just had their first practice session.

I carried her home in my arms expecting that she wouldn't be able to stay awake. I knew she was exhausted. I knew that she was worried even though she didn't need to be. I knew that by holding her in my arms I could finally get a good look at her graduation present. As she quietly snored I peeked at her wrist. I stopped running. This wasn't a graduation present from Charlie. I ran again. Anxious now to get her home before she woke up. As we neared her home I slowed just slightly as I leapt with ease up through her open window. I could hear Charlie stirring and so I quickly deposited Bella in her bed and went back outside to check the forest surrounding her house. Dog. I smell dog. I bet Jacob has been checking things out too. I guess I can't blame him, but ugh—what a stench. I waited just out of sight until Charlie pulled away. I was back in Bella's room in about two seconds. My curiosity was killing me. I wanted a closer look at that charm. I silently moved towards her. "Edward." I never tired of hearing my name when she was a sleep. A soft smile lit her face. Must be a good dream. She conveniently rolled toward me and her hand flopped over and hung down the side of the bed. The stars must be aligned. I very tenderly lifted her hand and looked closely. I sniffed her wrist. Oooh. Faint mutt. It was an amazing piece of work though. It was intricately carved out of wood in the shape of a wolf. I smirked at the ironic color. It was the same color Jacob was when he was in his mangy state. Interesting. I wondered when he gave it to her. Must have been at the party. I hoped she just took it to make him happy but it bothered me that she would let everyone else give her presents. Everyone except me. She accepted outfits and parties from Alice. Ok. So Alice didn't really give her a choice. Maybe the mutt didn't either. Bella always said she preferred homemade gifts. I wondered what I could give her that she wouldn't fight me on. There was so much I wanted to do for her, but she wouldn't let me. She thought our relationship was lopsided already. I smiled and breathed deeply. "Edward please." I looked at her sleeping face and noticed a crease in her brow. Her dreams must be turning more upsetting. I caressed her face and quietly hummed her lullaby and she settled back into a deeper breathing pattern. I really wanted to give her a ring but she had such funny ideas about marriage. She didn't want to be that girl. There was plenty of time for negotiating. What could I do now so that her wrist would not just make her think of him. I need to have my own charm….something that would make her think of me. Something I already had so she wouldn't be upset that I spent too much money. I thought about Emmett and how he lavishly spoiled Rosalie with jewelry. I thought of Esme and some of the beautiful pieces that Carlisle had given her. Then I thought of my human parents. Wait. That's it. I had come from better than average circumstances and had inherited a few baubles from my mother. Had she loved being spoiled or was she more reticent like Bella? Well, she had some and I knew just how to balance Bella's wrist. Now, how to get her to agree….